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Which Supergirl is more super, the XXX or the CBS one?
March 7th, 2015 under Better than..., CBS, Pornody, Superman/Spider-Man. [ Comments: none ]

Shortly after CBS released the first photos of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, Axel Braun released the first image of his Supergirl in Batman v Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. Which one do you do you want to watch more?
Personally, I like Braun’s version better because his costume has lighter colors. I don’t like the darker ones, but that is me. That and the XXX one is so much more sexier, it will definitely makes boys flies fly!


Ron Jeremy will sign anything
April 1st, 2014 under Pornody. [ Comments: none ]

Many celebrities have been asked to sign people’s body parts including women’s breasts, but how many of them can say that they have been asked to autograph a woman’s vajayjay. Well if you are Ron Jeremy, then you’ll be asked to do that and you will happily oblige. BTW I wonder what the P0rn legend used as a pen when he left his mark on Audrina Love‘s underwear???
Hey he has a hard job, but somebody has to do it. Ba da bump!


Snow White is not so snow white in this XXX pornody!
March 28th, 2014 under Pornody. [ Comments: none ]

Alex Braun is back with a new pornody and this time he took on Snow White. Let’s just say, this is not that same story that you and I grew up with. It is also as far from a Disney movie as you can get! And because of that, I am sure a lot of us will want to see it.


Thor XXX gives banging with his hammer a whole new meaning!
November 7th, 2013 under Pornody. [ Comments: none ]

Thor the Dark World is coming this Friday, but the version that has me really excited is cuming out on Tuesday. Axel Braun‘s pornody Thor XXX is hitting OnDemand and DVDs on November 8th and it looks better than the big budget sequel. Granted I couldn’t get through 5 minutes of the original Thor by Marvel and I bet the XXX version can go much longer than that. That is why he is the Gd of Thunder and Lightning!


The one time Superman is not faster than speeding bullet!
June 10th, 2013 under Pornody. [ Comments: none ]

The first trailer is out for the pornody Man of Steel XXX and we will finally get to see what it like to have sex with Superman. Let’s be real with all of his superpowers that is one many of us have wondered about. Although if it was going to be accurately portrayed, his sex scene would take up the whole movie. At least that is how I pictured it.


This is not the Iron Man porno you were expecting!
March 27th, 2013 under Pornody. [ Comments: none ]

If you were going through the p0rn section of your local videostore; and you saw a movie called Iron Man XXX, you would think it is about man that is as strong as iron in bed. Either that or he had an iron cock that just won’t stop. And if that is what you were thinking, then you would be wrong. Iron Man XXX is the latest pornody from Axel Braun and it looks like his best one yet. But then again I might be feeling that way because the Robert Downey Jr. (Dale DaBone) look alike looks just like him and I’ve been waiting years to see RDJ naked! So I can’t wait until May to see that, I mean this movie when it comes out on DVD!


Will Porn move from LA to Bareback Acres?
November 8th, 2012 under Pornody. [ Comments: 1 ]

On Tuesday LA passed Measure B which makes it mandatory for actors in the Adult Entertainment industry to wear condoms and many of us here have wondered if they will be leaving Los Angeles because of it. Well yesterday on Conan, the TBS late night host got his hands on commercial for a place that is willing to take them in and no protection is required. Bareback Acres wants to be the new home of Porn and you know what the guy made a great case for the relocation. I am hoping that they stay put because the Valley will never be the same if they vacate the area. So please stay put, it is what makes living here such a fulfilling fantasy.


It’s a sad day for LA Porn because they have to wear condoms
November 7th, 2012 under Pornody. [ Comments: none ]

For some reason there was a Measure on the ballot here in LA where we had to vote on whether or not Porn stars have to wear condoms from now on according to KABC. Now you would think that since so many people like to watch them go bareback that the Angelinos would vote that they would continue to go condom-free, and you would be wrong. For some reason this Measure passed.
I want to know when did people become so interesting in wearing rubbers? I have always been into AIDS Awareness and I have struggled for years to get the message across of the importance of safe sex and barely anyone wanted to listen. Now all of sudden those people are like wrap their whoppers. What just happened here in LA?
I really hope that this new law doesn’t chase them out of the town because they bring loads and loads of money into LA. It is just as much as the male actors unload in every scene they film to completion. Plus I will miss having Porn Star Karaoke across the street from where I live.
Will you viewers around World Wide Web still watch adult entertainment videos with the men wearing penis hats?

UPDATE: To learn what is next for the Porn industry, you can read about it on Adult Biz Law.


Looks like we will find out if Superman is faster than a speeding bullet
October 4th, 2012 under Pornody. [ Comments: none ]

Axel Braun who has brought several pornodies to the small screen for us to enjoy, is doing one that comic book geeks will really be excited about. He is doing Superman vs Spider-Man XXX and we will get to find out if the Man of Steel lives up to his reputation. When it comes to Spider-Man, I bet he is all hands. I mean what else can he do.
I can’t wait to see this movie when it comes out on DVD next month, just to find out what happens in this scene…


Will Luke finally sleep with his sister Princess Leia with the force in Star Wars XXX?
August 10th, 2011 under Pornody. [ Comments: none ]

May the force be with you, will be given new meaning in Star Wars XXX (site NSFW) and I can’t wait to see what Luke does with Lightsaber when the pornody comes out in September. For years we have wondered what it would be like if Luke and Princess Leia hooked up before they knew the truth and now we might find out. We also might find out of Darth Vader really goes to the dark side. I don’t know what that means either. But all, and I do mean all, we be revealed in a galaxy far, far away!




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