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It’s a cold day in Gordon Ramsay’s hell!
August 27th, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

The other day Gordon Ramsay‘s daughter fell asleep while she was laying out, and her proud pop splashed some water on her face to wake her up. Well today, she decided to get revenge on her daddy. When her sister and her realized that their father fell asleep outside, they decided to give him a wake up call he will never forget. They poured an ice chest of water all over the sleeping Chef and his reaction is as awesome as you would expect to be. My hat is off to his children, who are probably being written out of their will as we speak.
BTW I am sure almost every one who has been featured on Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell love this video as much as his offspring.


BTWF cooking show: Gordon Ramsay on Here’s Marco
August 4th, 2014 under Before They Were Famous, Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

Before Gordon Ramsay was the star of many many many cooking related shows, he was just a background player on Here’s Marco. He looks the same now as he did when he was 21 on that 1988 show.


Gordon Ramsay checks into Hotel Hell tonight and wishes he could turn back time
July 21st, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

Hotel Hell is back with all new episodes starting at 9p on Fox, and Gordon Ramsay is getting an ear full tonight. It’s not as much about complaints, as it as much about the owner of the hotel singing whenever and wherever she can to “entertain” the guests. She thinks she sounds like Cher, so she put in a recorded track and belts out tunes from the original Cougar. She believes in heart that the guests love it, but one of them offered her a $100 to stop.
If this was the only problem, it would be easy to solve. But there are so many more issues for Ramsay to work on. His problems start before he even gets there. That’s because there is no sign on the building, so he keeps driving past it. Then once he’s inside, he is told he has to sign a waiver that he won’t destroy the room. He refuses to sign it. Once he is in the room, all he wants to do is mess it up because it’s all beige and blah. Thinking he can get some relaxation at the pool, he finds out that ain’t going to happen. The pool is dirty and full of leaves. Maybe he can get something good to eat; and as bad as that meal is, it is better than the owner’s singing.
With this hotel needing so much work, will he be able to do it in just a week? Let’s just say, at least one person is fired. But then again that person asked for it. You want to watch that go down. And you also want to see what a transformation Ramsay does for the hotel and to the owner. He has a heart to heart with her in which he reveals something about himself we didn’t know.
I am so happy that Hotel Hell is back because Ramsay does these makeovers with so much heart and way too many reality shows are missing that. So tune tonight and every Monday at 9p after MasterChef for a show that will make you look are your hotel room differently on your next stay at one.


Here comes the MasterChefs cooking down the aisle!
June 23rd, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay, Robin Williams. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Fox, the MasterChef competitors help a couple say I do by preparing their wedding meal, and one of the two teams wants to divorce one of their members before the ceremony even begins. If you have been watching the season so far, then you know they are out to get the captain, Stay-at-Home Dad Leslie, but do they have enough to get rid of him? Or will his team wind up winning the competition in spite of him?
Then once we know which team won the night, it is time for the pressure challenge. Just when you think you know what it is going to happen, the MasterChefs surprise not once but twice. And by the end of the night, one of the Chefs is tied to a steak and sent home. Yes, there was a hint in that previous sentence…
Tonight’s MasterChef is the best and most shocking one of the season, so you don’t want to miss it.


Gordon Ramsay ends his Kitchen Nightmares
June 23rd, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: 1 ]

Gordon Ramsay announced today that he is ending Kitchen Nightmares after 10 years and 123 episodes. He said, “It’s been a blast but it’s time to call it a day.”
The show has been a huge hit in both England and the US, so I am sure I am not the only one who is sad to see it go. But I can see it being too much for him to do because he has to travels all over the countries he films it in along with running his own restaurants and several other shows that includes MasterChef, MasterChef Junior and Hell’s Kitchen here on Fox. That is a lot to have one person’s plate.
Are you sad to see this show go? Which show of his do you think he should’ve ended before this one?


MasterChef gives back to the troops!
June 9th, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Fox, MasterChef serves up its biggest competition yet and Ramsay’s 20 soldiers are not up for the task. Granted even professional cooks would have a hard time serving 500 soldiers in the elements in just a short amount of prep time. So it understandable that the home cooks will have a problem feeding them all. Sadly for one team the pressure is really on when the dish they decide to cook, isn’t getting cooked and they can’t serve raw food. Will they be able to serve enough people to win, or will they be out of it by default? You just have to tune in for this thrilling battle to see what happens next.


