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Words of Wizdumb by Britney Spears
January 20th, 2015 under Britney Spears, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Britney Spears took to Twitter to share some Words of Wizdumb. That sage advice is, “Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth!” I don’t know what to say about that. I will just sit here and be blinded by her white teeth until what I have to say comes to me.


Robert Downey Jr’s Words of Wizdumb
September 14th, 2014 under Robert Downey Jr., Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Robert Downey Jr is the epitome of Metrosexual, although the beloved actor doesn’t know what that means. RDJ gave us his Words of Wizdumb as the definition of the word, he said, “Does that mean I make love on subways?” That works for me, what about you?


Words of Wizdumb from Josh Groban!
January 11th, 2014 under Josh Groban, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Josh Groban took to Twitter to ask his followers a question that has stumped the masses for ages. OK, it stumped me when I read it.
Anyways the question he asked is, “If I drop a bar of soap on the ground, does the soap get dirty or does the ground get clean?” I would say if he ever drops a bar of soap while taking a shower in a jail, then he is going to feel very dirty. Therefore the soap gets dirty. But he will use that soap to try to feel clean afterwards. Thus the ground gets clean. Dang it, I don’t know how to answer this question. So how would you answer it?


Words of Wizdumb by Alyssa Milano!
December 9th, 2013 under Alyssa Milano, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Us women have gotten used to the fact that men sometimes miss the toilet bowl, but did you guys know us women sometimes have to deal with it from other women in public restrooms. That’s right, we will enter the stall and find out the seat is drenched from the girl who went before us. How did they miss the huge hole, we don’t know? And Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to find out! I like the bad vagina theory because that is the only excuse there is to leave the seat wetter than the bowl. Seriously ladies, how do you get so much pee on the toilet seat?


Words of Wizdumb from We Are Men’s Chris Smith!
September 30th, 2013 under CBS, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Chris Smith is a Hollywood newbie and he has some advice for people who want to get into biz. The We Are Men star’s Words of Wizdumb are simple, don’t wear underwear.
You know what it works for Jon Hamm and Chris Smith, it can work for you. And if you are built like Jerry O’Connell, then don’t wear them proudly!


Words of Wizdumb from Tom Arnold!
April 23rd, 2013 under Tom Arnold, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Tom Arnold is a new pop and he had these Words of Wizdumb to share with us on Twitter. He said, “Once you see what boobs are really made for you feel a little silly about your past behavior with them. #MakingAmends”
While he might feel this way while his wife is breastfeeding their 17 day old son, I am sure he will go back to his old ways as soon Jax let’s him have them back!


Oh sit! Jamie Kennedy wishes he had big boobs!
April 18th, 2013 under Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Jamie Kennedy took to Twitter to declare these Words of Wizdumb, “Wish I had big boobs guys so I can take not so subtle pics and post them on Instagram and get lots of likes.” I think if he posted a topless picture of his moobs on Instagram, he would get a lot reaction to the picture. Although I think it would be people reporting it is an inappropriate instead of clicking like.
Actually I wouldn’t mind seeing him without a shirt on Instagram, so I would be clicking the heart!


Words of Wizdumb from Russell Brand
January 26th, 2013 under Russell Brand, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Russell Brand took to Twitter with these Words of Wizdumb, “Vaginas are about context, I love them but If one ran into my room on its own I’d hit it with a broom.” Imagine what a vajayjay would do if they saw his pen!s running into a room at them? Same thing!


Words of Wizdumb from Richard Marx!
December 5th, 2012 under Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

Richard Marx has been able to express his thoughts via his music, but now Twitter is giving him a different voice. The singer Tweeted, “It’s cool when people tell me they use my songs as background music for sex, but photo proof just gets….awkward.” So I guess he wants you to Hold on to Your Endless Summer Nights and not show him how Satisfied his songs made your lover and you. Can’t say I blame him too many photos like that might become a Hazard to him!
BTW now that I think about it, does he prefer video over photos because he does say photo proof? I know I do!


Words of Wizdumb from Simon Cowell!
November 26th, 2012 under American Idol 9+, Words of Wizdumb. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from MyDaily)

Simon Cowell is known for his mouth, but that might be changing with some Words of Wizdumb he got on Thanksgiving. The King of Mean Tweeted, “I went to a thanksgiving party and someone told me to listen rather than talk. You have two ears and one mouth. Very good advice.” Does anyone really think he will actually be able to listen people as compared to critiquing them? I mean he never misses an opportunity to shoot his mouth off about anything and everything. Plus that is his bread and butter, what else does he have? A hairy chest? Moobs? His hair? Tight shirts? Nah, he will stick with what he does best, talking!


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