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Heartbreakers will steal your heart tonight!
August 13th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Heartbreakers debuts on Investigation Discovery tonight at 10p and you don’t want to miss this real life reenactment show with professional actors.
That’s right. Some of our teenage heartthrobs like Jack Wagner, Tracey Gold and Judd Nelson are going to recreate real life love stories that have gone wrong, deadly wrong.
Tonight on the season premiere, Tracey Gold plays high school secretary Laura Nugent, who attracts not one but two married men at the school. The first man whose heart she captures is Principal Hurley Fontenot (Christopher Knight) and they have a 2 year long love affair. But when Billy Mac Fleming (Antonio Sabato, Jr) comes to town as the new football coach, he scores a touchdown with her. She dumps Fontenot and he can’t handle it. His anger gets the best of him and one day he confronts his ex’s lover, and that lover is never seen alive again. Did he do it?
Next week, we see Jack Wagner, Jamie Luner and Rob Estes be involved in an ungodly love triangle. Then the week after that Judd Nelson and Nicole Eggert have a torrid love affair that ends with death they do part.
Heartbreakers is great cheesy TV that everyone will love. We love reenactment shows, we love these actors, so the two of them together gives us one awesomely bad show that you are going to love to enjoy each week.
I mean come on, its like we are getting one of those movies of the week every week, but it only takes an hour to tell the story. It is a total wham, bam that will leave you saying, thank you mam!
So tune in tonight and every Wednesday night at 10p for a show you are going to love more than you thought you ever could!


Super Glue sends a man to the ER and it’s time for a Naked wedding!
July 19th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 10p on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER, a man accidentally picks up the wrong tube from the drawer and he’s sent to the ER. He reached for the lube and grabbed some Super Glue instead. So now he’s giving himself a motionless hand job. To make matters worse, his wife and him have to be at a party for her parents in a few hours and she doesn’t want to be late. Will he have both hands free by the time of the party or will he be doing a one-handed clap to celebrate.
Then, a man and wife play dress up but an excruciating pain in her stomach sends them to the hospital. When doctors discover what’s causing the pain, it will improve their sex life forever.
Finally, a man and his girlfriend have sex, but he has a mind numbing headache when they are done. He’s think he’s having a stroke, but is that what’s happening. You’ll just have to watch to see what the real problem is.
Sadly, tonight is the summer finale for this show. So instead of thinking of this as breaking up, just think of it as taking a break until September when the show returns with much hotter and steamier episodes. Until then remember the lessons this show has taught you so far, be careful having sex outside and be careful when you place those toys!

Then at 11p on Buying Naked, Jackie has to try to sell a house to couple. The guy tells her that if they find the right one, he’s going to propose. So she knows she has her work cut out for her because who doesn’t want to see couple that’s meant to be with each other get engaged.
While Jackie is selling houses, Alex is dealing with a film crew that has come on to the community to shoot an ad for Jackie’s business. How will they handle seeing all of these naked people around them. Let’s say it is shock to their system.
Finally at 11:30p, the couple from the last episode are getting married and Jackie is helping out. The wedding planner didn’t fully understand that this was a nude wedding and she’s having issues with it all. Will she be able to get over them in order to make this a special day for the couple. Oh and yes the bride is nude, but she does wear something. Did you know there are stores that specializes in clothes for nudists.
On that note, there are mixed couples in the nudist world. So how do you sell a house to a textile and a nudist couple? Wait until you see the solution with hybrid communities. But is it enough to make both people in the relationship happy?
Finally, make sure to keep your eye out for one of the best/worst cover up in the show’s run so far. See if you can guess which instance I am taking about?