Graham Elliot dishes about his fellow MasterChefs!
June 2nd, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

MasterChef in its 5th season on Fox, so you would think by the now that the MasterChefs would know each other and you would be right. Last week, I was on a conference call with the nicest MasterChef in the bunch and Graham Elliot only had yummy things to say about Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich. Or I should say Mr Joe as he likes to be referred to.
The three men seem like they really get along and turns out they do. Elliot said, “It’s great because they’re actually, I think, two of my closest friends, not just in the industry, but just in general.” It could be because they hang out all day together on the set and even during breaks they talk and listen to music together. They have actually gotten so close that they feel like they are his older brothers that he can text and ask them for advice about stuff. In fact, it was talking to them that is a big reason why he started to get healthy and lose all of that weight. They would tell him how they did the Iron Man Triathlon and just in general talking about being their best made him want to be his best.
While that is nice to hear, but what we want to know is what did he think of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s cooking last week during the MasterChef season premiere. He said, “He’s a great natural cook, and it’s always fun to see him do it.” Then he told us that people ask him all the time if Ramsay can still cook after all of these cooking shows. He tells them, “I always say that if I had to build a team he would always be the first-round draft pick because, not only is he great at coaching and leading and inspiring, but he could make 100 soufflés and then jump over and filet 100 salmon and then roast 100 lamb racks and everything is perfect, which is really, really fun to see somebody that can do both sides from entertaining on television to getting their hands dirty, and being able to do any kind of station in the kitchen.”
While we didn’t ask him about Mr Joe’s cooking, he did reveal a secret about him. Before they started working on the show, Joe never tried curry food before. Since he has tasted it, he has become a big fan of the Indian cuisine.
Just like we have become big fans of the show that airs Mondays at 8p on Fox.


It’s time for MasterChef and this season they’re cooking up a recipe of change!
May 26th, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

MasterChef is back on Fox tonight at 8p and they are making a lot of changes to the reality cooking competition this season. The first big change is Graham Elliot has lost a lot of weight since the last edition and he is smoking hot.
But that is one of the many changes we are going to see tonight. Gone is where each chef individually cooks for Gordon Ramsay, Elliot and Joe Bastianich. The top 30 have been selected and they are starting out in the MasterChef kitchen. They have only one hour to prepare their signature meal, so that they can win that much wanted apron. If the Chefs like it, then they will continue on in the competition. If not they go home. And there is a twist, at least one Chef will be eliminated during that hour that they are cooking to impress. So that means the remaining Chefs have to have their creations loved by the MasterChefs. If their meal is scrumptious to the MasterChefs, then they move on. If not they go home, or do they? There is another surprise addition to this season, and you are going to have to watch to see what it is.
By the end of the night we will have our competitors. By having them all cook together, it really gets the kitchen heated up just as soon as they meet each other. You can tell things will be boiling over this season and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
And last week I was on a conference call with Graham Elliot and EP Robin Ashbrook, and the two men previewed what else is coming up this yummy season.
1 – The home cooks have to cook for a very special couple and they don’t want to mess up. I mean, would you want to screw up a meal you are making for Gordon Ramsay and his wife?
2 – That isn’t the only romance they will see because they have to cook for a wedding reception at a location that really isn’t Chef friendly.
3 – As tough as that is, it ain’t got nothing when the home cooks have to prepare a meal for over 500 servicemen.
4 – It isn’t only about cooking for others, they also have to cook for their three toughest judges, the MasterChefs. They have a mystery box challenge with over 50 cans of food. Sounds bad enough for them, but it gets even worse because those cans are NOT labeled.
5 – While that ingredient is old, the home cooks will also prepare a very fresh meal. So fresh, the fish were just literally caught before they entered the kitchen.
This season sounds anything but fishy, so make sure to check it out every Monday night on Fox.


Kitchen Nightmares returns to Amy’s Baking Company tonight!
April 11th, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

Kitchen Nightmares is back on Fox tonight at 8p and they are returning to their biggest nightmare yet.
Last season, the show ended with Gordon Ramsay walking out on Amy’s Baking Company because he felt he couldn’t help them. Tonight, the show does a follow-up and we see if they took any of his advice.
First we look back at the much talked about episode. Then we see how news stations around the country covered the show and the restaurant. After we see their audition tape and never before seen video from his visit there, it is time to see what they are up to today.
Let’s just say, they are making a profit off of selling stuff related to things that were said on that episode. But besides that, are they still in business? Have they changed? Are Sammy and Amy still together? Have they forgiven Gordon Ramsay? How many waitresses have they gone through since he visited there? Is he still keeping tips?
All of these questions will be answered and so much more. So make sure to tune because it is a Kitchen Nightmares you can’t miss.
BTW I still don’t get why Fox held this series until so late in the season. KN is one of the best shows they have on their air, so much better than the stuff that has aired instead of it.


Fox picks up MasterChef Junior for season 3 before 2 airs!
March 5th, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

I think Fox is starting to realize that Gordon Ramsay’s shows are their future as compared to the singing competitions ones. Earlier this week, they announced that next Thursday, Hell’s Kitchen will be taking over American Idol’s time slot of 8p and the AI will move to 9p. Then today, they said that they picked up MasterChef Junior for a third season before the second one even airs. Which is a very smart move because that show is the best reality one that they have on the air now.
If picking up MCJ doesn’t say that things are really for cooking up Ramday and simmering off for you Idol, I don’t know what more else they can say. Well they can say when Kitchen Nightmares will air and cancel Rake already. The Greg Kinnear show really needs to make dead leaves and be raked into pile and burned. Is it the worst midseason show? No, but it is close.


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