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Ladies, don’t expect James Franco to pick you up on social media any more!
April 4th, 2014 under James Franco, Live with Kelly and Michael. [ Comments: none ]

Earlier this week it was rumored that James Franco tried to pick up a 17 year old girl on Instagram and today the 35 year old confirmed the story on Live with Kelly and Michael. The Oscar host told them, “Unfortunately in my position, I mean…I have a very good life, but not only do I have to go through the embarrassing kind of rituals of kind of meeting someone, sometimes if I do that then it gets, you know, published for the world so now, you know, it’s like doubly embarrassing.” Kind of embarrassing? He hit on a woman half his age, who isn’t even old enough to vote or drunk. So ewwwwww.


James Franco will do what we ask him to do!
December 6th, 2013 under James Franco. [ Comments: none ]

I guess James Franco‘s fans asked him to post a nude selfie, so he obliged. Or as he says, “#Almostnude – YOu ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT it. Tryna work that body, tryin’, tryin’.”
So let’s see what should we get him to do next, because obviously he is willing to do what we want him to.


James Franco and Seth Rogen have a closer Bound after this!
November 25th, 2013 under Apatow Productions, James Franco, Kanye West. [ Comments: none ]

James Franco and Seth Roger got bored while making their movie The Interview, so they decided to recreate Kanye West’s awful video Bound 2. I don’t know what sense of mine suffered more by watching that, my ears for hearing Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy’s song or my eyes for seeing Seth’s hairy back. All I know is that both of them will never ever be the same. Just like Franco and Rogen’s firendship because they did things that only friends with benefits do.
I have to admit that is that funniest thing that both actors ever did, so it was kind of worth suffering through. As much as I suffered for it, I am sure they will suffer even more when Kanye finds out about this because he has no sense of humor and will not find this funny. I wonder who the rapper will hashtag his apologies to when he goes off on them in whichever form of media he chooses to so.
BTW below is the side by side of both videos and they really did do a good job of copying the sh!tty music video.


Sorry Twerking and Binge-Watching, Selfie is #1!
November 18th, 2013 under James Franco. [ Comments: none ]

Over the weekend James Franco Tweeted the above photo and said “All the kids are doing it”. Turns out the Oscar host was on to something because Selfie was named the Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionary. The word was added back in August along with pictures of Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes talking self portraits in the bathroom next to it. OK, I am lying about the last part, but not the word being in the dictionary.
So what other words made the list this year, they are binge-watch, bitcoin, olinguito, schmeat, showrooming and yes twerk was there too. Thankfully it was on the list because just like the SATs, I knew less than 50% of the words.
So now that Selfie is this year’s #1 word, I am sure we are going to see even more than we already do. Is that even possible?


James Franco just got me into the Christmas spirit!
November 13th, 2013 under James Franco. [ Comments: none ]

James Franco Tweeted this picture of himself in Ellen DeGeneres’ cat calendar and he is the purrfect gift to stuff in a stocking. Or just to have his little Oscar stuffed in to a stocking! Although his underwear is almost as revealing as if he was just wearing a sock.


James Franco invites you to hop into bed with him!
August 26th, 2013 under James Franco. [ Comments: 1 ]

James Franco Tweeted the above photo and said, “Book signing at the chateau – hop in!” So do you want to book a date with him or would rather stay in your own bed and read his book all by yourself?


Will James Franco be toasted when he’s Roasted?
July 10th, 2013 under Comedy Central, James Franco. [ Comments: none ]

Comedy Central has picked the next person that they are going to Roast and his names is James Franco. Although I thought he was already roasted when he hosted the Oscars? At least it felt like it, right? Especially afterwards.
No word who will be roasting him on the special that airs this Labor Day, but I really hope they change up the comedians. I am just so over the same jokes from Jeff Ross and such. They need some new blood and there are plenty of comedians who are worth to sit on that dais. If I could pick, then I would love to see them add Daniel Tosh and/or Bo Burnham to the mix.
BTW I bet there will be more pot smoked at his roast than there was at Flavor Flav’s with Snoop Dogg. Now that was a good roast!
Finally I really hope his grandmother is there because she is the coolest person in his family!


A James Franco uprobe picture!
July 9th, 2013 under James Franco. [ Comments: none ]

James Franco posted this picture of him sitting in a white robe with one leg up revealing his black bathing suit. At least, I hope that is a bathing suit.
Hey if we can get excited over a female upskirt picture, why can’t we also get excited when a man gives us a little flash of his pineapple express?


Did James Franco get some work done?
July 4th, 2013 under James Franco. [ Comments: none ]

James Franco Instagrammed the above picture and said “Nana plastic surgery – for indiegogo“. So did he get some work done? Nah looks like he just get a little facial between scenes of the movie he is filming.


Find out who David Letterman banned from The Late Show!
March 26th, 2013 under David Letterman, James Franco. [ Comments: 1 ]

James Franco was a guest on The Late Show and he asked David Letterman why the writer/director of his new movie Spring Breakers is banned from the CBS talk show. Franco said that he heard that Harmony Korine was banned because before he appeared on the show for a fourth time, he pushed Meryl Streep. Letterman said that is not why he is banned, but it does have to do with something that happened with Streep. His side of the story is, “I went upstairs to greet Meryl Streep and welcome her to the show, and I knock on the door and she was not in there. And I looked around, and she was not in there, and I found Harmony going through her purse. True story. And so I said, ‘That’s it, put her things back in her bag and then get out.’”
Afterwards Letterman said he would have him back on the show, but I don’t see any reason to because his movie already flopped. Can you tell I am still disgusted with Harmony over Kids, one of the most despicable movies ever made?
Now when it comes to the banning it’s OK to make a fool of yourself like Joaquin Phoenix did, but it is not OK to allegedly go through someone’s purse like Harmony did. Sounds rationale to me.


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