Sex Sent Me to the ER and Buying Naked are full of surprises!
July 12th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Sex Sent Me to the ER moves to 10p and you don’t want to miss this episode.
A woman comes into the ER complaining about stomach pains. When the doctor runs some tests, he finds out she is pregnant. What’s the big deal? She is in a monogamous relationship with a woman who is by her side. So how did she get pregnant? You have to tune in to find and to see the other surprise news she gets from the doctor.
Then another couple decides to experiment with a sex toy. Things are going along fabulously, until his mother walks in and the toy gets stuck. How will they get out of this situation? And can they get the toy out or will it be stuck in her forever?
Finally, a woman gave birth to a baby a year beforehand and since then she has had a lot of allergies and a lack of sexual desire. But now that she is feeling better, she decides to have sex again with her husband. After they do it she feels weird. She doesn’t think much about it, until they next time when they try it again. This time, she passes out and bumps her head really hard. She is rushed to hospital, and doctors are baffled by what’s making her sick. You’ll never believe what she is allergic to now. All I will say is seeing is believing.
Once again, Sex Sent Me has taught me that sex toys are bad; and so much more.

Then at 11 and 11:30p, it’s time for Buying Naked.
In the first episode, the Nudists decide to go to a bowling alley and show off their bowling balls. Only thing is no one told the Textiles that they were coming. How will the clothed react to it? Will Jackie get a new client from the outing?
It isn’t all about play, it is also about work. It’s time for Chandler to get his real estate license, and Jackie isn’t sure he is ready for it. What happens next is something you will never see coming and it might cost him his job. Is the last we have seen of him? I hope not because I’d buy a house from him.
Then at 11:30p, Jackie and the boys go to West Virginia to look for some potential buyers up there. I mean, why would a Nudist want to spend time in chilly West Virginia, if they can spend in warm Florida all the time. Right?
Now, I said Jackie and the boys went, I didn’t say anything about Alex. She stayed behind to show a house to some potential buyers. They all go to the pool and the couple tries to convince her to go nude with them. Will she do it? Then after they get some sun, it is time to see the house. When she goes to show them the beautiful backyard, she finds out someone is already there. Well that someone is an alligator. What will they do? Will she lose the sale? Will she get a new pair shoes out of it? You just have to watch the show to find out.
And I have come up with a drinking game for this show. Every time they come up with a creative way to hide a Nudist’s body part, drink. You’ll be drunk by the second episode.


You’ll be hooked on Beasts of the Bayou
July 10th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then you love watching horror movies about the creatures that reside in the Louisiana swamps. Well tonight at 10p on Discovery, those movies come to life in Beasts of the Bayou.
Each week, Captain Blimp Cheramie, his first mate, Eric, and his nephew, Nathan, will go looking for the creatures we have only heard about and find out if they really do exist. They will travel the waters of the Bayou looking for them, and even put themselves done in it to find these elusive fish. Will they discover that the Altamaha-ha aka Altie, the Alligator Gar Fish and/or Parlangua are real and not just a work of fiction? While they try to find them, another team of scientists will try to prove the rationale explanation for these mythical creatures.
What these two teams find throughout the season, will make you re-examine those horror movies because there is always truth in fiction. And seeing what the real versions of these beasts look like will make you never want to go for a swim in Louisiana. At least I know I don’t.
That is how impactful this series is. Plus, it helps that unlike most reality shows like this one, Blimp and his men are so much fun to watch. So it’s like you are getting two shows for the price of one. A comedy one and a horror one, and who doesn’t need that on a warm humid summer night?


Sex Sent Me to the ER and Buying Naked steam up our TVs tonight!
July 5th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER, a soon-to-be-divorced woman gets physical with her personal trainer and finds herself going to ER because she thinks she’s having a heart attack. Things get ever worse for her when her estranged husband shows up and doctors are complexed by what’s causing her chest pains. Another woman and her husband, decide take their love to the road and find themselves going to the ER when she has a severe pain down there. Her husband’s special present is the cause of the pain and you’ll never believe what that gift was. Finally, a couple are moving out of their place and decide to do it one more time. While down on the floor, the man has a sudden unexplained sharp pain in his knee. Doctors are shocked when they find out what is causing the pain.
Wait until you find out what caused all these couple to go from bedroom to the hospital bed.

