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Cinderella is the glass slipper to any home video collection!
September 14th, 2015 under DVD. [ Comments: none ]

We all grew up with the animated version of Cinderella, and now the legendary fairy tale comes to life. The Disney live action version of the classic story is just as beautiful as if it was drawn and you can own the DVD/Blu-ray combo pack now.
When I heard about this movie, I was upset with Disney for doing it. Then I watched it and I am thrilled that they did it. To see the Princess that many of us girls wanted to be when we were kids, look like you and me, it makes the fairy tale seem achievable. Plus, I don’t know how they did it, but they made it look like it was a living dream. And I am not only talking about Richard Madden who plays the Prince.
The movie starts off with a young happy Cinderella (Lily James) and her parents adoring their pride and joy. Then, her beautiful mother passes away and after her father marries her Wicked Stepmother (Cate Blanchett), he dies. Now, her evil stepmother is left nearly broke raising her two horrible daughters, Drisella (Sophie McShera) and Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Cinderella. While the sisters live the life they always led, Cinderella lives like a maid to her stepfamily. Her only friends are the animals that live in their house.
One day, she goes into the forest, she meets a man and they have an instant connection. Neither one tells the other one who they really are. Shortly afterwards, an invite goes out to all the women of the land to attend a ball to meet the Prince and maybe marry him. Cinderella’s stepmother tells her she can’t go, but doesn’t stop her. She makes her own dress and is destined to attend. Then when her horrendous stepfamily destroys her gown, she thinks her dream of going is over. After they leave, her Fairy Godmother (Helena Bonham Carter) comes to help her go to ball by magically giving her the most beautiful dress and transportation. Once she is there, she meets her Prince who is they Prince, but she needs to leave before midnight. When the clock strikes 12, she must return home because everything her Fairy Godmother gave her will disappear.
She leaves before telling her Prince Charming who she is and now he must find his mysterious love. Only problem is that her stepmother is doing everything to keep Cinderella hidden. Will he find the woman whose foot fits the glass slipper or is their love story shattered?
Cinderella is not exactly like the story we grew up with, and it is those little difference that makes this special movie even more special.
Lily James captures Cinderella’s essence. Blanchett is so reprehensible as the Wicked Stepmother, you can’t help but to despise the lovable actress. Together they make a wonderful movie even majestic.
What makes this DVD/Blu-ray combo even more majestic is the special features. The featurettes tell us they made the animated classic into a live action version that works, what it was like working with animals and how they made the ballroom scene seem like a dream come true. While most movies have an alternate ending, this one has an alternate beginning. For you Frozen fans, Frozen Fever is included for you to have yet another song from that movie stuck in your head.
So just like the glass slipper, Cinderella is the perfect fit for anyone’s home video collection.


Teen Beach 2 is the swellest!
June 29th, 2015 under DVD. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then you spent all weekend watching Teen Beach 2 on Disney. But today is Monday and it is no longer airing, so how do we twist our frowns upside down? We can buy the DVD that’s out now and watch it whenever we want over and over again. That’s what I did and you know want to too.
The sequel takes place three months after the first one ended and Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack (Maia Mitchell) are getting ready to go back to school. Brady is afraid that their summer romance will end when they get back to the normal lives. Mack convinces him that nothing will change between them, but it does. One night when they are talking on the beach she loses the necklace that Lela (Grace Phipps) gave her.
Meanwhile over on the island of Wet Side Story, Lela is feeling different about things, and she runs out to the beach. The gang follows her out there and she finds Mack’s necklace. She decides to take a swim in the ocean and maybe find Mack and Brady; and Tanner (Garrett Clayton) follows her. When the two of them stop swimming, they find themselves in Mack and Brady’s world.
Luckily, for Lela and Tanner, Mack and Brady are on the beach. Now Mack and Brady have to get their singing and dancing friends from a ’60s beach movie to assimilate in our world. That’s easier said than done because you can take the stars out of a movie, but you can’t take the movie away from the stars.
Only problem is that the longer Lela and Tanner stay in our world, their old one starts to disappear. Just as Lela decides she wants to stay, her friends from Wet Side Story try to get them to come back. What will they do? Will they say or will they go?
You will just have to buy this musical that is throwback to those enjoyable ’60s beach party movies to find out. Teen Beach 2 is that type of movie that the whole family can enjoy because it appeals to everyone. Not only because of the story, but also because of the addictive song and dance numbers. There is such an innocence to this movie, and it’s something we lost a long time ago. Teen Beach 2 makes me and it will make you wish there were a lot more movies like this one.
Since there isn’t, you will just have to buy this movie to watch it anytime you want back to the beach and back to that time.
Not only does the DVD include the movie, it also includes the cast talking about the song and dance numbers in it. If that’s not enough, it also comes with Lela’s necklace that will help take to Wet Side Story at any given time.
What are you waiting for? Buy it now! The more of us who do, the better the chances are that we will get a Teen Beach 3. After that surprise ending, I need Teen Beach 3!


