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Dr Ken tickles the funny bone!
October 2nd, 2015 under ABC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8:30p, Ken Jeong goes from being a doctor who became an actor to an actor playing a doctor on ABC’s Dr Ken.
You know how they say, don’t judge a show by its pilot? Well, Dr Ken is the perfect example of that. When I watched the pilot the first two times, I didn’t like. Then ABC posted the third episode and I said let me see if it got better. It does. The pilot tries too hard and you can feel that with the jokes. But now that they have been picked up, they found their groove. That makes me happy because I like Jeong and want to see his sitcom succeed.
Dr Ken is one of the top General Practitioners in the San Fernando Valley, but he tops the list of worst bed side manners. He makes fun of his patients to their faces. For example, when a patient comes in diagnosing himself with a hemorrhoid from the internet, Dr Ken tells him he needs to get a colonoscopy and calls him a Web MD-bag when he refuses to get one. That is just one example of how horribly he treats his patients who he has no patience for.
That is his day job, his night one is being a loving husband and father to a teenage daughter and pre-teen son. His wife, Allison (Suzy Nakamura), is a psychotherapist, and she tries to keep her husband sane. That is easier said than done. Like tonight when his daughter Molly (Krista Marie Yu) takes her driver’s test and passes. He doesn’t want her having the freedom that comes with it. Then there is his son Dave (Albert Tsai) who wants to a do a mime act for his school’s talent show and Dr Ken tells him how lame it is. Which it is, let’s be honest. And to be honest, the show needs to focus a lot more on the kids in future episodes because their comedic timing is as perfect at their TV parents.
Like I said, Dr Ken’s pilot is weak, but with some help from a script doctor it bounces back really fast. So don’t give up on it after tonight, give it another shot because it is addictive. It is the prescription we all need for a Friday night after a long work week.


If Forever showed Ioan Gruffudd like this, it’d still be on the air!
September 28th, 2015 under ABC. [ Comments: none ]

A video posted by Alice Evans (@aliceevansgruff) on

Last season, ABC had a great show on the air called Forever, and then they cancelled it for two horrible dramas Blood & Oil and Wicked City. But that is not the point.
So a big part about Forever is whenever Dr Henry Morgan would die and come back to life, he would come to in a body of water completely naked. Well, we never saw him naked on the show.
That was then and this is now. Over the weekend when Ioan Gruffudd was watching his Welsh team beat England, he got a little excited. His wife thought it so was cute that she recorded him jumping up and down, screaming at the television in just his underwear. Since he was overheating, he then decided to jump completely nude in their pool. Even though she told him she stopped recording, she didn’t. Alice Evans was able to capture a photo of her hubby butt naked mid-jump.
Looking at how cute his super moon is, I wish ABC would’ve showed it once or twice when Forever was on the air like they showed Dennis Franz’s on NYPD Blue. Maybe if they did, we would still be watching new episodes of Forever instead of the nothing that ABC currently has programmed on Tuesdays at 10p. Can you tell I am still bitter about its cancellation?
To see the money shot, then click here!


Blood & Oil is a bore, yet Quantico is explosive
September 27th, 2015 under ABC. [ Comments: none ]

Blood & Oil debuts on ABC tonight at 9p and I think this is the worst new show of the fall. For some reason people have been comparing it to Dallas and I have no idea why. Dallas was exciting and this show is a real snooze. So much so, I fell asleep watching it, 14 times before I was finally able to finish the pilot. I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not.
Blood & Oil is about a newlywed couple, Billy (Chace Crawford) and Cody (Rebecca Rittenhouse) who decide to open a laundromat out of state. On the way there, they get into a car crash and lose everything. They are stuck in a small town that is known for oil.
They try to earn money to pay back all the people who loaned them some to open the laundromat, but they are barely making enough to survive on. Then he gets a tip on a piece of land that might have oil under it, so he weasels his way into it. Then he makes an offer to the Oil Baron (Don Johnson) he can’t refuse. Now Billy is swimming in money.
If this is what Dallas was like when it debuted, it never would’ve lasted a season. So if you need a sleeping pill but don’t want to deal with the side effects, then this is the show for you.

Then at 10p if you somehow managed to stay awake or are smart enough to set the alarm, you should check out Quantico.
The drama follows the story of several people who are in Quantico studying to become FBI Agents. Six months after they started, they are guarding the Democratic National Convention in NYC and the worst terrorist attack happens in Manhattan, a few blocks away from their assignment. Now one of them is suspected of blowing up Grand Central Station and leveling it to the ground.
FBI Agent-in-Training Alex (Priyanka Chopra) wakes up unscathed in the middle of the rubble and the surviving FBI Agents question her to see which of her colleagues might be responsible for the bombing. As they interrogate her, we learn what they have been up to this last six months. Each reveal is a clue to who might be responsible or is it?
We will just have to tune in to find out to show that is full of sex and intrigue.


