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Wicked Tuna is a winning catch tonight!
February 15th, 2015 under National Geographic. [ Comments: none ]

Wicked Tuna is back swimming with the fishes tonight at 9p on the National Geographic Channel and this season is shaping to be the best one yet.
It is a new season, so the fisherman of Gloucester, Massachusetts are all starting at zero. Just because a team finished first last year, doesn’t mean they will catch the most tuna by the end of the day, let alone the season. In fact, expect the unexpected because the tuna is biting, but not everyone is catching. One boat will bring in, not one, not two, but three huge tunas by the end of the first day. Will anyone else come close?
These men are all fighting to be #1, and some of the competitors are fighting amongst each other. The pressure is on all of them and the tension is stronger than ever. Will their anger get the best of them and sink their season? Will they be able to use it to catch more tuna?
And most importantly, how many tuna will the catch by the end of the season and how much money will they bring in? We will have to tune in to this exciting reality show every week to find out.


Wicked Tuna goes down, down South that is!
August 17th, 2014 under National Geographic. [ Comments: none ]

This past winter was not really conducive for Tuna Fishing, so are boys from the Massachusetts are going down to the Outerbanks of North Carolina tonight at 10p on NatGeo.
Wicked Tuna: North vs South shows what happens when our tough competitors meet equally tough competitors who have just as much is on the line. What makes it even tougher, there is a quota and once it’s reached, it is game over.
How will the Northerners do in the South, you will just have to tune in each week to find out.


Brain Games shows you if you are compassionate!
July 14th, 2014 under National Geographic. [ Comments: none ]

Have you ever wondered if you are compassionate? Well tonight at 9p on NatGeo’s Brain Games, you will take part in several tests that will give you that answer.
The show starts out asking if you can see the demons or the angels in a picture and it goes on from there. Throughout the episode, they will ask you questions that show if you have tendencies that lead more to compassion or to being a psychopath. Being compassionate starts when you are just a baby, and they will show you a test done to infants to see just how early the trait starts. My favorite test is done towards the end. Several people are put in a room, given 3 levels of hot sauce and asked to pour one of them on a plate for a stranger to eat. At first they all go with mild. Then they have that “stranger” rudely bump into the test subject and again they are asked pick a hot sauce. All of them go with Death. But is there a way to make them choose a different one? There is and you have to see how they do it.
You are never to old to learn and Brain Games actually teaches you something you can use. So make sure to check it out every Monday and see what lesson you will be taught.


Will the fish finally come out for the season finale of Wicked Tuna?
June 8th, 2014 under National Geographic. [ Comments: none ]

It is the season finale of Wicked Tuna tonight at 9p on the National Geographic Channel and you don’t want to miss the thrilling conclusion.
All season long, the tuna have not been biting. But for the final stretch of the competition they come to play. One by one our fisherman catch a big fat expensive bluefin tuna and they rake in the cash. But is it enough to change the leaderboard? You just have to tune in to this suspenseful episode to find out.


The Numbers Game explains things and The Safecrackers open things!
March 24th, 2014 under National Geographic, TNT/TBS/TCM. [ Comments: none ]

The Numbers Game debuts on Nat Geo TV tonight at 9:30p and you don’t want to miss the show that will blow you away.
Tonight’s episode is what makes a hero? Did you know that someone who volunteers an hour a week is more likely to help someone in need than someone who doesn’t? If a person fell at a restaurant which patron would help them first, someone dining solo or in a group? Then next week they look in to why we can so easily be suckered. It is a little tips that you will get from this episode that will help you not get suckered again.
I like a show that makes learning fun and that is exactly what The Numbers Game does every week on Nat Geo at 9:30p. And if you want science to be fun, then watch None of the Above at 9p.

Then at 10p turn the dial over the TruTV for The Safecrackers. Phil Crawford, one of America’s leading safecrackers, and his best buddy, Blaze, travel the country and open safes and the likes that haven’t been opened in decades. You never know what is inside one until you open it. Will it be gold, money or smoking pipes? You will just have to tune into find out.


NatGeo goes live the International Space Station tonight!
March 14th, 2014 under National Geographic. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p EST/5p PST National Geographic goes where it has never gone before, it is going Live From Space via the International Space Station.
For two hours will be given a tour of ISS from the astronauts (Flight Engineers US’s Rick Mastracchio and Japan’s Koichi Wakata) who currently call the place home and learn what they do in Space. We will also see Planet Earth from their vantage point. This is an unprecedented look of what it is like to be up there and what happens when you travel outside of our planet.
No matter how much you care about Space, this is a must watch special because this is not a place we get such an in-depth look at very often. So let NatGeo beam you up tonight at 8p and see what we look like from all the way up there.