The Boxtrolls needs you to take them home!
January 21st, 2015 under DVD. [ Comments: none ]

The Boxtrolls is available now as a Blu-ray 3D Combo pack and this is a must own for kids of all ages.
In 1805, there is a town called Cheesebridge and a little boy has gone missing. The Boxtrolls, who live under the city, are blamed for his disappearance. In fact, a rumor spreads that the trolls who wear boxes have been killing people and their little children too.
The Exterminator aka Snatcher vows to kill them all. When he does, he wants admittance into the very elite cheese council called the White Hats. They don’t want him in their club, but they also don’t want these Boxtolls in their city.
Ten years have passed, and that baby that was given to the Boxtrolls for his safety and was not murdered by them, is now a boy who doesn’t know he is a boy. One day, Eggs leaves his home and finds out how the people above ground feel about his family. Not only does he find out that they hate them all, he also finds out where Snatcher has been hiding them all.
Now Eggs, along with the help of the Mayor’s daughter Winnie, will try to change everyone’s opinions on the Boxtrolls and they will also try to save them all. Will they be able to do it?
You will just have to watch this enjoyable, heartwarming and thrilling stop motion movie to find out.
While that is the film, the Blu-ray comes with plenty of special features for us to enjoy and learn how this classic movie was made. They are: Voicing The Boxtrolls, Inside the Box, The Big Cheese: Allergy Snatcher, Deconstructing the Dance, Think Big: The Mecha Drill, The Nature of Creation, Trolls Right Off the Tongue, Allergic to Easy, Let’s Dance, On the Shoulders of Giants and Feature Commentary with Directors Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi.
What makes them so special is you get to see how the stars of this animated feature came alive. You also learn how they made them dance, got the Boxtrolls to retreat into their boxes; and how they made the Snatcher talk. On that note, you will hear how the people, who voiced the characters, came up with the voices they used for them.
When you watch The Boxtrolls, the animators made it look so simple. In reality, there were a lot of complex steps to make movie magic. To witness what those steps were is so incredible and interesting that all that The Boxtrolls has to offer will mesmerize any film fan.
So add The Boxtrolls to your collection now!


Freezer will leave you with a cold sweat!
January 27th, 2014 under DVD. [ Comments: none ]

Imagine if you are having dinner one night, go to the bathroom, then wake up in a walk-in freezer full of food, having no idea where you are and how you going to get out of there. That is what happens to Robert (Dylan McDermott) in the chilling movie Freezer.
Things started out normal for Robert, who was having a birthday dinner with his girlfriend, but that is the last thing he remembers before he wakes up in a walk-in freezer that is freezing cold. Shortly after he wakes up he is greeted by two Russian men who don’t speak English, so he doesn’t know what they want from him. Once they leave him alone, a phone rings and the person on the end is an officer. That cop says he is coming to rescue him, but he doesn’t know where he is. Turns out that phone belonged to his partner, who they presume was murdered by the Russians. While Robert is running around to stay warm, a hand suddenly grabs his leg. That arm belongs to that guy’s partner, Detective Sam Gurov (Peter Facinelli). He’s been shot and is nearly frozen. Robert will do anything to get them out, but there is no foreseeable way to do it.
The 2 Russian men have a female friend, Alisa (Yuliya Snigir), and she speaks English. She tells Robert that her boss wants his money and that the mechanic knows where it is. He has no idea what she is talking about, and when he doesn’t answer her questions, they turn the thermostat down and torture up.
Will Robert be able to figure out what they want from before he freezes to death? You just have to buy the Blu-ray Combo Pack that is out now or watch it on VOD to find out.
Frozen is full of so many surprises that just when you think you figured it out, there will be another twist that will leave you stunned. By the end of the movie you will be in a cold sweat because each reveal shocks you more and more.
I don’t remember the last time I watched a movie that I had no idea where it was going to go next, and I really loved that. I actually predicted the ending of The Sixth Sense at the beginning of the movie and I didn’t know how Freezer was going to end until it did. So why not buy a movie that is anything but predictable.
The benefits of buying the Blu-ray Combo pack is the special features. In exclusive interviews you find out what drew McDermott and Facinelli to the movie and how far they went to make it look as realistic as possible. Not many actors and crew would go to the extent that they did. And it is all worth it for this suspenseful movie that will leave your jaw on the floor until the credits stop rolling.


