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Megan Hilty has some smashing news, she’s pregnant!
March 29th, 2014 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Megan Hilty and her husband, Brian Gallagher, are having a baby. The Sean Saves the World actress Tweeted, “2 years ago today I met the man of my dreams and now we’re proud to announce we’re starting a family! #happybirthdaytome!” And she told Us Weekly the news was a birthday present to her husband because that is when she found out their family was expanding.
You know that their baby is not only going to be cute, it is going to have an amazing singing voice thanks to its parents.


Smash is falling through the sky
May 27th, 2013 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday Smash went out the way it came in, brilliantly. Throughout the season we have heard different versions of Broadway, Here I Come, but the one that was performed at the faux Tonys was the best one of them all. So whether you loved the show, hated it, loved to hate it or never seen it, listen the song and think what could’ve been for season 3.
So what would’ve been had it been renewed? Here is what season 2 EP Josh Safran told Entertainment Weekly he had mapped out for the show had it been renewed, “…after Karen is at Table 46 at the end of the episode, before Jimmy comes to talk to her, an agent played by Nadja Dajani comes over to her and says, ‘I know you didn’t win tonight, but I want to tell you I think you’re incredible and I don’t just think you’re a stage star — I think you’re a movie star.’ It would have paved the way for what the plan for season 3 was.” Then he added, “The plan for season 3 in my mind was a Hollywood movie musical. It would shoot in New York. I felt like after two seasons of watching two shows full trajectories, I didn’t want to repeat the story again so I thought I would take the season off and do a movie musical still using Broadway actors, still using Broadway stages, maybe it would have even been set in the world of Broadway. Who knows because we didn’t even get that far but it would have given audiences a season to [see] a different way of muscials being put together and then you could come back to Broadway in season 4. You see the seeds that are in the finale.”
Reading what he had in mind for the new season, makes me wish another network would pick it up so we can see what could’ve been. Smash is a cable show and not one for broadcast television. Broadway is just not something people get on the broadcast channels, but people who watch cable get it a little more. Can you imagine was VH1 or Bravo or USA could do with this show? It would spectacular!


It’s time to sing again because Smash is back!
February 5th, 2013 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Smash is back on NBC tonight with a 2 hour premiere and you don’t want to skip a single beat of this episode.
The show picks up back in NYC and Bombshell has finished it Boston run. Now they are just waiting for the musical to find a home on Broadway and that will prove to be harder than anyone thought with all of the positive buzz it has.
Some things to look forward to tonight; breakups, new characters, scandals, second chances, apologies, and singing, lots and lots of singing. Music wise there will be a duet with Jennifer Hudson and Katharine McPhee singing On Broadway so spectacularly that you will be running to iTunes to buy it when the music stops, Megan Hilty wows with Don’t Dream It’s Over and Smash’s newcomer Jeremy Jordan will blow you away with his voice.
On that note Jordan plays Jimmy Collins, a bartender whose dream is to write songs for Broadway. His best friend and co-worker Kyle (Andy Mientus) is the Tom to his Julia. And Karen is going to discover these two and try to convince Derek that they are the next best thing. That will be much easier said than done.
Meanwhile Derek is working with Veronica Moore (Jennifer Hudson), who is Broadway’s biggest star. She is going to take a liking to Karen and together they will make beautiful music.
Then there is everyone else who is struggling to decide what to do with themselves as Bombshell awaits its fate.
The show has a different feel than last season and the changes just made me love it even more. And I was already fan who loved every single note of the first season!


I can’t wait for the curtain to go up on Smash’s second season!
November 20th, 2012 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

NBC has released its first major preview for the second season of Smash and I can’t wait for the show to come back on February 5th. It appears that going in a new a direction will only make the show stronger, and it was pretty strong to begin with. Seriously all I have to say after watching that is “Bravo, bravo!”


Liza Minnelli is bringing her Cabaret act to Smash!
November 13th, 2012 under Liza Minnelli, Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Smash might have some big guest stars lending their talent to the show for the second season like Jennifer Hudson and Sean Hayes, but today they announced their biggest name yet to grace the show! Liza with Z then M I double-N then E double-L I is going to appear on the show about Broadway some time in the late Spring. Minnelli will have the tough part of playing herself, so hopefully she will nail it. Not only will she be portraying the great Liza Minnelli, she will also be singing an original song on the NBC musical drama with Christian Borle.
So when is this show that has been off the air for way to long coming back to our televisions? Mark your calendars because opening night is February 5th and you don’t want to be late for the curtain going up!


