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Do Madonna and Justin Bieber have something to tell us?
March 17th, 2015 under Do they have something to tell us?, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, Madonna. [ Comments: none ]

Justin Bieber was photographed giving Madonna a close-eyed kiss on her cheek, so do the two singers have something to tell us? Only that they will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow.
But for a second imagine if they were singing duets together in the bedroom? After all, he is about the right age for her and she is perfect for him. How hot would this couple be?

UPDATE: According to this clip from today’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Madonna would consider dating Justin Bieber since he is just a year younger than the youngest man she has dated. Make it happen guys, make it happen!!!


Martha Stewart and Shaq are going to rip Justin Bieber a new one!
March 5th, 2015 under Comedy Central, Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart, Shaquille O'Neal. [ Comments: 1 ]

Comedy Central announced today who is going to Roast Justin Bieber on March 30th and it is an all-star lineup! They got Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Shaquille O’Neal, Martha Stewart, Hannibal Buress, Chris D’Elia, Natasha Leggero and Jeffrey Ross. Sadly though for Justin, Seth Rogen is not on the list. Which I think makes it even better.
You know, the Domestic Goddess is going to kill it, as will Shaq. Both of them have a really good sense of humor. Plus, the dais should be afraid of them because she did time and he is over 7′ tall. When it comes to the comedians, I can’t wait to see what the Beebs’ good friend D’Elia has to say about everyone. I’ve seen him at 2 events promoting Undateable and both times he had me busting a gut!
Comedy Central had me when they decided to Roast Beiber, then they gave me some whipped cream when they made Hart the RoastMaser and this dais is so the cherry on top of it all! March 30th can’t come soon enough!


Justin Bieber knows that his sexiness is distracting!
February 25th, 2015 under Justin Bieber. [ Comments: none ]

Ellen DeGeneres got her good friend Justin Bieber to be part of her hidden camera prank show Repeat After Me and Wendi McLendon-Covey had a field day with him. The singer signed up for bowling lessons and his instructor got to find out his mind was in the same place as his bowling balls, the gutter.
The Goldbergs’ sMother got him to say a lot of things to his teacher like, “Nice tush, Tish!” and “I have a giant owl (tattoo) because I love hooters.” While those are just words, she also got him to do some things like Twerk. His Twerking is the best thing you will see all day and it gives you a glimpse of what he is like in bed.
I will leave you with that image in your head.


Justin Bieber is afraid of himself!
February 20th, 2015 under Justin Bieber. [ Comments: none ]

Justin Bieber is The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and she decided to scare him by having a man dressed up as him do the deed. He got so scared, I am sure his white Calvins weren’t so white afterwards. If you know what I mean!


Justin Bieber gets egged!!!
February 17th, 2015 under Comedy Central, Justin Bieber. [ Comments: none ]

Comedy Central released the first promo for their Roast of Justin Bieber and it eggcellent. I am not even eggaggerating.
They took one of his most infamous reported incidents and turned it around him. Remember when he allegedly egged his neighbor’s house? Well, instead of egging the singer’s house, they egged him. He actually took it like a man. Which hopefully he will do on March 30th. If he any has problems with how to do that, then he can just ask his RoasterMaster for some advice. You know, the star of Think Like a Man, Kevin Hart.
I don’t know about you, but I am really eggcited for this Roast!


Justin Bieber is as happy as a kid in a candy store!
February 9th, 2015 under Justin Bieber. [ Comments: none ]

Twenty year old Justin Bieber walked in to a Victoria’s Secrets and he looks like Charlie when he found the final Golden Ticket. But then again to a boy of his age, a lingerie show is as exciting as being given $10 and told to go crazy at a candy store when you are 7.
And talking about Justin Bieber, you know who was also as happy as him today? Kevin Hart because it was announced today that he will be the Roastmaster at The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber on March 30th.


Justin Bieber found a new to get girls to scream!
February 6th, 2015 under Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber. [ Comments: none ]

Justin Bieber was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and she thought it would be fun if the two of them scared strangers. So they hid in the handicap stall in the ladies room to see how women would react to seeing them in there. Most of them screamed, and some of them screamed even louder when they realized their idol was right there in front of them.
Proving as loud as you scream when someone scares you, you scream even louder if you see finally get to meet someone you worship and idolize. Just hopefully when we the chance to meet said person, it is at a much better location like anywhere else.


Comedy Central is going to Roast Justin Bieber!!!
January 20th, 2015 under Comedy Central, Justin Bieber. [ Comments: 2 ]

James Franco, Charlie Sheen, David Hasselhoff, William Shatner, Roseanne Barr, Bob Saget and Flavor Flav have all survived it, and soon we will find out if Justin Bieber can do the same. The singer is going to get his own Roast on Comedy Central, and you know he is going to cry like a Baby Baby when it is done.
The Beebs confirmed the news by Tweeting, “For years I have wanted Comedy Central to roast me. They said only if I provided them w/ more material so for a year now I have worked hard.” Boy, did he work hard at it. There are Calvin Klein ads, the arrests, the bleached blonde hair, his skateboarding fails, the time he peed in a bucket in a restaurant kitchen, the time he egged his neighbor’s house, his ability to walk into glass doors, his Selfies and so on.
As of now, the only thing Comedy Central confirms is that they are Roasting the Beebs. When it will be and who will be there is yet to be determined. I am hoping they get Undateable’s Chris D’Elia to be the Roastmaster, but since Ryan Seacrest broke the news I think he will get the honor. I hope they fill the dais with past teen idols like Rick Springfield, Donny Osmond, Leif Garret, David Cassidy, John Stamos, Joe and/or Nick Jonas and and Scott Baio to name a few. You need an older dame and Cloris Leachman has proven she is up for the task. If not, maybe they can get Selena Gomez or Kim Kardashian? Who do you want to Roast him?


Is Justin Bieber helping or hurting his case?
January 14th, 2015 under Justin Bieber. [ Comments: 3 ]

Justin Bieber has a very toned body, but it is no David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. So when his ads for Calvins came out, everyone (including me) assumed they were photoshopped. He said they were not.
So today, he posted a photo on Instagram of himself wearing just a towel and said “Photoshop lol”. I personally don’t think this photo helps his case. To me it wasn’t his muscles that were questioned, it was his thickness that people were wondering about. This photo shows off his muscles, but to me it also shows off how tiny his body frame is.


Justin Bieber strangling Chris Brown?
December 15th, 2014 under Justin Bieber. [ Comments: none ]

Justin Bieber Instagrammed this photo of himself with his hand around Chris Brown’s neck and said, “Had fun with the homey @Chrisbrownofficial.” I have no comment because I think it speaks for itself. What do you have to say about it?


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