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Conan O’Brien’s hair isn’t always perfect
August 28th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Conan O’Brien prides himself on how his ginger locks always falling perfectly into place. Yesterday, on a special episode of his show full of Scraps aka Outtakes, you got to see the TBS late night host during rehearsal for a taping. I didn’t care what he was saying, all I could do was focus on his messy hair. It was all over the place. So basically he has been lying to us for the last two decades. If he’s lied about this, what else has he lied about? Things that make you go hmmmmm?


Conan comes up with the perfect female Viagra ad!
August 25th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, the FDA approved Addyi, the first female Viagra pill. Since the approval is only a week old, no one has had time to come up with a commercial for it. So Conan O’Brien and his team did one for them. After watching it, I can’t wait to use the pill. Ladies, are you with me?
And talking about erections, here’s Jeff Goldblum and Andy Richter talking about if they are circumcised and if they got their sons clipped. It is more than we wanted to know about them.


Conan O’Brien threw Jordan Schlansky the dullest Bachelor Party
August 21st, 2015 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Someone is actually going to marry Jordan Schlansky and since he has no friends Conan O’Brien threw him a Bachelor Party. You would think he would be happy about that; and you would be wrong because afterall this is Jordan Schlansky and he’s never happy. Even though he wasn’t in to it, the TBS late night host gave it his all. Conan brought in some Jägermeister on the tap, a DJ, a paid-for-the night friend and 2 strippers.
Even though bachelor didn’t enjoy it, it’s the most fun I had a bachelor party where I wasn’t get paid to be there. But that is a whole other story.
Whenever Conan does a bit with his Associate Producer, I wonder why TBS hasn’t given these two their own weekly series. They are a Laurel & Hardy and Abbott & Costello for the modern era. I’d watch them go at over and over again, wouldn’t you?


Sir Patrick Stewart and Conan O’Brien share a sweet kiss on the lips!
August 18th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien, Sir Patrick Stewart/Sir Ian McKellen. [ Comments: none ]

Sir Patrick Stewart was on Conan yesterday and the TBS late night wanted to know more about a photo that his guest took with Sir Ian McKellen. The two Sirs were photographed sharing a kiss on the lips and O’Brien wanted to know more. Stewart explained that is how they say hello and goodbye to each other. As Conan kept asking more about it and Stewart admitting he would give Sir Sean Connery some tongue, Captain Picard wanted to know if Conan wanted a kiss on his lips. He agreed and the two men shared a lovely lip lock. How lovely? Conan described it as, “That was fantastic!” Then he explained why it was fantastic, “I felt passion. You, you, you’re iconic actor. You are a great man. We kissed. I felt that you suddenly accepted me as your better.” Then after the man who just left him speechless asked him if he felt a connection, Conan said that he did feel one. I felt it through the screen. So much so I wanted to be the Nutella in that sandwich. Didn’t you feel their connection?
And if that is not enough Conan for you, here’s Donald Trump directing the show yesterday on the recently renamed TrumpBS.


Late night takes on Donald Trump
August 11th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien, Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

Donald Trump running for President is a late night host’s fantasy, and yesterday Conan O’Brien, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon showed us how much of a wet dream it is for them. Deviants!
Conan came up with a fake ovulating talking stick that looks and sounds like The Donald on his TBS show. Meyers took to his Late Night to go off on the Presidential candidate for 5 and a half minutes. While Fallon dressed up as Trump on The Tonight Show and explained all things that he didn’t mean to say, even though we all know he did.
When it comes to the funniest, hands down that goes to Conan easily. His was also the sickest and most cringeworthy. Then there is Meyers, who is proving once again he is a great replacement for Jon Stewart. His political monologue is well versed and everyone can learn a thing or two from it. Finally, Fallon is the goofiest and that is alright. That is what he is known for and it works.
I love that they are a making a mockery of Trump, I just wish that there were as many people who were actually supporting him. When he announced he was running for President, I thought it was a great joke that kept on giving, but now it scares me how many people are taking him seriously.


Conan’s Trump Bot looks more real the real thing!
August 6th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien, Donald Trump. [ Comments: 1 ]

In order to get ready for tonight’s Republican Debate, several of the candidates are using a Trump Bot to prepare for beating Trumo. Up until last night it was secret, but Conan O’Brien got his hands on one and debuted it on his TBS show. I couldn’t believe how life life it looks, but then again everything looks life like as compared to Donald Trump. Even the hair looks more real than The Donald’s, but then again so does an overused bear rug that has never been washed. I could keep going on, but I will let you do it.
BTW is it just me or does the Trump Bot look like a lot like Conan?


Coco can make her boobs dance!
August 4th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien, Ice Cube. [ Comments: none ]

One of the last times that Ice-T was on Conan O’Brien’s show, he told the TBS late night host that he does the Dick Dance when he does well with a videogame. Yesterday when Ice-T and Coco were on Conan, the red head wanted to know what the mom-to-be does. She told him that she does the Boob Dance and then she showed him. Her breasts went up and down in a hypnotizing way. As she was doing it, I tried to do it with my natural boobs and it didn’t work. As Ice explained, she has implants and I don’t.
So to my other lady friends, did you try it and were you able to make your boobs dance?
BTW I know no man is reading this because he is just watching her boobies boogie.


Andy Richter’s TMI
July 27th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien, TMI. [ Comments: none ]

Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show is taking some time off, and that means Andy Richter has a lot of extra time on his hands. What did he do with? He finally got his bush under control, and made like a gardener and trimmed the hedges. When he was done, he took to Twitter to let us know he did some much needed manscaping. Now all I can do is picture him showing off his work to himself. Tell me I am not the only one with that image stuck in their head.


Will Paul Rudd finally show a clip on Conan O’Brien?
July 16th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien, Frat Pack. [ Comments: none ]

Almost every time that Paul Rudd has been on any of Conan O’Brien’s late night shows, he has shown a clip from Mac & Me instead of one from the movie he has was promoting on that episode. This time the TBS host was hoping that because Ant-Man is a Marvel film that he would actually get a clip from the movie. It started out with a scene from the superhero flick, but Mac & Me wheeled its way in. Once it did, Conan just gave up.
You would think he wouldn’t be so clueless to the fact that Rudd is going to do this time, but he still hasn’t figured out. Which is good for us and bad for him.
In case you have missed all of the other times that Rudd has done this to Conan, here is a megamix of most of those appearance. I feel bad for vman330 because he is going to have to add this latest appearance to his mix.


Jack Black and Boy George sing The Doors’ Hello, I Love You
July 13th, 2015 under Boy George, Conan O'Brien, Frat Pack. [ Comments: none ]

Both Boy George and Jack Black are guests on Conan tonight and the TBS late night host asked the Culture Club singer who some of his musical influences are. George O’Dowd told him they are some of the ’70s biggest bands like The Doors. The Tenacious D rocker agreed and added that Jim Morrison has the best yell in Rock’n’Roll. Conan told them if they like The Doors so much, then why don’t they sing one of their songs. They agreed and Robbie Krieger from the band joined them.
What happens next is so trippy, I feel like I was doing some of the same things Morrison did back in the day.
Even though all of their styles are so different, oddly enough, combined it works.
So as The Doors said, “Hello, I Love You, won’t you tell me your name?” C’mon once Boy George is done touring with his band, he should totally tour with Black and Krieger. What should we call them?


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