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Mila Kunis says Ashton Kutcher wanted to set her up with someone else
July 19th, 2016 under Howard Stern, That '70s Show. [ Comments: none ]

Mila Kunis was on Howard Stern this morning and she told him about the moment she realized that she was interested in Ashton Kutcher. The two of them attended an award’s party separately, just months after they both found themselves single, and she noticed a tall man standing with his back towards her. When he turned around, she said the music started playing.
The actor invited her to a party at his new house, and she gladly accepted. What she didn’t know is that he intended to set her up with a friend of his. Instead, they hooked up and decided to keep it casual. Even though they both starred in movies about the friends with benefits, they thought they could keep it casual. While they were doing that they dated other people, but they always came home to each other.
As we know, eventually they realized that they were meant to be and now that married with one kid and one on the way.
Their love is more of a RomCom than the movies they were in and I want someone to make it!


Sacha Baron Cohen explains why his Freddie Mercury biopic isn’t happening
March 8th, 2016 under Howard Stern, Sacha Baron Cohen. [ Comments: none ]

For years we have heard that Sacha Baron Cohen was doing a movie about the legendary singer Freddie Mercury and then we heard it wasn’t happening. Today when he was on Howard Stern‘s radio show, the host wanted to know what happened.
The Shock Jock heard it was because they were going to go into the nitty gritty of his life, but Borat explained it was more than that. He claims that he should’ve known that things were going to go bad when he first met the band. He says that one of the members felt that their leader should die midway through movie. What? He then explained that that band member believed the second half of the film should be how the show went on for Queen after Mercury’s death.
Seriously, did Queen really go on without Freddie? They pretty much died the same day. To me, Queen was always Freddie Mercury and without him they are nothing.
Now having said that, I am so thrilled that they killed the biopic. As much as I love Mercury. I detest Cohen. He is no Freddie Mercury.


Khloe Kardashian says she gives good BJs because she has DSL!
January 20th, 2016 under Howard Stern, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Howard Stern heard that Khloe Kardashian gives good blow jobs, so he asked her what is her secret? She told him she has DSL. What is DSL? It is D!ck Sucking Lips. No comment.
If the DSL are not enough, then she revealed two other tips to working the tip. They are lots of saliva and use your hands.
So now you know why no man has given her any complaints after she has gone down on them. But then again, when has a man ever complained about any body giving him oral?
Oh and one final tip from me, don’t forget his friends. In other words, don’t just concentrate on the guy standing up for attention.


Kevin Hart worked as a shoe salesman
January 12th, 2016 under Howard Stern, Kevin Hart. [ Comments: none ]

Before Kevin Hart was in every Bromance movie, he told Howard Stern he worked as shoe salesman. So when the Shock Jock asked him if he ever picked up any women when he was putting shoes on their feet, he told him him yes. Then he demonstrated how he did it.
I am not sure if it would’ve worked on me. Now, if he massaged my feet before he slipped on the glass slipper, then maybe I would’ve jumped at the chance. Well as soon as I had both shoes on my feet and employee discount from him to get those sexy heels for 20% off.


Do Howard Stern and John Stamos have something to tell us?
January 4th, 2016 under Full House, Howard Stern. [ Comments: none ]

Howard Stern and John Stamos were photographed in a hug with Uncle Jesse’s tongue out, so you have to wonder if they have something to tell us. I mean since, the Grandfathered star claims he hasn’t been with that many women recently, so does he take what he can get when he get it? Yes, as in an interview slot of Stern’s radio show this morning.
BTW what is up with Stamos’ tongue?