Mistresses just won’t die
September 25th, 2015 under ABC. [ Comments: 1 ]

Even though I don’t know anyone who is still watching the summer show Mistresses, someone at ABC loves it enough to renew it for a 4th season. OK, that person is the President of ABC Entertainment Paul Lee, who makes those decisions, but that is not the point.
This show has always been so bad, you have to wonder if the actors would love to do an Alyssa Milano and leave the drama. At least one actress is reportedly doing an Alyssa and that is her replacement Jennifer Esposito according to Entertainment Weekly. Has Esposito ever made it to a second season of a show? Again not the point.
Are you the one person who is still watching Mistresses or are you as shocked as everyone else that it will be back for yet another season.


Ashton Kutcher swims in the Shark Tank and survives!
September 25th, 2015 under ABC, Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore. [ Comments: none ]

Shark Tank is back for its 7th season tonight at 9p on ABC and they were lucky enough to get Ashton Kutcher to be the 5th judge.
Ashton and the other Sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec have some interesting items to look at tonight. Some of the entrepreneurs will go home with an investor or 2 and some will go home empty handed.
The first item they look at is a device you can put on your shoulder that grips a baby bottle, so you can have a free hand hand while you feed the baby. Something you think the new dad would be interested in, but is he? The next item is portable transportation you wear on your feet. Imagine slipping on a pair of wheels over your shoes that will transport you up to 10 mph. Sounds cool? Wait until you see the Sharks try them on. Luckily, they tried them out before they sampled the alcohol drink mixes which use apple cider vinegar as a natural preservative. Sounds gross, but will they like it? My favorite item of the night is a card you can put in your wallet that prevents hackers from stealing your identity. It wasn’t only my favorite, several of the Sharks liked it too and that leads to a bidding war. Which Shark(s) will that entrepreneur hook in and take home with him? You will just have to tune in for another thrilling episode to find out.
When it comes to the actor/mogul, he really handled himself better than any guest Shark in the past. While almost all of the other replacements for the night bowed down to Mr Wonderful, he didn’t take his crap. He was respectful, but also forceful. He was the same way to the entrepreneurs and he asked knowledgeable questions and gave them some helpful criticism. I hope they find a way to bring him back to show again and again. You will be surprised by how intelligent he is comes off tonight, he is so not Kelso in real life.
When it comes to the rest of the season, I can’t wait to see what other products the Sharks invest their money in. I know, I will be watching every week on the edge of my seat with my Scrub Daddy to see what items I will be looking to buy in the stores the next day.


This isn’t The Muppets we grew up with & Fresh Off the Boat takes a vacay!
September 22nd, 2015 under ABC. [ Comments: none ]

The Muppets is back on weekly television tonight at 8p and these are not the furry and slimy friends we grew up with all those years ago.
Miss Piggy has her own late night talk show called Up Late and Kermit the Frog is Executive Producer. The Muppets shows us the behind the scenes making of Up Late.
One of the biggest changes, in case you didn’t hear, is that Kermit and Miss Piggy broke up. He has moved on and is dating another pig who works at the network. Piggy is single and ready to mingle. That is going to make things difficult for everyone on the show including Fozzie the Bear, Gonzo, Animal, Scooter and all the other muppets. Luckily for them next week, Miss Piggy gets a boyfriend that you might have heard of…Josh Groban.
But I am getting ahead of myself tonight’s special guests are Elizabeth Banks and Tom Bergeron. Or I should say, Poor Tom Bergeron. That will make sense when you watch.
The Muppets is a show that makes adults feel like kids again and yet enjoy it like an adult. We need more of that on television.

Then at 8:30p, while all the other shows are coming back from vacation, The Huangs are going on one on Fresh Off the Boat.
Louis (Randall Park) tells his wife that he is going to his annual conference for work, but she finds out he is really going on a vacation without his family. Jessica (Constance Wu) doesn’t believe in vacations but she decides to teach her husband lesson. So off the family goes for the cheapest vacation in history. Poor Eddie (Hudson Yang), that will make sense later.
Will Jessica be able to let go and have some fun or will the Huangs have the worst vacation ever? You just have to tune in for another great sweet episode of Fresh Off the Boat to find out.


