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Opie Cunningham considered doing porn!
January 23rd, 2015 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Ron Howard spent much of his developing years as an actor, but when he entered his 20’s he wanted to be a director of Independent films. Back in the late ’70s, it was not like it is today in Hollywood and making an Indie film was not as easy to do as it is now. So Richie Cunningham told Conan O’Brien that it dawned on him that Deep Throat cost nothing to make and yet it made deep pockets at the box office; so why doesn’t he do a movie like that to earn the green to make the movies he really wanted to do. Thankfully, that idea only lasted for a few seconds because could you imagine the squeakiest clean actor of the ’60s and ’70s doing a porno? Oh wait, I found my thrills!
Actually, let’s look at the titles of the movies he directed and see which ones could also be considered names for films in Adult Entertainment also. There’s Night Shirt, Splash, Cocoon, Gung Ho, Willow, Backdraft, Far and Away, Apollo 13, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, The Dilemma and Rush. So in a way, it was like he did go into porn without going into it.


Ay caramba! Conan O’Brien makes a run for Taco Bell!
January 21st, 2015 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Conan O’Brien’s IT guru Chris Hayes loves Taco Bell, so the TBS late night host did something very special for him. He took him to their fast food headquarters down in Irvine, Ca. Together the two of them got the VIP tour, got to watch people try out new menu items, then they got to try them out for themselves and finally they made their own special treat.
While that might not sound too caliente, whenever the red head gets out of the studio it is always an adventure. This one made everyone who spent the day with him want to make a run for the border. But it made me say, “Yo quiero mas Taco Bell y Conan O’Brien!” That and I can’t wait to try that Quesalupa.


Conan O’Brien goes on a killer ride with Archer!
January 20th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Archer is the star of the hottest animated spy show. So if you are computer drawn like him, how do you promote your FX show on talk shows like Conan? You get the host to enter your danger zone.
Watch the TBS host take the most dangerous ride on late night TV since Jimmy Kimmel went for a drive with The Killers. Both men came to the same conclusion, they love to kill.
Make sure to watch this video all the way through because the best thing happens during the final few seconds.


Rob Lowe’s Dildo factory story!
January 19th, 2015 under Brat Pack, Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2003, Rob Lowe starred in a show called Lion’s Den and tonight on Conan he told the TBS late night host that they filmed the show in a different type of Lion’s Den. You see, the medical drama didn’t film on a comfortable studio lot, it was taped in a warehouse in the p0rn district. In fact, the show’s next door neighbor was a Dildo factory. I wonder who was more excited about it, him or the Dildoers? I am assuming the latter because we all saw his sex tape!
How hot would it be if they made a Dildo in his honor? Would you buy one if they did?


Conan’s staff dressed their pets up for work!
January 15th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday was National Dress Your Pet Up Day (yes it exists) and Conan O’Brien had the staff of his TBS show honor the holiday. They put their dogs, their cats and even their fish in costumes and none of them looked happy about it. That is until they got to the last one. Boy what a smile that good boy had on his face! It is the cutest thing I have seen all day. So watch this arfdorable and puurfect video to see the sweet little guy at the end and all the others dressed up with somewhere to go.


Why did Matt LeBlanc tell The Princes to F-off?
January 13th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien, Friends (cast). [ Comments: none ]

Matt LeBlanc films his show Episodes in London, so tonight on Conan the TBS late night host wanted to know if he met Prince William and Prince Harry when he was over there. Joey Tribbiani told Conan O’Brien about the time he met them at a Polo match they were playing at. The only thing they wanted to know from is, is when is there going to be Friends reunion? His response to the future King of England and his brother was to “F*ck off!”
LeBlanc might have 5 friends on this side of the pond, but he doesn’t seem to be making them on the other side of it.
Is it just me or is he starting to turn in to his fake persona from his Showtime show? You know, becoming a d!ck?


Can I have Liam Neeson call all my ex-boyfriends?
January 8th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Maggie Grace is on Conan tonight to talk about her movie Taken 3, and she told Conan O’Brien how awesome her movie dad in the franchise is.
The Lost star shared a story with the TBS late night host about the time Liam Neeson offered to get revenge on a guy who broke her heart. Basically, he called the ex, as his character Bryan Mills, and left him a message that would scare the sh!t out of any man.
Listen to the voicemail and don’t tell me you don’t think that there is business here. Imagine hiring actors to leave messages on your ex’s phone as their scariest characters. The actors could probably make more money doing that than they do playing the roles we are paying them for. Who would you hire? Robert Englund would get a crapload of me because I would want Freddy Krueger to do all my dirty calling.


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the C0ck Ring?
December 18th, 2014 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: 1 ]

Orlando Bloom is on Conan tonight and he told the TBS late night host that Evangeline Lilly, Lee Pace and him would love to do one more sequel for The Hobbit. This time it would be about “The elves annihilating Middle Earth…Tantric Sex style, down and dirty.” To make it even more downer and dirtier, it will be shot only using iPhones and GoPros. How hot would that be? I’d like to see then search for that ring.
Once Conan O’Brien heard the idea, he wanted a small part in it. Legolas said that the red head would make a great Elf. To which O’Brien shared the fact that ever since he was a little kid, he has been compared to the Elf, Herbie the Dentist, from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. To see if it is true, then click here!


Conan O’Brien gets out of the studio to go primetime tonight!
December 18th, 2014 under Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 10p, Conan O’Brien gets his first primetime special on TBS. It is not about his best jokes and interviews, instead it is his greatest remote bits.
The special starts off with the late night host going for a Lyft ride with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. From a rapper to a bluesman, Conan gets schooled when he teaches kids in a Chicago classroom about the blues. When he doesn’t quite cut it as a music teacher, he decides to be a Chinese food delivery man in lower Manhattan. Let’s just say the people he was delivering food to weren’t hungry a half hour after he got there, they were starving as soon as he finally showed up. Talking about food, next up it was time for him to dine out. Not at your average restaurant, but the one in the American Girl doll shop. His date was a real doll! She was just a teaser to the strippers he was going to have straddle him as he played Grand Theft Auto 5 as the Clueless Gamer he truly his. Finally, all these bits tell us he needs to learn out to act. So the final remote is him getting acting lessons. They don’t work, but at least he tried.
Get the tissues and a change of underwear ready to watch Conan to Go: The Best of Conan Remotes because you will be laughing so hard it will make you cry and pee in your pants.
The only negative thing I can say about this hilarious special is that Jordan Schlansky was no where to be seen during it.


Dick Van Dyke and Conan O’Brien dancing together is pure happiness!
December 17th, 2014 under Conan O'Brien, Dick Van Dyke. [ Comments: none ]

Dick Van Dyke was on Conan yesterday and Conan O’Brien told the legend that they way he danced in movies like Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was an inspiration to him. So Rob Petrie asked if he would like to dance with him and of course the TBS late night host said yes. Then the two of did a soft show routine that will make even the biggest Scrooge in your life smile.
Can you believe that DVD is 89 years old because he still moves like the man we grew up watching in all those Disney musicals. I guess it helps when you wife is more than half your age!!!


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