Smash meets Grimm via Will & Grace?
September 6th, 2012 under Hazy Mills, Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Jack and Grace, I mean Sean Hayes and Debra Messing are working together on a NBC show for the first time in 6 years and I am confused by what show it is for after seeing these pictures of their reunion. Hayes is the Executive Producer of Grimm who is guest starring on Messing’s show Smash, but the way she going after his neck it looks like she should be on his show instead of the other way around. Unless Smash is taking a much different direction this season since Vampires are so much hotter than singing shows on TV this year? Maybe they are modernizing Marilyn and we find out she really didn’t die in 1962 but instead was turned into a Vampire who works as her own impersonator who kills off her competition by bleeding them dry? Of course it is still a musical because you can’t go too far away from the original plot of the show. I’m in, are you?


Who was given the swan song on Smash?
May 22nd, 2012 under Smash. [ Comments: 3 ]

Smash is cleaning house for season two and according to Inside TV the fat lady has sung for Dev and Ellis. It is not known if or for how long they will be back in the second season, but the finale made it easy for them to be written out and never heard from again.
Karen gave Dev the boot after she found out he slept with her frenemy Ivy, so if we never see him again it would make sense. When it comes to the annoying Ellis, he was fired after he proudly admitted that he poisoned the star of the show. So for him to leave quietly seems harder to believe but then again I doubt he would want to come back because they could go to the cops on him for attempted murder if he threatens them in his Ellis way.
Will you miss them? Do you want to see the curtain go down for more people and who?

UPDATE: Julia’s lovers are also out. According to The Hollywood Reporter Julia’s husband Frank and her ex-lover, who was playing Joe DiMaggio in Marilyn/Bombshell will not be around to find out if they are father of her unborn child. I can see how they can get rid of her husband, but it will be interesting to see how they will get rid of the male star of the musical.
It looks like Smash will be getting rid of the outside annoyances and make it incestuousness affair and I have no complaints about that.

UPDATE 2: Jaffrey Raza who plays Dev Tweeted this about his departure from the show, “Thnks for grt msgs!No more Dev indeed.Delighted to have been part of it and glad Dev’s off before got himself into too much more trouble!”


Ellis goes down on Smash tonight
May 14th, 2012 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

I can tell you that on tonight’s Smash on NBC at 10p that either Karen or Ivy will take the stage as Marilyn in front of an audience, but you won’t care because all you want to know is that Ellis finally got what is coming to him.
After Rebecca Duval is poisoned, she decides to drop out of Bombshell and now a new Marilyn will have to take her place. Will it be the green Karen or will it be troubled Ivy? Only one woman can do it and you won’t know who it will be until the curtain goes up and the credits are about to roll. Just when you think you will know who it will be something will happen and things will change and then they will change again and again.
So will Ellis be the only one shown the door tonight? Or will someone else be leaving the show? Like will Karen find about Dev and Ivy? Will Julia walk away to save her family? Will Derek finally have had enough?
You will have to tune in for a season finale that is as good as the season premiere.


Smash sings its way to a second season
March 22nd, 2012 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

People have been singing the praises of Smash since before it aired last month, and now NBC is doing the same by renewing the singing drama for a second season. The news is not really a surprise because it is the network’s highest rated scripted show.
BTW I am so happy NBC finally made a good decision because they have made plenty of bad one. Plus it didn’t hurt that the show has been the network head’s baby since he ran a little cable network and brought it over from there.


Is Smash cursed?
March 19th, 2012 under Smash. [ Comments: none ]

Finally after weeks of teasing us with the Marilyn showcase, the show will finally make its debut on NBC’s Smash tonight at 10p. An event that should go smoothly finds itself in a position that Derek wonders if the production is cursed. The boiler is broken and it making Marilyn hot and not in a good way. Ivy’s mother has come in to town and she is a Broadway legend. Who better to play that person than Bernadette Peters who is one herself. Peters is not supportive of her daughter and that will make things difficult for Ivy as she makes her workshop debut. An affair is revealed. A cast member falls off of the stage. And I can go on, but you know want to see what else is going to happen. Oh and did I mention by the end of the night someone will be fired from the show.
So tune in for Smash, as the show gives us a retrospective of all of the original music to date and a song sung by Miss Bernadette Peters herself. Can’t make it to a Broadway show or afford it, then this is the next best thing.


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