Quentin Tarantino claims Disney kicked him out of the Cinerama Dome
December 17th, 2015 under Howard Stern, Inglourious Basterds, Star Wars. [ Comments: none ]

There are many great movie theaters in Los Angeles, but one of the prime ones is the Cinerama Dome. It is a theater with a larger screen wrapped around the rounded theater’s front wall. Because of that you feel like you are almost in the film as you watch it. So of course everyone wants their movie screened there, but only one film can be shown there at a time.
As soon as Quentin Tarantino knew the release date for The Hateful Eight, he asked Arclight Cinemas if he could show it there. He says they agreed to start showing it there on Christmas when the movie comes out.
Well tonight, the most anticipated movie is coming out and Star Wars has that particular theater booked. According to Tarantino for two weeks, which means it would still be there next week.
The director told Howard Stern that Arclight told him on Tuesday that Disney said that they want to keep the Cinerama Dome for the whole holiday season. Taratino goes on to claim that Disney said that if the movie chain didn’t keep Stars Wars in that theater, they would pull the movie from all of the Arclight Cinemas.
So here’s the problem with QT’s story, he says that Disney had it booked for two weeks. Well the release date for this movie has been known for over a year, so we know that would get them through New Year’s if comes out on the 18th aka tonight. So did the Arclight double book the Cinerama Dome? Is QT doing a woe is me? Is the Archlight lying to him because they don’t want to tell him the truth that they would rather have the bigger budget film in that theater that holds over 800 people instead of his smaller independent movie that has an intermission? Which movie is more likely to sell out every performance? Star Wars or The Hateful Eight? Let’s be real, even in LA it will be Star Wars! Plus, which movie are people more likely to see on Christmas? Families will want to take their kids there because it is the 2nd best place to the see the blockbuster in Los Angeles and it’s cheaper than the first place which is the El Capitan. So I don’t buy his story and I side with Disney and Arclight on this one. I mean if I were going to see Star Wars, I would want to see it there because it truly is a great way to experience for a film like this one.
Is your force with Disney or with Quentin?


Can people on the street spell Jake Gyllenhaal’s last name?
July 22nd, 2015 under Howard Stern, Jake Gyllenhaal. [ Comments: 4 ]

I have been working in entertainment news for more years than I would like to admit. Because of that I can spell a lot of celebrities names that the average person cannot. One of the harder names is Jake Gyllenhaal. You would think it is spelled Jillinhall, but as we know it isn’t. We know the proper spelling because I have spelled it out to you.
What would happen if someone took a camera and asked people if they know how to spell the South Paw star’s last name. Well The Howard Stern Show found out and the answer is surprising. The only person who got it correct was a man. You would think that it would’ve been a woman, who obsessed with him, but all they care about is how hot he is and not how to spell his name. Guess they weren’t writing his last name in their notebooks after their first. I remember writing Johnny Deep in mine, until I found out it was with 2 Ps and 1 E. Personally, I like my way better.


Howard Stern no longer got talent
June 24th, 2015 under Howard Stern. [ Comments: 5 ]

After 4 seasons of being a judge on American’s Got Talent, Howard Stern announced today on his radio show that this season will be his last. The Shock Jock did not say why he was leaving, but Extra! said he might have another TV gig in the works.
According to TV news show, Stern hinted that show’s Executive Producer Simon Cowell might take over his spot. If the King of Mean does, that means that none of the judges will have been born in America. So America might have talent, but it is not a good judge for it.


Did the America’s Got Talent judges get some work done?
March 21st, 2015 under America's Got Talent, Howard Stern. [ Comments: none ]

America’s Got Talent is back, taping a new season and the host and the judges look a lot younger than they did last year. Don’t you think that Nick Cannon, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B look like they are kids again? I wonder who they went to because I want to do a Cher and turn back time.


Do Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern have something to tell us?
January 1st, 2015 under Do they have something to tell us?, Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Kimmel’s wife, Molly McNearney, shared this photo of her baby daddy and Howard Stern looking like they are about to share a passionate kiss as their balls dropped, so I have to wonder if they have something to tell us? So do they? It is probably just two men who had too much to drink on New Year’s Eve, but it would be fun to imagine it was something more.


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