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I want to go to an Office Christmas Party like this one!
July 26th, 2016 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

How many times have you gone to your office’s Christmas party and been bored out of your mind? You wish it would be exciting and everyone would just get drunk and party like it is 1999, but that doesn’t happen.
Well, we will be able to vicariously live out that fantasy with Office Christmas Party. Even though the movie stars Jennifer Aniston, I still want to see it on December 9th. Will you party on with this film?


Blair Witch is back
July 23rd, 2016 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1999, Blair Witch changed horror movies forever when it added the whole concept of found footage. Lots of movies have used that plotline since then, but none have been as scary as the original. Now, 17 years later, they are hoping to reboot the series with Heather Donahue’s brother trying to find her in the woods. Will it work? We will just have to see when the movie comes out on September 16th.


Pokémon go to the big screen
July 20th, 2016 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

You knew it was going to happen, but we didn’t know it was going to happen this quickly. Legendary Entertainment is fast tracking a live-action Pokémon movie centered around Detective Pikachu. According to Variety, they are looking to begin production in 2017 and that is all the information we know as of now.
Hopefully by then we will have forgotten about Pokémon GO, kind of like how we forgot about Angry Birds by the time that film came out.


Madea scares up a Halloween movie
July 15th, 2016 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Madea is back with another holiday movie and this time Tyler Perry is taking on Halloween. Which means we should see a lot of Madeas going trick or treating this year because of Boo! A Madea Halloween.
When it comes to the film. this one actually looks funny. Funny enough for me to consider going to see on October 21st. Do you think it looks like a trick or a treat?


A Pokémon no Go PSA from Alamo Drafthouse
July 15th, 2016 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Pokémon Go is everywhere these day, but if the Alamo Drafthouse has their way it won’t be in their movie theaters. The chain released a PSA telling their patrons, “Don’t talk, Don’t Text, Don’t throw any Pokéballs.”
Wonder who will be next to make a stand? Because there are some places these little guys shouldn’t be like the Holocaust Museum, Churches, other side of cliffs and so on.


Bleed For This is going to be a knock out!
July 4th, 2016 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

The first trailer is out Bleed For This and I would be surprised if the biopic doesn’t win at least one Oscar. Miles Teller will definitely get the nom for playing Boxer Vinny Pazienza. Paz literally fought back from a broken neck to actually fight again even though doctors thought that he might never walk again. Plus, Ben Younger should also be up for Original Screenplay and/or Directing. Something he was robbed of when he wrote and directed Boiler Room.
By November 4th we will all be ready to punch something, so instead of doing that go see this film.


Lights Out will cause you to with the lights on!
June 24th, 2016 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

The first trailer is out for Lights Out and I am so happy I watched it during the day. That’s because just the thought of a ghost, who only attacks you in the dark, is enough to make you afraid to go sleep tonight. Imagine a whole movie based on that idea. One you will run out to see in complete darkness on July 22nd. Time to get a job on the graveyard shift because you won’t be sleeping in the dark any time soon.


Robbie Amell is looking for some pussy!
June 16th, 2016 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

Nine Lives is coming out on August 5th and you can meet the stars of it on the red carpet. The family movie about Kevin Spacey being turned into a cat to reconnect with his family has teamed up with Omaze for a special cause.
You can enter to win a trip to the Los Angeles premiere and snuggle up with the film’s stars Nala, Waffles, Pudge, Lil BUB and Robbie Amell. OK, maybe not the last one because he is happily engaed, but still you can have some alone time with them all.
The first entry is free, but then there are a lot of perks if you enter more than once. With the money raised from it being donated to the ASPCA and Best Friends Animal Society, so that as many cats as possible can live out their Nine Lives.
My cat gave this two paws up!


Does Beauty and the Beast look like a beauty or a beast?
May 23rd, 2016 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but I hate these live action versions of the animated Disney classics. I will admit that Cinderella was beautiful, but I don’t think it needed to be made. Since it did well in theaters that means that Disney is going to make more of them. The next one in the series is Beauty and the Beast. Today, they released the first trailer for the film that comes out on March 17th and it’s not for me. I will admit it looks like a real beauty, but I am sure it will be a beast.
But I am impressed that they made a rose so gorgeous that anyone woman would marry a man who gave it to her. I know I would.


Bite is what scary movies should be!
May 6th, 2016 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then you are sick of horror movies about Zombies, Vampires, haunted houses or items and possessions? Well Bite is a throwback to when horror movies were scary and CGI wasn’t used. In other words, you will be having nightmares for weeks after watching this film that is out now on VOD, OnDemand and playing in select theaters.
Cassey (Elma Begovic) and her two friends, Jill (Annette Wozniak) and (Denise Yuen), go to Costa Rica to celebrate her upcoming nuptials to Jared (Jordan Gray). While they are there, they meet some guys who tell them about this beautiful spot that tourists don’t know about. They convince the guys to tell them where it is, so that they go there and see it for themselves. As soon as they arrive, they play in the unique beautiful water. That is when Cassey’s life is changed by what seems to be an innocent bug bite.
When she gets home, she starts to feel sick but isn’t too worried. First, she pukes up a strange clear sticky substance. Then the wound won’t stop oozing a thick puss. Even her hearing starts to improve. Yet, she doesn’t do anything about it because it is just a bug bite. Even the clinic doesn’t seem worried and tells her to get some over the counter medicine. It’s just a bug bite, right?
But then, she can’t ignore it anymore. Not only is her skin starting to change, so is her apartment. It’s slowly turning into a hive for her and her eggs. That’s right, millions of eggs.
She doesn’t really understand how much of a transformation she has been through until her bitchy and controlling future mother in law comes to see her. When Cassey loses her temper, she spits an acid like substance onto her lover’s mom that dissolves her face. That incident changes her, but is it too late to save her?
One by one her friends and her fiance’ try to help her, but not all of them are going to make it out of there alive. Who will survive? You will just have to watch this petrifying movie to find out. Well as much as you can because your hands will be over your eyes for most of it.
Bite is paced out perfectly, not too fast and not too slow. Slow enough to creep you out, but fast enough so you don’t get bored. It is just like how the classics knew how to perfectly time out a film.
Another element that plays into the terrifying factor is that there is little to no CGI in it. You feel like you are watching her transform and not seeing a computer do it for us.
But it is the story that is the scariest factor of it all. No one thinks a bug bite will turn you into a bug, but what if it did? That is what this movie answers.
Even though I won’t be sleeping for a week after watching this, I can’t wait for them to come out with a sequel to this terrifying tale. Yes, wait until you see how they leave the door open for that possibility.
If you love to be frightened, but haven’t found a movie that can satisfy this need. Then you are going to want to watch Bite as soon as possible to cure what is missing from your life.


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