Lay back, relax and watch the first season of The Client List whenever you want!
February 26th, 2013 under DVD, Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

Crave a happy ending for your day, then run out and buy first season of The Client List on DVD today.
Riley (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is a happily married mother of two struggling to pay the bills, and her life is going to change when her husband decides to leave her. Now she has to support her family on her own, so her friend helps her get a job as a masseuse at massage parlor that offers their clientele more than just a massage. At first she says no, but then once she sees how much more money she can make, she says yes. Now she has to keep her secret from her mom (Cybill Shepard), her brother-in-law (Colin Egglesfield) and her best friend (Rebecca Field), who have been helping her adjust to her new life. And that is not going to be easy, but it is going to be hot to watch.
Besides getting the full first season on DVD, you also get plenty of deleted scenes and outtakes. Jennifer Love Hewitt is even cuter when she messes up.


Never grow up whenever you want with Peter Pan on Blu-ray!
February 5th, 2013 under DVD. [ Comments: none ]

Peter Pan is turning 60 and to celebrate the anniversary Disney is today releasing the Diamond Edition of the classic tale that made us never want to grow up. The Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack includes a Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy & Storybook App and so many special features for you and your whole family to enjoy over and over again.
Those extra are; Disney Intermission (new), Growing up with Nine Old Men (new), Disney View (new), Introduction by Diane Disney Miller (new), Deleted Songs & Scenes , You Can Fly: The Making of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell: A Fairy’s Tale, Disney Song Selections, Audio Commentary Hosted by Roy Disney, Music Videos & More!
So along with taking the remastered journey with Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael and Tinker Bell to Never Land, you hear how special the story was to the Walt Disney in his own voice. You will get to see who the inspiration was for Tinker Bell. You will get to meet the actual children of the people who worked on the film and find out what their parents were like. Listen to two songs that did not make the movie, along with some deleted scenes. But the most important one that didn’t make the movie was when Wendy and her brothers said goodbye to Peter Pan. This is an alternate ending that made the movie even more special. So it is features like these that make owning the Diamond Edition of Peter Pan mandatory for the kids in all of us and the kids that are still kids!
So don’t let this opportunity pass you by, own it today while you can because it is only available for a limited time.


Flight flies into our homes this Tuesday!
February 3rd, 2013 under DVD. [ Comments: none ]

Flight is flying to your televisions this Tuesday and you are going to want to own it so you can watch it on Blu-ray/DVD whenever you want.
Denzel Washington star as “Whip” Whitaker, a pilot with an imperfect life outside of the cockpit and a perfect within it. On a normal flight from Orlando to Atlanta something goes terribly wrong and by some miracle Whip actually stops the plane from a completely deadly crash. Since the plane crashed, the NTBS has to do an investigation and Whip has to hide the fact that he was drinking and doing cocaine before the flight even though it didn’t impair him from landing the plane as safely as he did. His friend and now union rep, Charlie Anderson (Bruce Greenwood) and attorney Hugh Lang (Don Cheadle) are trying to do everything they can to keep him out of jail, but Whip keeps working against them. As his trial date gets closer, Whip learns a lot about himself but is it too little too late? You will have to buy the Academy Award nominated movie on Tuesday to find out.
The Blu-ray comes with the special features: Origins of Flight, The Making of Flight, Anatomy of a Plane Crash, Q&A Highlights. With these special features you will hear the interesting story how John Gatins came up with the idea for the screenplay and how Denzel Washington and Robert Zemeckis got involved with the film. We also learn how they made it and some of the major constraints they had with recreating the flying and airport scenes. I have to honestly say the information in these extras made me appreciate the movie even more.


