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Jessica Simpson or Pamela Anderson
July 14th, 2015 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Simpson posted a photo of herself in a white bathing suit, but she looks more like Pamela Anderson than Jessica Simpson. It’s uncanny how much she looks like the Baywatch beauty here. Don’t you agree?


Jessica Simpson does her own Fifty Shades of Grey!
February 15th, 2015 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Simpson spent her first Valentine’s Day as a married woman by recreating Fifty Shades of Grey with her husband. Things were so sexy between them that they had to share their erotic night. They did so by posting photos of their love on Instagram and they are hot hot hot. So steamt, if you haven’t seen the movie, you don’t need to anymore because you can just look at these photos instead.


That’s one way to get rug burns, Jessica Simpson!
December 8th, 2014 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Simpson sprawled seductively down on a rug and told the world, “I love carpet.” I don’t think she quite understands why and how you get rug burn. You are supposed to get it when you make love on a carpet not making love to the carpet. But at least she is showing her appreciation to the things she loves, so you can’t fault her for that.


Is Jessica Simpson not a natural blonde?
December 1st, 2014 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Simpson shared a photo of herself getting her hair bleached and I have to wonder if she the carpet doesn’t match the drapes? Whether or not they do, we know she is always a blonde at heart and brain! That is why we love her!


Jessica Simpson lost even more weight!
October 26th, 2014 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Simpson is a recently married woman with two toddlers, who recently lost a lot of weight, so she decided to make yet another change to her life. She got her long blond locks cut down to size or to her shoulders. She looks the same, but that isn’t a bad thing.
What do you think of her haircut?


Jessica Simpon’s husband split his pants on their wedding day!
September 21st, 2014 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

There was a time that if you heard someone split their pants in half at Jessica Simpson’s wedding day, you would think it would be the bride. You would be wrong.
Mrs Johnson told Access Hollywood about the day she said I do, “Eric bent down to get Ace, who was running [down the aisle] towards him, and he split his pants completely in half. It was completely split.” Then she added, “Me and Eric are like saying our vows and I feel something’s [off], like, ‘Are you worried about something? Hopefully it’s not being married!'”
After the ceremony was over, it was time to fix his pants. That stitching lead to her favorite moment on her special day. She loved sitting there with her new husband as he sat there in his boxers and a tuxedo jacket. She then explained, “There was something sexy about it, and because he split his pants because he was reaching for my kids, it doesn’t get better than that.”
It does get better than that. The pictures of him standing there with his boxers poking through the back of his pants. I want to see those photos.


What happened to Jessica Simpson’s boobies?
September 15th, 2014 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: 5 ]

Jessica Simpson Instagrammed this photo of herself with her husband and all I could notice is that the well endowed singer was looking a little less endowed than we are used to seeing them, I mean, her. I know black makes you look thinner, but it has never made my boobs look any smaller than they are. So why do her’s? Could it be the angle? The way she standing? Why do you think she is looking less Chestica than usual? Things that make you go hmmmmmm?


Jessica Simpson’s bathing suit can barely contain her
August 11th, 2014 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Simpson loves showing off her Weight Watchers body and today she showed off in a very revealing one-piece. Even though she’s lost a lot of weight, there is only place where she didn’t lose any. Well actually two, her boobs. Something that is evident in that bathing suit.
BTW I know that people say her legs look fantastic because they are so muscular; but I think they are too muscular and that makes them unattractive to me. What do you think of her legs?


Jessica Simpson lost the weight but not the girls!
July 27th, 2014 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Jessica Simpson might’ve taken off some weight, but those extra pounds did not come her chest. As we can see from this photo of her holding Bret Harrison’s baby Wyatt.
How she avoided a nip slip is beyond me, and bumming out a lot of people who would’ve liked to have seen it.


Hey Jessica Simpson, that’s not how you French Kiss
July 21st, 2014 under Jessica Simpson. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Jessica Simpson has been married twice and has two kids, it looks like that doesn’t mean she knows how to French Kiss. The newlywed Instagrammed a photo of herself and her new husband sticking their tongues out towards each other and said yummy. How can it be yummy, if your tongues aren’t touching? Unless…


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