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Samuel L Jackson yells at three cute little kittens
September 27th, 2016 under Jane the Virgin, Jimmy Fallon, Samuel L Jackson. [ Comments: 6 ]

Samuel L Jackson and Gina Rodriguez were on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jimmy Fallon challenged them to a new game called Truth or Door. Basically, they had to either answer a truth or accept whatever challenge was behind the door. Hollywood’s baddest guy not only told a truth, but decided to go for whatever was behind Door #1. That was when Steve Higgins rolled out a box of three purrfect kittens and told Shaft he had to yell at them as he explained why they should see his favorite movie. He walked over to the awwwdorable kitties and went all Snakes on the Plane on then as he told them why he loves The Raid 2.
And now those cute cats are no longer adoptable because they are scared of everyone. Which is why, I guess, they call them scaredy cats.
Lets be real here, weren’t you like, oh no, he is going to scream at that those sweet little faces that you just want to kiss over and over again? Then we did, you didn’t whether to laugh or feel sorry for them. It was a lot of mixed emotions!


Sofia Vergara sucks
September 21st, 2016 under Jimmy Fallon, Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Fallon wanted to hear what Sofia Vergara would sound like if she sucked on some helium and you will be so giddy that he asked her to do it on The Tonight Show yesterday. It is something so simple and so stupid, but it is also so funny and awwwdorable. But then again, is there anything the Modern Family beauty does that it isn’t all of those things? Well maybe not simple and stupid!
Talking about the actress, her sitcom is back on ABC tonight at 9p.


Hasn’t Jimmy Fallon’s hands been through enough?
September 16th, 2016 under Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

A few months ago, when Hillary Clinton was on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon ran his fingers through her hair to prove it is real. It is.
Yesterday, when her opponent was on the NBC late night show, the host decided to do the same thing. He took his good hand, and bravely stuck it into the unknown to mess up Donald Trump’s thingy. What did it reveal? I don’t know. What did it look like? I don’t know. It just you know, you know?
When it comes to Fallon’s hand, I just picture it disappearing like Michael J Fox’s did in Back to the Future when his parents weren’t going to get together.


Watch what happens when Jimmy Fallon accidentally draws a pen!s
September 3rd, 2016 under Jimmy Fallon, Meg Ryan. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on The The Tonight Show Show, Jimmy Fallon asked Meg Ryan to be his Pictionary partner as they played against John Mulaney and Nick Kroll. When The League star accidentally drew something that looked a little phallic, the NBC host took it down in fear of the network censors. I guess the image stuck in his mind because when it he went to draw a phone, it looked more like the thing of his that nature calls. He was so embarrassed by he gaffe the he fell to the floor to hide his shame. I don’t know why he was so ashamed, it worked perfectly for what he was drawing…booty call.


Watch the kids from Stranger Things diss Jimmy Fallon!
September 1st, 2016 under Jimmy Fallon, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

The awwwwdorable kids from Stranger Things (Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Finn Wolfhard) were on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jimmy Fallon challenged them to a game of Stranger Strings. Basically, they all sat in a circle as one of them read a stranger fact about one them that none of them knew about each other. They all had a can of Silly String and sprayed it on the person who they thought that information was about. Needless to say the NBC host was covered with the colored stringy stuff.
As the game went on, Fallon said to Wolfhard when it was his turn to read, “Can you read?” Without hesitation Mike Wheeler asked him, “Can you host?” With that, the kid won our hearts and so much more!!!
After this game, how can you not love these kids even more than you already did before it. That and who doesn’t want to play this game with their friends this weekend after a few too many drinks!


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