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Kitchen Nightmares returns to Amy’s Baking Company tonight!
April 11th, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

Kitchen Nightmares is back on Fox tonight at 8p and they are returning to their biggest nightmare yet.
Last season, the show ended with Gordon Ramsay walking out on Amy’s Baking Company because he felt he couldn’t help them. Tonight, the show does a follow-up and we see if they took any of his advice.
First we look back at the much talked about episode. Then we see how news stations around the country covered the show and the restaurant. After we see their audition tape and never before seen video from his visit there, it is time to see what they are up to today.
Let’s just say, they are making a profit off of selling stuff related to things that were said on that episode. But besides that, are they still in business? Have they changed? Are Sammy and Amy still together? Have they forgiven Gordon Ramsay? How many waitresses have they gone through since he visited there? Is he still keeping tips?
All of these questions will be answered and so much more. So make sure to tune because it is a Kitchen Nightmares you can’t miss.
BTW I still don’t get why Fox held this series until so late in the season. KN is one of the best shows they have on their air, so much better than the stuff that has aired instead of it.


Fox picks up MasterChef Junior for season 3 before 2 airs!
March 5th, 2014 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

I think Fox is starting to realize that Gordon Ramsay’s shows are their future as compared to the singing competitions ones. Earlier this week, they announced that next Thursday, Hell’s Kitchen will be taking over American Idol’s time slot of 8p and the AI will move to 9p. Then today, they said that they picked up MasterChef Junior for a third season before the second one even airs. Which is a very smart move because that show is the best reality one that they have on the air now.
If picking up MCJ doesn’t say that things are really for cooking up Ramday and simmering off for you Idol, I don’t know what more else they can say. Well they can say when Kitchen Nightmares will air and cancel Rake already. The Greg Kinnear show really needs to make dead leaves and be raked into pile and burned. Is it the worst midseason show? No, but it is close.


No Bones about it, the show is going back to Mondays!
January 29th, 2014 under Bones, Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

Fox announced today that Bones was renewed for a 10th season in the fall. And the news gets even better for the show this season because it is moving back to Mondays starting on March 10th.
Starting on February 28th, Kitchen Nightmares will be back on Fridays at 8p replacing Bones.
Why Fox moved Bones to Fridays in the first place is a mystery that only the squints could solve.


Gordon Ramsay vs The Swedish Chef!
December 6th, 2013 under Gordon Ramsay, Sesame Street/Muppets. [ Comments: none ]

It is the battle we have all been waiting for and we just didn’t know it. It is Gordon Ramsay vs The Swedish Chef and only one of them can be the winner. Who will it be? You just have to watch this Muppisode to promote the Muppets Most Wanted (that’s out on March 21st) to find out.
If I were Fox, I would put this show straight into production because it will be the best reality show since MasterChef Junior and I didn’t think anything could top that sweet cooking competition.


MasterChef Junior cooks up a winner and The Neighbors pitches Shark Tank!
November 8th, 2013 under Gordon Ramsay, The Neighbors. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Fox a winner is decided on MasterChef Junior and tears will be coming from my house because I am crying that the delicious season is over. I am sincerely sad to see the best reality show on television come to an end.
Alexander and Dara are the top two MasterJunior Chefs in the country and by the end of the episode there will only be one. Will it be the 13 year old boy who can cook like nobody’s business or will it be the 12 year old girl who knows how to make every dish more beautiful than a painting. We will have to watch this yummy season finale to find out as they prepare a 3-course dinner for Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Graham Elliott and Chef Joe Bastianich. Let me tell each dish looks more scrumptious than the one they served before it. Their desserts seriously had my mouth watering and I am sure your mouth will be doing the same. So don’t miss this delectable episode tonight on Fox at 8p.

Tonight’s The Neighbors at 8:30p on ABC, the warm and witty comedy crosses over with the show that airs directly afterwards, Shark Tank. Debbie Weaver (Jami Gertz) desperately wants to be on Shark Tank, but she has yet to come up with an idea that will get her on the show. So one day while getting ready for the movies, she comes up with an idea to hide the wine in her purse. She can’t come up with the design, but Jackie Joyner-Kersee (Toks Olagundoye) does. So now, it is time for her to pitch her idea to Shark Tank, but she can’t come up with the right words. When Larry Bird (Simon Templeman) does, she makes the mistake of having him help her on the show. But he only wants to be on it, so he can be one of the Sharks. What happens when they go through the doors will have you in hysterics, so make sure to tune in because it is a million dollar episode. That and it is the best show, you are not watching on TV!


The MasterChef Juniors take over a restaurant!
October 25th, 2013 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p our 6 favorite cooks between the ages of 9-13 take over one of the top LA Italian restaurants on MasterChef Junior and by the end of the night only 4 of them will be left on the Fox reality show.
The 6 Juniors arrive at Drago and realize that they about to embark on the restaurant takeover challenge, something these underage home cooks are not prepared for. Then are broken up into two teams of three. One team will work well together, but their food won’t be as good. And the other team will not get along, but their food is a little better.
As they prepare the food, Gordon Ramsay will encourage them in a way that makes you see what a good father he is to his kids. He is much different on this show than he is on MasterChef Senior and Hell’s Kitchen, and that is why this show has a special place in my heart. I love all of his show, but this one is by far my favorite because all the Chefs are so nurturing on this one.
I am sincerely so sad that there are only 2 more episodes left for this season after tonight. I want this show to go on forever because every week it brings a huge smile to my face.
I am even saying this after my favorite contestant is eliminated tonight. Since I never mention who they are, I am sure that you will be as surprised as I am that they did not make it to the Top 4.


