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Conan’s Jordan Schlansky can put the most awake person to sleep
July 31st, 2017 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then you have problems sleeping. Also, you do not like to take pills because they make you feel worse when you wake up.

Well, finally there is a way to get to sleep without that yucky feeling in the morning and that is listening to Jordan Schlansky talk about sparkling water for nearly 3 minutes. He so monotone and boring, I do not know how the Conan staff can listen to him without falling asleep. Although, that might explain why there are so many Starbucks in and around Warner Bros Studios. They need their caffeine fix to survive any interactions with him.

You know, now that I think about, TBS would be doing insomniacs a solid if they had Jordan Schlansky host the late night talk show for the night. People around the world would finally get the shut eye they so desire. Babies could finally sleep through the night, in turn helping their sleep deprived parents get some much needed rest and relaxation. It is a win/win situation for everyone except the sleeping pill industry! Conan O’Brien please make this happen.


Elle Fanning got to go through a binder to pick who her first kiss would be!
June 22nd, 2017 under Conan O'Brien, Dakota and Elle Fanning. [ Comments: none ]

When you and I kissed our first person, it happened naturally or by a bottle’s selection! But for a 13-year-old Elle Fanning, it did not happen that way.

The cute as a button actress told Conan O’Brien on his TBS show that her first kiss was on a camera. When the producers found that out, they gave her a binder and told her to pick the boy she would want to share that memorable moment with. She picked that boy and that instant was caught on camera. If we can do some detective work, we can figure out who she shared that magic moment with. And we can witness it because she revealed that it made the final cut of the film.

Don’t you wish we had that opportunity? You know, go through the yearbook and say this is the one I want to lock lips with for the first time? It would have saved me from kissing a boy with bad breath at camp. You never forget your first, especially like that.

So I decided to the math and her first kiss was in Ginger & Rosa, I just cannot see who he is.


Will Arnett tortures Jason Bateman with old acting photos
June 13th, 2017 under Conan O'Brien, Jason Bateman. [ Comments: none ]

Will Arnett and Jason Bateman not only play brothers on Arrested Development, they act like that when the cameras are not rolling.

Yesterday, when Gob was on Conan, he told the TBS late night host that he sends his TV bro photos of him when he was a child actor to torture him. Photos no one wants to be reminded of, which is why it was great that he shared a bunch of them on the show. I would feel bad for Bateman if I did not enjoy seeing them so much! The ’80s were cruel to Michael Bluth and Arnett and I grateful for that!


Tom Cruise gave his The Mummy kissing scene the kiss off
June 8th, 2017 under Conan O'Brien, Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: none ]

Did you hear how hot that make out scene between Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis is in The Mummy? Nope? That is because he killed it on the day they were supposed to shoot it.

Wallis told Conan O’Brien all about it yesterday. She said, “It was a very sad day for Annabelle…I got to set and I was like this is an amazing moment, I am going to tell all my friends, my children all about this kissing scene with Tom Cruise. And I get there and we had 900 crew. And I arrive on set, and I am like, ‘C’mon Tom, it is about to be the best day of your life.’ And then he goes, ‘Yeah, about that, Alex can we have a chat. I’m not feeling that. I am not feeling the kissing scene.'” Therefore, she was rejected by Tom Cruise in front of 900 people. Where is SAG when you really need them to stand up for their actors?

Seriously though, when was the last time he had a kissing scene in a movie? Just asking.


Conan O’Brien doesn’t understand food porn photos
June 1st, 2017 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

You know how people love to post photos of their food? Well, Conan O’Brien did that, but not really. Instead of sharing a plate full of food, his picture was of a plate of finished food. Which means the “apple with almond butter” was yummy, we just do not if looked as good as it must have tasted.


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