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Eric Stonestreet marches to the beat of his drum
November 28th, 2016 under Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Over the weekend, Eric Stonestreet got to play the drums with the band from his alma mater Kansas State University and let’s just say he was off beat. He stood out like a sore thumb. Not because he was not dressed in their uniform, but because he couldn’t keep up with them. But then again in his defense, no one who isn’t training every day with them could. That is why they do what they do, and we sit back and watch them.
When it comes to the Modern Family star, he might not have synched with them but the joy on his face makes up for it.


Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s epic anniversary cake
November 23rd, 2016 under Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Believe it or not, yesterday was Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s first wedding anniversary and they celebrated in their own special way. One of those ways was with a cake that had them on top of it. The couple was made to be lying down on top of it, like an exhausted couple after their big day. That is not what I saw. What I saw was a couple that couldn’t stand being together anymore and the husband committed a murder/suicide. The cigar in his mouth was the smoking gun. Only thing missing is some strawberry sauce for the blood.
Which image do you see on all of that yummy frosting?


You’ll never see Cam the same way on Modern Family
October 31st, 2016 under Halloween, Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Eric Stonestreet dressed up as convict who looks like he went on a killing rampage before he finally got caught by the police. Now that he has been serving time, he looks even meaner. So mean, no one inside those prison walls will mess with him.
So mean, I don’t think I will ever be able to watch him the same way on Modern Family. Nice Cam is gone for me. But then again, I can tune in on Wednesday and forget all about this. Which will most likely be the case.


Sarah Hyland lets her guts hang out!
October 20th, 2016 under Halloween, Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Sarah Hyland modeled what could be her Halloween costume and she has guts to wear it. Or should I say she is wearing guts. Either way, its a gutsy move by a gutsy girl.


It is hard to work on Modern Family
October 11th, 2016 under Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Eric Stonestreet made a video of what it is like to work on Modern Family and it hard work but someone has to do it. For Ty Burrell it is dressing up as an elf 2 months before Christmas and then having Sofia Vergara lie down next to him. If that is hard enough, Cam put the camera down to lie down next to them. They need to call SAG because that is unfair labor.


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