The Juniors whip the MasterChef Chefs tonight!
October 11th, 2013 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

MasterChef Junior is proving to be one of the most enjoyable shows on television; and you don’t want to miss tonight’s episode on Fox at 8p because it is the whipped cream to top off your week.
The top three contestants start it off with a whip cream challenge. Sounds easy enough, but it is not as easy to make it as you would think. Their little arms tire out as the cream remains a liquid and doesn’t solidify, even though they have been at it for a while. Finally one of the kids felt he whipped it to perfection and now it is time for the next part of the challenge. The three contestants will stand over the chefs’ heads, turn their bowls over and pray it is solid enough that none of it will land on their heads. Well I will spoil you and tell you that either Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich and/or Graham Elliot will get creamed. It truly is one of the most priceless moments on television this fall.
Once a winner is determined and the chefs clean up, it is time for the next challenge where teams of two will switch off as they attempt to make the perfect Beef Wellington. The winner of the previous challenge not only gets to pick their partner, but everyone elses too. Some teams will work and some won’t, and the losing team goes home. Which is especially sad in the kids’ version because they cry when they are eliminated. But up until then they are warming out hearts.
As much as I hate the elimination part of the show, it had one of my favorite moments from the episode. One the contestants that is facing elimination says he doesn’t want to go home because then he will have to go back to school. You never hear that on the adult versions of competition shows.
So tune in to see if he is going back to school or if he is staying in the kitchen for another week.
Well that and to see why I am suddenly so in love with Joe Bastianich. He is so great with the Juniors which is quite amazing because he is so different with the adults.


MasterChef Junior cooks up the cuteness!
September 27th, 2013 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p, Fox is going younger with MasterChef Junior and we get the sweetest reality show on television.
As we know MasterChef is where home cooks battle it out to be the best home cook in the country. Well tonight 24 kids from 8-13 are going to prove to us that they can cook just as well as people 4X their age. They might not be old enough to get a job as a Chef in a restaurant, but that isn’t stopping them from creating meals that could easily be served at one.
Tonight we watch as the 24 contestants are cut in half when they cook three dishes including dessert for Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot. Tonight you will see a different side from the three Chefs, you’ll see them as nurturers who are blown away by the excellence of food they are tasting. So imagine if they are wowed, how you are going to react when you see these awwwdorbale kids cook better than you do on any given day. I know I was so ashamed by my cooking skills that I signed up for a cooking class because I’m no where near as good as they are.
Now even though I am embarrassed by cooking skills, I enjoyed watching MasterChef Junior. In a way I appreciated even more than the senior version because it is all real with none of the bull that comes with being an adult. In other words the adults are much more childish than the children.
So tune for MasterChef Junior as it gives us a whole new appreciation for kids and reality shows! Hopefully the other networks will take notice and gives us more shows like this one, like Dancing with the Child Stars, Sophomoric Survivor and America Next’s Top Tween Model.


Hey Gordon Ramsay, is that a wisk in your pants?
June 19th, 2013 under Glee, Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Fox MasterChef meets Glee when the contestants have to cook for the cast and crew of the singing show. To get in to the spirit of it all, Gordon Ramsay put on a track suit just like Sue Sylvester’s. Only problem is I don’t think Chef knew how revealing it would be. Not that is a bad thing, it is not a bad thing at all!


MasterChef gets buggy for its touching season premiere!
May 22nd, 2013 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

MasterChef is back on Fox tonight at 8p with a two hour season premiere that will make you laugh, it make you cry and it leave you completely grossed out.
So I will start with the bad part first. On Monday I was on a conference call with EP Robin Ashbrook and Chef Joe Bastianich, and they talked about some of the interesting ingredients that were offered to the Chefs tonight. In the first clip we saw from the show this season Gordon Ramsay was eating a dish with breast milk in it, so on the call I wanted to know what other unappetizing ingredients they were offered. Ashbrook told us, “We also have, as well as that interesting food, this year we have some really interesting food. It gets more interesting every year. We have some bear, we have beaver tail.” Then the Judge added, “We’ve had insects. We’ve had reptiles. We had alligators. We ate it all this year. Insects, the food of the future. I’d rather eat insects than breast milk, how’s that?” And yes you will see him eat the really big crunchy bugs and the beaver tail that was skinned in front of our very own eyes. Do those hopefuls move forward in the competition? You will have to tune in to find out.
But it isn’t only about bad choices these wannabe contestants made, there are some really sweet moments that will make you tear up. There are a lot of people with great back stories and yummy dishes competing for a spot on the show that makes home cooks a star! Some will get an apron and others will not.
But what we get is a show that proves the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and since there is a lot of delicious food in the Chefs bellies, we are getting a lot more heart from them this year.
They did such a good a job with the audition phase part of the show that I wish the others would follow suit. It moves fast, gets to the point and makes you excited for the games to begin. Unlike the others that drag on and on, and get you so bored with the show that you just wish it would start already!
So make to watch MasterChef that cooks up another great season starting tonight on Fox at 8p.


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