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Judd Apatow’s sex sounds freak out his daughter.
February 24th, 2016 under Apatow Productions, Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Judd Apatow has two daughters, one is 18 and the other one is 13. The proud pop was so happy that his younger girl still likes him enough that she asks him to lie in bed with her until she falls asleep. That was until he found out why she wants that.
He told Conan O’Brien that the other night, she revealed the reason why. Iris said to her dad, “I am worried that mom and you are going to have sex.” Then she explained why that frightens her, “Six months ago, I heard you guys have sex and it freaked me out.”
The director started to wonder when did Leslie Mann and him have such loud sex that it scared his daughter. He came to the conclusion that Narcos was the cause and denied all responsibility. I am not sure about that, after hearing him imitate his daughter, I think she has a case. Don’t you?


Judd Apatow is actually funny when he does standup!
July 21st, 2015 under Apatow Productions, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

When I read that Judd Apatow was doing stand up for the first time since he was 24 years old on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, I was expecting it to be painfully bad. In fact, I had the headline ready for it. It was going to read that Judd Apatow’s standup is as funny as his movies. In other words, if you like his movies you will think it is funny. If not, you would hate it like I hate his movies.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised by how funny he is. It starts out slower with him talking about his daughters not finding him funny and him being the only man in a house full of beautiful women. Then the pace picks up when he jokes about Bill Cosby. Not only does he nail his impression of the disgraced star, his take on it had me laughing out loud.
Maybe Apatow should take a break from making movies and hit the road doing standup. I would actually pay to see that.


Today’s secret words are…Pee Wee Herman is back!
March 19th, 2015 under Apatow Productions. [ Comments: none ]

Pee Wee Herman is back and he’s filming a movie with Judd Apatow. Pee Wee’s Big Holiday will stream on Netflix, but when we don’t know. Until then, we can just love this photo of him taking a break with the director while filming it.
BTW can you believe he ended the popular kids show almost a quarter of a century because he doesn’t look like he aged a day in those 25 years!


Judd Apatow’s daughter is not a fan!
January 23rd, 2015 under Apatow Productions. [ Comments: none ]

Judd Apatow is filling in as host of The Late Late Show this week and he tested some of his material on his daughter. To say she is not a fan would be an understatement.
When the director explained to the 12 year old, that they are having people that aren’t that good at hosting fill in before James Corden takes over, she told her dad, ” They made a good decision choosing you.”
Iris wanted to know who he was having as a sidekick, and he said no one. Then she said, “You know what they should do? They should have you be the sidekick and get someone funny to be the talk show host.”
And with this short bit, I think we just learned who is the funniest one in that family. Iris has a huge career ahead of her. That is, if she does films other than her father’s.


That’s how Seth Rogen keeps his slender figure?
December 16th, 2014 under Apatow Productions, James Franco, Seth Rogen. [ Comments: none ]

James Franco Tweeted a picture of himself and North Korea’s other Most Wanted Man and now we know the secret to Seth Rogen’s shapely legs. He wears stockings. It takes a real man to reveal his hidden fashion accessory, and then there is Seth Rogen.


James Franco and Seth Rogen have a closer Bound after this!
November 25th, 2013 under Apatow Productions, James Franco, Kanye West, Seth Rogen. [ Comments: none ]

James Franco and Seth Roger got bored while making their movie The Interview, so they decided to recreate Kanye West’s awful video Bound 2. I don’t know what sense of mine suffered more by watching that, my ears for hearing Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy’s song or my eyes for seeing Seth’s hairy back. All I know is that both of them will never ever be the same. Just like Franco and Rogen’s firendship because they did things that only friends with benefits do.
I have to admit that is that funniest thing that both actors ever did, so it was kind of worth suffering through. As much as I suffered for it, I am sure they will suffer even more when Kanye finds out about this because he has no sense of humor and will not find this funny. I wonder who the rapper will hashtag his apologies to when he goes off on them in whichever form of media he chooses to so.
BTW below is the side by side of both videos and they really did do a good job of copying the sh!tty music video.


BTWF stand-up: Judd Apatow on Evening at the Improv
February 11th, 2013 under Apatow Productions, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Judd Apatow wrote a movie about comedians called Funny People, he actually was a comedian himself appearing on Evening at the Improv. How funny was he when he was 23 years old in that 1991 episode.


Leslie Mann gets very excited to wax a hairy man!
December 21st, 2012 under Apatow Productions. [ Comments: none ]

Hal Rudkick from Screen Junkies covered the junket for This Is 40 and he got Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd and Judd Apatow drunk and that wasn’t the best part of the interview. He also had them recreate the most famous scene from Apatow’s other 40 movie, he had them wax him like it was done to Steve Carrell in The 40 Year Old Virgin. As soon as he took out that strip of wax, Leslie lit up like someone had the biggest joint she had ever seen. Granted can’t say I blame her because I would’ve had that same reaction.
Since her husband also got to partake in the waxing and in the video, I am sure he will watch this and know how to pleasure his wife again like before they were married with kids and over 40. Just let her rip the hairs off of his body and she will let him do what ever he wants.


Jonah Hill salivates over People’s Sexiest Man Alive!
November 14th, 2012 under Apatow Productions, Channing Tatum. [ Comments: none ]

People announced today that Channing Tatum is their Sexiest Man Alive this year and his 21 Jump Street co-star gives the choice his wet seal of his approval. Jonah Hill Tweeted the above picture and said ‘@channingtatum you’ve always been the sexiest man alive to me! (Congrats pal!)” By looking at the photo we can see he means it. So much so I wonder what it will be like when film the sequel to the shockingly enjoyable movie. Hill will probably be like he is on HFS when Magic Mike walks into the room.
Now when it come to People’s decision, I get it because both 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike exceeded what they were supposed to do at the Box Office. Does that mean I agree? Nope. While I really like the buddy cop movie, Magic Mike was the worst film I saw this year in the theaters. And even though he had great moves, whenever there was a strip dancing scene in the movie my eyes always went to Matt Bomer. And my friend that I was with felt the same way. When it comes to who else could’ve held the title this year, I am honestly at a lost. So I guess People did OK with their choice. What do you think of their Sexiest Man Alive?


This is 40 and it looks boring
August 8th, 2012 under Apatow Productions. [ Comments: none ]

Judd Apatow is doing a Knocked Up spinoff called This is 40 with his wife Leslie Mann and her movie husband Paul Rudd. That movie looks so boring, I actually took two naps during it.
I don’t know why Universal decided to release this film during Christmas because during that time of the year the last thing you want to see is another miserable family. You just have to go see yours to experience that.
Maybe its me, but I just don’t think that Apatow movies are that good. I actually think they more of a snoozefest than a laughfest.


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