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Adam Levine looks like a ’70s p0rn star!
June 14th, 2016 under The Voice. [ Comments: 2 ]

If you think about it Maroon 5’s music kind of sounds like it is from the ’70s and looks their lead singer is turning into someone from that era. Adam Levine shared a photo of himself with a relaxed winged fro, a pornstache and a red sequenced big collared button down shirt. I don’t if he looks like he’s ready to go to a Disco, work undercover as a cop or has a job in p0rn. I am going with the latter because I think everyone in the ’70s looked like they worked the Adult Entertainment Industry. Don’t you?
The Voice coach didn’t explain his groovy style, but he did say, “It was the 70s. We were all a little crazy. Good times my man. Good times indeed.”


RIP Christina Grimmie
June 11th, 2016 under Obits, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Two years ago, Christina Grimmie came out on to The Voice like a wrecking ball, and now we all feel like we were hit by wrecking ball after hearing about her senseless death. The 22 year old singer was and shot and killed last night while signing autographs after a show in Orlando, Fl.
Orlando police said a 27 year old man from Florida traveled to the concert armed with two handguns, 2 additional magazines and a hunting knife approached and shot her. Then her brother, Marcus Grimmie, tackled the shooter to the ground. The shooter then shot and killed himself. As of now, there is no motive for this horrific crime and it doesn’t seem like her knew her personally.
This will change the way we go to concerts and it will change the access we have to celebrities.
But now let’s not think about that, let’s remember Christina Grimmie and pray for her family and friends as they deal with the unimaginable. A young beautiful light snuffed out way before her time.


Watch Blake Shelton try Sushi for the first time
May 25th, 2016 under Jimmy Fallon, The Voice. [ Comments: 1 ]

Even though Blake Shelton is 39 years old, lived in Hollywood for 5 years and is dating Gwen Stefani, he has never tried Sushi. Jimmy Fallon decided it was about time that he did, so yesterday on The Tonight Show the singer got his first taste of Saki and raw fish. Did he like it? Some yes, some no, but all in all he tried things I would never try. Granted it helped that he had at least one big glass of rice wine with each course and there were 6.
On that note, it was fun to see The Voice coach and the NBC host get a little bit tipsy by the last course. Too bad there weren’t a few more courses because that is when the fun would’ve really started.
Talking about fun that never got started, how come we didn’t see Shelton try Wasabi. I always love watching people try it for the first time. But then again I don’t tell them what they are about to put in their mouth and I get such a thrill watching them suffer.


Will CeeLo Green KISS and tell?
May 23rd, 2016 under KISS, Spike TV, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

CeeLo Green is going to compete on this Thursday’s Lip Sync Battle and it looks like one of his performances on the Spike TV show will leave us speechless. That’s because the F*ck You singer is going to mouth KISS’s Rock & Roll All Nite while being styled in their makeup and leather.
I don’t know about you, but I feel like all hell’s breakin’ loose after watching this. If I feeling like this, I wonder how KISS feels about it?


Christina Aguilera wants you to look at her eyes
April 27th, 2016 under Christina Aguilera, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Christina Aguilera’s breasts are almost as big as her voice, so I guess that is why she always shows them off on The Voice. Case in point, here she is yesterday in a tux dress by Pallas Paris and without a shirt you get to see her cumberboobs. How can you not? Giving more credence to the saying, if you have it, flaunt it. And she has it.


Did Christina Aguilera just roll out of bed to do The Voice?
April 20th, 2016 under Christina Aguilera, The Voice. [ Comments: 1 ]

Christina Aguilera showed up to The Voice yesterday in something that looked more like something you would wear in the bedroom on a romantic night than on a reality singing competition.
On her website she said she was “channeling a retro Marilyn look,” but that is not what I saw. She also says that the pink silk jacket is a trench coat, but let’s be real it’s a robe. When it comes to what is under that “trench,” I am sure the boys like seeing her girls.
Did you like “retro Marilyn look?”


Watch Carson Daly shave his legs!
April 1st, 2016 under The Voice, TV News. [ Comments: none ]

The Today show did a story about how men are taking their manscaping to lower levels. They are now not only shaving their privates, they are also shaving their legs because women prefer it. When Savannah Guthrie heard this, she thought it would be a good idea if her male co-anchors tried it. So he gave Carson Daly a razor and some shaving cream and off the hair went. Well, at least it was a start because it will take more than one razor and a can of shaving cream to get those hairy legs silky smooth.


Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys will be coaching The Voice!
March 26th, 2016 under Miley Cyrus/Metro Station, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

For the first time since The Voice started, two women will be coaches on singing competition’s panel. They are Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys and they will be on the show in the fall.
I have to admit those are really good gets. Especially since you never know what Miley is going to say, which will make it so much more exciting!


Adam Levine meets the toddler who’s in love with him!
October 16th, 2015 under Ellen DeGeneres, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago, three year old Mila cried when she found out that Adam Levine is married. Ellen DeGeneres felt so bad for her that she invited her mom and the toddler to be on the show. After talking to the little girl, asking her when she is going to marry the rocker and giving her a present, the daytime talk show host had one more surprise for her. That surprise was Adam Levine.
What happened when they met? As soon as he picked her up, she motioned for her mom to hold her. Then when the three of them sat on the couch; and every time he talked to her, she would turn away from him.
Which made their meeting even more awwwdorable. Don’t tell me that this video didn’t make you go awwww like 10 times! Too cute when things go wrong.


Adam Levine even breaks the littlest of hearts
October 2nd, 2015 under The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Mila is a huge fan of Adam Levine, even though she still sits in a car seat. Recently her mom broke the news to her sweet little girl that the Maroon 5 singer is married and she won’t be able to be his wife. As soon as the toddler heard the news, she voiced her sadness. Maybe The Voice coach can sing Wipe Your Eyes to her and make her feel better.
So even though Mila knows that Levine is married that isn’t stopping her from thinking that there is chance between them. Her mom Veronica shared this video of Mila declaring that Adam is going to marry her! Who knows maybe when she is 18, she can finally be Mila Levine?


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