Cosmos is out of this world!
March 9th, 2014 under Family Guy, National Geographic. [ Comments: none ]

Remember when you were little kid in school; and you learned about the planets in Science and you got all excited? Well that is the feeling you will get watching Cosmos on Fox and Nat Geo tonight and every Sunday at 9p. The 13 part series updates the 1980 Emmy winning PBS series that was hosted by Carl Sagan. Now nearly 35 years later we know so much more about worlds that aren’t our own and our own world, and Neil deGrasse Tyson will educate us something we have forgotten but want to remember.
So sit back and feel like a kid again and if you are kid enjoy learning again via Cosmos.


Wicked Tuna is wicked delicious!
February 16th, 2014 under National Geographic. [ Comments: none ]

We love our tuna fish sandwiches and spicy tuna rolls, and tonight at 9p on National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna you will see how they catch the fish we love to eat.
In Gloucester, Ma several fisherman compete in a challenge to see who could catch the most and largest tunas. Sounds like it would be easy, but you will see how difficult it really is on the show. Each boat has their own technique to catch their prize and each one will work. Once they capture their tuna and weigh it, it is now time to bring it in to see how much it is worth per pound. If they get a really good catch, it is worth up to $20,000. So now you understand why they do this every day.
Wicked Tuna shows how competitive the world of fishing for tuna is, and who knew that is this way? You will enjoy watching just how competitive these fishermen get and they are wicked competitive.


Fall in love with Brain Games tonight
February 10th, 2014 under National Geographic. [ Comments: 1 ]

Valentine’s Day is coming up on Friday and tonight at 9:30p on Nat Geo, Brain Games looks into love and attraction.
Brain Games is an interesting show that shows us how our brains can manipulate what we see and hear. Tonight we learn why we see certain people as more attractive than others and how to tell who really is a couple.
The show starts off by asking us to rank 5 people of one sex by attractiveness and then do the same with the opposite sex. Once that is done, you will find out why most people feel the same way as you do. The show also does a test to see what body type we are attracted to and you find out why.
Then we will see 4 couples where only one of them is actually married and the other 3 are actors. We will have to determine which is the real one. After you make your guess, the truth will be revealed and we will find out how to tell if a couple really is one. It is actually really cool what happens to couples the longer they stay together.
On that note, the next test is to figure out which couple is the closest to being on the same wavelength. Will it be the one on a blind date, the newlyweds who have been married for a year or the ones who’ve been married for 25 years. The answer will surprised you.
Just like the rest of the show that really makes you think about all your brain really does and how alike we all are because of that fact.


Killing Kennedy is a masterpiece!
November 10th, 2013 under Aaron/Candy/Tori Spelling, National Geographic. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 10p Killing Kennedy debuts on the National Geographic channel and you don’t want to miss this incredible two hour docudrama.
Killing Kennedy starts off during the last few months of 1969. During that time, John F Kennedy (Rob Lowe) wins his party’s vote to run for the President of the United States. Meanwhile at that same time Lee Harvey Oswald (Will Rothhaar) is renouncing his US citizenship and defecting to Russia. For the next 4 years their lives will go in different paths, but on November 22, 1963 their paths will collide and neither one of them will live to see December 1963.
What happens in those four years before they die is told in such a way that you will be glued to your television sets like people were almost 50 years ago to the day. You will learn the possible motive Oswald had for shooting President Kennedy and how this shooting could’ve possibly been stopped if more people had paid attention to the warning signs.
It isn’t only about these two men, it is also about the women that stood by their sides until that fateful day. Jacqueline Kennedy (Ginnifer Goodwin) is the supporting wife, who stands by her husband’s side and the man she loves is the most powerful man in the world. Marina Oswald (Michelle Trachtenberg) is a woman who lives in Russia, meets, and marries the wrong man. When he decides he wants to return to America, she is forced to leave her life behind to be with the man she married. She is alone America and stays with her husband because she is rightfully afraid of him. Something that is very evident one day in late November 1963.
While most movies that cover the Kennedy Assassination, only cover JFK’s story and/or the days leading up to and following his death. This telemovie covers the years leading up to his murder and the days following his last breath. Because of that, it is a different take on a story we know so well. I was so amazed by how intriguing this movie was that I could barely blink because I didn’t even want to miss a split second of it. Plus it will amaze you how perfectly Rob Lowe captures John F Kennedy’s essence, you will forget that is Lowe playing him and think that one of our greatest Presidents has come back to life. When it comes to Rothhaar, he was the bad man you loved on Last Resort, but in this role he makes you hate him as Oswald should be hated.
If you have any interest of what happened to JFK on November 22, 1963, then you must watch Killing Kennedy tonight. I am promise you will not be disappointed.


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