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Mr. Snuffleupagus & Mr. Stephanopoulos
September 12th, 2014 under Sesame Street/Muppets, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

Mr. Stephanopoulos spoke to Mr. Snuffleupagus on Good Morning America today and we got a mouthful. Try saying Mr. Snuffleupagus & Mr. Stephanopoulos more than once without slurring your speech. Better yet, try spelling their names with your eyes closed. Does your head hurt? I know I was complete mess when I tried to do both challenges back to back. And here I thought that was Sesame Street was supposed to teach us the easy stuff, there ain’t nothing easy about Mr. Snuffleupagus & Mr. Stephanopoulos.
Thanks to trying to saying their names together more than once, I am sounding a lot like Cindy Brady now.


Wendi McLendon-Covey used her muscle to get on Sesame Street!
September 9th, 2014 under Sesame Street/Muppets, The Goldbergs. [ Comments: none ]

Wendi McLendon-Covey is going to be on Sesame Street and she taught Elmo all about the word “strenuous”. But The Goldbergs’ sMother learned that it is very strenuous to teach Elmo about that word. Even though she ran for him and lifted a big huge rock for him, he still didn’t understand it. It was until she proved that she is no chicken and played a tough game of Tug of War that he finally understood the meaning of the word. Which is good for because I am not really sure how much more strain she could’ve taken by teaching him that lesson.
Good thing for her, she is back working on The Goldbergs now which is a lot less strenuous for her. You can see her in all new episodes of The Goldbergs as our favorite television mother of the new millennium on ABC starting September 24th.


It’s a cloudy day for One Direction on Sesame Street!
September 2nd, 2014 under One Direction, Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: none ]

One Direction is going to be back on Sesame Street this month and they are not as popular as they used to be. The girls found some new rock stars to idolize and you’ll never believe who their #1 is now. I can totally see why the ladies are digging the new 1D. Do you see it too?


Does One Direction know the alphabet?
June 24th, 2014 under One Direction, Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: none ]

We all know that One Direction can count to 1, but how many letters of the alphabet do they know? Turns out Harry Styles knows all 26, and Liam knows almost all of them.
See even though we are adults, Sesame Street can still teach us stuff. Like that one of the biggest bands of this decade don’t all know all of their ABCs. Another thing we learned about them on Sesame Street, is that the letter U is the most beautiful to them.


Sesame Street, Chuck and Kumar want you to put down the social media!
May 16th, 2014 under Harold and Kumar, Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: none ]

It is summer time and instead of going outside to appreciate the beautiful weather, we are staying inside to Tweet about it. So Sesame Street wrote a song and had Bert, Zachary Levi and Kal Penn sing it to us, because they want us to stop Facebooking and enjoy A Lovely Sunny Day.
So stop what you are doing, and listen to Chuck sing with that beautiful voice we forgot he has in Tangled. Then when you are done listening to it, make sure to Tweet about, update your Facebook status with it and share it on Instagram. Oh wait, I mean, stop Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming and go outside to see the light from the sky and not your computer, phone or iPad!
BTW who else can’t stop singing this song? It’s just like when we couldn’t get the Sesame Street theme out of our heads. And yes the theme of both songs are not lost on me! Sunny days rules, which is probably why I’ve moved to both Miami and Los Angeles!


I am amazed that Jon Hamm is guilty!
April 15th, 2014 under Jon Hamm, Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: none ]

Jon Hamm is on Sesame Street and he teaches Murray about emotions. First he schools him on what it means to be guilty, then he shows him what it’s like to be frustrated before ending the lesson with being amazed. Just when you think that Mad man can’t get any cuter, he does something amazing like this!
I am amazed by his amazement and frustrated that we didn’t get more emotions from him.


Mike & Molly’s Billy Gardell is a cheerleader!
April 1st, 2014 under Chuck Lorre, Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: none ]

Billy Gardell is going to be on Sesame Street and the Mike & Molly star has something to cheer about. That’s because he is teaching Elmo and Abby what the word cheer means. As we all know, cheerleaders cheer so the comedian became one to demonstrate the word!
Give me an A for awesome because that is how he did!!!


Does Tyra Banks know her ABC’s?
March 25th, 2014 under America's Next Top Model, Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: none ]

Tyra Banks is going to be on Sesame Street and she sings the Alphabet Song with Abby. The model definitely knows her ABC’s, but she doesn’t know to act. I have seen better acting done in an elementary school play than what she attempted to do.


Sesame Street doing Les Miz is not Miserables
March 7th, 2014 under Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: none ]

Cookie Monster got his own musical on Sesame Street and it is a version of Les Miserables. So if you are like me and didn’t suffer through Anne Hathaway’s annoyingly fake crying and Russell Crowe’s painfully bad singing in last year’s Les Miserables, then watch this version that is more of a sunny say than one with clouds that need to be swept away.
C is cookie and d is for delightful which Les Mousserables is!


Kristen Bell is loved by Sesame Street!
February 14th, 2014 under Kristen Bell, Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: 1 ]

As we all know Kristen Bell is one of the cutest actresses out there, and now she is even cuter thanks to Sesame Street. Abby asked Veronica Mars what she looked like with different emotions like surprise and angry, but when she got to loved, Bell didn’t know how to show it in her face. That was until Abby hugged and then she knew and we knew what it looks like to be loved! Awwwdorable!


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