Minority Report is a fast paced thrill ride and Castle is a let down!
September 21st, 2015 under ABC, Fox. [ Comments: none ]

I have to start off my review by admitting I have never seen the movie Minority Report, so I went into the Fox show blind. I don’t know if that helped or hurt me, but I really enjoyed the show that debuts at 9p tonight.
Three kids (Agatha and twin boys Dash and Arthur) were born brain dead because their parents were drug addicts, but science found a way to save them and give them back their lives. Then one day the three of them started having visions and they are able to see murders before they happened. When the scientists realize what they could do, they hooked the Precogs up to machines and for 10 years they were left in a pool of water only to solve crimes before they happened. When science was done with them because there is no crime left, they are shipped off to an island and never to be heard from again.
Or so they thought. It is now 2065, Dash (Stark Sands) left the island and is living in a big city. He can see how people will die, but his brother knows all the details. Without Arthur (Nick Zano), Dash can’t always solve the murders. Arthur is a successful businessman and he doesn’t want anything to do with his past. Agatha (Laura Regan) on the other hand wishes Dash would stop using his gift and remain hidden.
One day, Dash gets to a murder too late and he tries to help the detective find the murderer. Detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good) is suspicious of him until she realizes he is a Precog. Now they are working together to solve crimes. He has the visions and she has the know how and that makes them the perfect team in this thrilling procedural.
The best way to describe Minority Report, is that is a cross between Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human. If you like those shows, then you are going to like this one too.

Then at 10p over at ABC, Castle is back and there will be a lot of changes coming this season.
Castle (Nathan Fillion) gives Beckett (Stana Katic) a gorgeous bracelet for her first day as a Captain. She has to go to One Police Plaze before going to work, but she never shows up. Later on when he is called to a bloody murder, he finds her bracelet in the blood. Now, she is missing and it looks she is working with the person who committed the murders.
While at the crime scene, Castle, Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Javi (Jon Huertas) come across a woman and Hayley (Toks Olagundoye) is a quick-witted, free-spirited, former Scotland Yard police officer. Everyone is suspicious of her but they still work with her. After all it is Beckett, and they will do anything to find her before it is too late.
This year’s season premiere feels a lot like last year’s and I didn’t like the whole Castle missing story last year. In other words, I am not liking the changes they made even though I like Toks Olagundoye.


Death is coming to Nashville
August 21st, 2015 under ABC, Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Connie Britton was on Ora TV’s Larry King Now and he wanted to know what is coming up during the new season of Nashville. At first she said she wouldn’t reveal any spoilers, but then she told him that someone is going to die. That wasn’t good enough for him, so he wanted to know if it is someone we should care about. At that point she told him it was someone prominent.
So who could it be? Could it be her, because she is here in LA doing press and not filming the show in Nashville with everyone else. When King asked her that question, she motioned maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. But they wouldn’t kill off Rayna because she’s the star of the nighttime soap. So who else could it be? Deacon sounds like he would be the logical choice since he was getting a transplant during the season finale, but I don’t want him to die. Teddy’s character is becoming useless, so maybe it is time for the Mayor to join his lover. I know no one would miss Scarlett, so maybe the producers finally listened to all the viewer complaints. What about Jeff Fordham? Oliver Hudson is starring in Scream Queens, so can he do two shows at once? And finally there’s Layla, Aubrey Peeples is starring as Jem and fans of the cartoon series want to see her have a horrible outcome somewhere.
So who dies? We will just have to tune into ABC on September 23rd to find out. Who do you think it is?


The cast of Castle has some mighty big fans!
August 17th, 2015 under ABC. [ Comments: none ]

Castle is going into its 8th season and you would think that the show has acquired a fan or two by now? And you would be right. Nathan Fillion shared a photo of his co-stars, Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas, with some of their biggest fans and I was impressed by how big they are. Although, Esposito is that anyway to hold a fan? You should handle her more delicately, like your partner.


Did ABC make a case for or against doing crossovers?
July 23rd, 2015 under ABC. [ Comments: none ]

NBC had huge numbers doing crossovers with all of their Dick Wolf shows, CBS enjoyed the same success when they did it with the NCIS and CSI franchises and CW has seen a rating increase when they’ve done it with the Vampire Diaries and the DC Comic shows but ABC hasn’t done one since Private Practice was on the air.
ABC did something today that makes me wonder if they planning on bringing them back this season. The reason why I am questioning that is today they posted 6 one-minute mash-ups with 12 of their shows. They mashed up How to Get Away with Murder and Fresh Off the Boat, The Goldbergs and Scandal, Modern Family and Castle, Once Upon a Time and General Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy and Black-ish, and The Middle and Whispers. After seeing how much symmetry there is between the shows that they put together, I would love to see full episodes dedicated to them working together like Seth MacFarlane did when he created a crossover episode for Family Guy and The Simpsons. If those two shows can do it, then any 2 shows can.
I mean wouldn’t you like to see Castle investigate a murder on Modern Family? Or what about the kids on Fresh Off the Boat learning how to get away with murdering their mom when she sends them to Chinese school? Once Upon a Time has turned into a Soap Opera, so why not send them to Port Charles and have Rumpelstiltskin and Sonny work together on committing the perfect crime on General Hospital? Beverly is such a good snoop on The Goldbergs, why wouldn’t Olivia hire to be part of her team on Scandal. Oh yeah, because The Goldbergs happens when Olivia was just a child. And Keating was just starting out when Fresh Off the Boat takes place. But when it comes to the other shows, why can’t it happen? I think it should happen. Don’t you?
To see the other three mash-ups, then click here!


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