Extra, extra The Paperboy is yours to own now!
January 28th, 2013 under DVD. [ Comments: none ]

The Paperboy is out now on DVD and Blu-ray and you are going to want to own this movie. If you are like me, you want to see this film because you heard how Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron in it. Well you get that scene and so much more in this intriguing movie.
In the late ’60s a corrupt sheriff was killed in Miami and Hillary Van Wetter (John Cusack), an innocent man was convicted of his crime. His pen pal and now fiancee, Charlotte (Kidman) has taken his story to the Miami Times lead reporter Ward Jensen (Matthew McConaughey) and she is hoping he can get Hillary set free. Ward’s younger brother Jake (Zac Efron) is the Paperboy and he is also helping out with the report. During the long hot summer, unconventional Charlotte and innocent Jake will get very close and it will eventually be their undoing and everyone elses around them.
The Paperboy looks at racism, sexism and homosexuality in the late ’60s in a way that makes you appreciate how we are today. Director Lee Daniels perfectly captured the era with this movie.
The Blu-ray includes these special features: Free Digital Copy of the Film, Featurette, Director Interview, Cast and Crew Interview, Behind the Scenes. With these features we find out which actor was not Daniels’ first choice for the role they got, what drew the actors to do this movie and what it was like to make it. These features help you understand the movie even more when you find out where everyone was coming from when they made it.


You will love Love Me
January 21st, 2013 under DVD. [ Comments: none ]

Sylvia Potter (Lindsey Shaw) is looking for love in Love Me and she is going to find it when Lucas Green (Jamie Johnston) transfers to her high school. Only problem is his ex-girlfriend, Melissa went missing and everyone thinks he is the one who did it including all of her friends. Will she listen to them or will she stay with the man that she loves?
As the movie goes we get more information about what happened to Melissa and it looks more and more like he is the one who made her disappear. Did he? You will have to tune into suspenseful young love story to find out. So buy the Blu-ray or DVD for Love Me that is out now.
And you will want to check out the two featurettes, Behind the Scenes and Stories from the Set, that come with it. You will see the young cast have fun in between takes and find out what they think of each other and their characters.


All I Want for Christmas is the movie you will want to see all year round!
November 1st, 2012 under DVD. [ Comments: none ]

It is the day after Halloween, so now it is time to start getting ready for Christmas. And what is one of the best ways to do that? Watching a movie that will get you into the Holiday Spirit. Well today on Video On Demand you can rent the future holiday classic All I Want is Christmas and after you watch it you will wish that tomorrow is December 25th not that it is almost 2 months away!
Ira Finkelstein (Elijah Nelson) lives in Malibu with his parents and all he wants for Christmas is to have a white one. Only problems are, is that it doesn’t snow in California and he is Jewish.
It is a few days before X-Mas and Ira’s parents said they will take him away on family trip to where it snows. But then Ira’s mom (Angela DiMarco) gets a holiday party planning job for a celebrity and his dad (David DeLuise) convinces the star to be in his movie and they have to shoot immediately. That means their Chanukah trip is off and Ira is now going to go to spend the time with his grandparents, who haven’t seen him in years, in Florida instead. That is so not what he wants to do.
Well after his parents drop him off at the airport he meets Mikey (Justin Howell), a boy who is going to visit his cousins in Christmastown, Wa and like Ira he hasn’t seen them in years. Mikey wants to go somewhere that is warm, so Ira comes up with a plan that they switch places. So now Mikey is going to Florida and Ira is off to Washington.
Will the two boys get want they truly want Christmas? Will their plan work or will they get caught? Will they have a nice Christmas? You will have to watch this movie that is sweeter than Sugar Plums and Chanukah Gilt!
Seriously All I Want is Christmas is such an enjoyable film that you will want to watch it over and over again. I can’t remember the last time I saw movie as feel good as this one and isn’t that what this season is all about?


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