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The mystery of Debra Messing’s bigger boobs!
June 19th, 2015 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Debra Messing shared a smashing Selfie of her chest in a bikini and asked how her cleavage is suddenly there when before it wasn’t. Did she grace herself with a boob job? No, she just willed herself into the right place and got the perfect bikini top. So that mystery has been solved for us and Laura.


Hey Christian Borle, is that Shakespeare’s pen in your pocket?
April 17th, 2015 under In Your Pocket?, Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Bob Saget posted a photo of himself with the cast of Something Rotten, but all I can do is look at Christian Borle’s crotch? It’s a Smash!
I wonder what else we are going to learn about the Tony winner. During live the version of Peter Pan which aired on NBC, we learned that he has really big arms. Now, in this photo we learned, he, well, has a third big arm! What’s next? Are you going to tell me he was married to Sutton Foster? Oh wait, he was. So what’s left? Who cares! This is more than enough, way more than enough.


Who slept in a stranger position, Jonny Lee Miller or Debra Messing?
February 9th, 2015 under Better than..., Jonny Lee Miller, Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Jonny Lee Miller and Debra Messing were both filming their shows in NYC on Friday until the very late hours of the night and both of them decided to get some shuteye while they could. Instead of sleeping on bed, they both took a nap where ever they could. Miller found a couch on the set of CBS’s Elementary and Messing on the floor in a warehouse on top of her jacket while on a break from NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura.
It looks like Debra was having a graceful slumber, but there is nothing elementary about the position Sherlock is in. He actually says he woke up that way, and I want to know how he got himself to be upside down like that. Nothing about it looks comfortable, but if you are dog tired then any way will do. I guess.


Debra Messing spreads them!
December 11th, 2014 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Any lady will tell you, going to the OBGYN is anything but glamorous. Well, what if you are an actress and they write that scene for you? If you are Debra Messing, then you make it look like the most glamorous thing ever. That is exactly what she did on The Mysteries of Laura yesterday.
And that was after she had scream out the name of the horse she bet on. The losing stallion was called, “Harder Baby, Harder,” over and over again. That scene is better than you could ever imagine. Sadly, no one has posted it, so you just have to imagine how it went.


The Mystery of Debra Messing’s makeup free face!
November 19th, 2014 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Debra Messing shared a photo of herself lying in bed without any makeup, and her skin is flawless. In a way, I think she looks even more stunning without it.
But if you prefer to see her with the stuff on, then tune into her show The Mysteries of Laura tonight at 8p on NBC. The show has really found its voice and gets better with each episode.


The mystery of the man Debra Messing is kissing
November 11th, 2014 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

It was recently announced that Debra Messing split from her long time boyfriend and today she WhoSayed a photo of herself passionately kissing another man. So does she have something to tell us? Nope, it was just a scene for an upcoming episode from her enjoyable television show The Mysteries of Laura that airs Wednesdays at 8p. But you never know because, I am pretty sure, that is how she met her last boyfriend!?!


Debra Messing nearly graces us with a nip slip!
August 14th, 2014 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Debra Messing WhoSayed this photo of herself in makeup on the set of The Mysteries of Laura, and somehow she kept her robe up high enough that she didn’t reveal too much. I wonder how she did that because whenever I try to do something like that, I wind up showing more than I want to. Hopefully, this will be one of the mysteries she has to solve on her new show that debuts September 24th on NBC.


The mysteries of Debra Messing’s new short black hairdo
August 12th, 2014 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

As long as we have known Debra Messing she has had flowing red curls or waves, but that might no longer be the case. The Mysteries of Laura star posted a photo of herself with short black hair. So did she cut off her hair and dye it? Nope, it was just the actress having some fun with a wig after a long day of work on the NBC cop show that debuts on September 24th.
So do you think she should go for it or stay just the way she is?


Is this Debra Messing’s new Will?
August 7th, 2014 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Debra Messing posted this picture on WhoSay of herself holding a rather large zucchini. So is this her new male co-star? Nope, she explained, “My hairstylist knew I was tired , so he said ‘I brought you a present,’ and presented me with his gigantic zucchini … #enoughsaid”. Is it enough said?
Now when it comes to actress from The Mysteries of Laura without any makeup, I say she looks the same without it as she does with it. I think one of the mysteries she has to solve on her NBC show cop drama that debuts on September 24th, is how is that possible?


The mysteries of Debra Messing’s bigger boobs revealed!
July 29th, 2014 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Ever wonder how those Hollywood starlets can go up a cup without any surgery? Well, Debra Messing revealed the secret on her WhoSay account. It’s makeup! Who knew some outlining in just the right spots would do wonders for a woman’s cleavage, but as you can see it really does.
And to see how realistic they look without the tissues, you will have to tune into her new show Mysteries of Laura, September 24th on NBC.


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