Then at 10p, it’s time for a double dose of Buying Naked.
In the first half hour, Jackie wants her new associate, Alex, to feel more comfortable with the residents of the nudist communities, so she makes her attend Skinny Dipping Sunday. That is a day where the textiles and the nudists get together and go swimming. Alex brings her friends with her and by the end of the day most of them find themselves swapping their bathing suits for their birthday ones. While the girls are having fun in Texas, the boys are trying to sell a house in Florida. One of them will have his own fun when he tries a bidet for the first time. Will that lesson, help him sell the house? You just have to tune in to get a lesson on a how selling a house to a nudist differs than a house to a clothed person.
Then at 10:30p, Alex tries naked Yoga, while the guys try golf with some of the nudists. Let’s just say they see more golf clubs and balls then they were expecting. How will they handle it?
But it isn’t all about having fun, they do have to do some work. Jackie is showing some houses to a perspective buyer, but she isn’t sold the community. That is until Jackie takes her to a Best Butt Party. What that is, you will just have to watch to see. That and to see a lot of people with great bodies go completely nude!
What more do you need to make your Saturday nights hot than Sex Sent Me to the ER and Buying Naked? I can’t think of anything.


Buying Naked is real estate you want to check out on TLC!
June 28th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Buying Naked moves into TLC tonight at 10p and you don’t want to miss this open house unlike any you have ever seen before!
Jackie Youngblood is one of the biggest realtors in Pasco County, Fla and her business has grown so much that she needs to hire another real estate agent. Why would that be hard? Because you get to see when your male clients are hard. That’s because Youngblood specializes in Nudist Communities. So you have to find someone who is OK with see nude people all around them. Let’s be honest, most of us are not comfortable with that.
Jackie gets lucky when she finds Alex, and she brings her on to her staff. Tonight on the show we will see her first day on the job and all of inhibitions will be lost before she knows it. Granted there will be plenty of giggling before she gets to that point. Can you blame her?
The episode is not only about Alex, it is also about a party that Jackie decides to throw to get the Nudits and Textiles (that’s what us clothed people are called) together. At first it’s like a school dance, where those with clothes are on one side and those without them on the other. Then Youngblood comes up with some interesting games for them to play and they work are bringing them closer, a whole lot closer. I won’t tell you what they are because you just have to see it for yourself.
And on that note, I think I saw more naked butts in this one episode than I have in my whole life. That is a lot of bums! And yes, many of them were worth checking out!


Putting a ring on ‘it’ sent a man to the ER!
May 31st, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Sex Sent Me to the ER has some important lessons tonight at 9p on TLC and you don’t want to miss them.
A man shows up to the ER with an obstruction down there and the doctor can’t believe what he sees when the patient lifts his gown. The guy’s royal jewels are swollen because he has a steel ring around them all that just won’t come off. So the doctor tells him they have to get the ring off of them ASAP or he will lose his most prized possessions. The doctor tries a ring cutter, but it doesn’t even leave a scratch. No matter what he tries, nothing seems to work. So there is one last thing he can try, but will it work? You just have to tune in to see what comes off first, the jewelry or his jewels.
Another couple has smashing sex that sends them to the ER. Well not the smashing way they wanted because in the heat of passion, he stands up, passes out and falls backwards on to a glass table. Is he OK and what caused him to pass out?
Finally the last couple learns something else you should not do while operating heavy machinery and that is have sex in it. The husband is a construction worker about to get off of work, when his wife shows up. Since everyone has left for the day, he invites her to come up into the backhoe so that they can have sex. His plan is working out great for them until she touches the wrong gear shift. A sudden thrust from the tractor, causes the heavy door to close on his wrist and his wife to smash her head against the window. As soon as she comes to, they rush to the hospital. How will they explain what happened, especially after someone from his Church winds up being his doctor.
So tonight’s most important lesson, is that if you are going to put a ring on it, make sure to only put it on the finger and not on the balls and stick. Although you’d think they would’ve already learned that lesson from my favorite Rescue Me episode Inches.


See the hottest sex that sends a couple to the ER tonight!
May 17th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p, it is time for another episode of Sex Sent Me to the ER on TLC and it is on fire. That’s because when a couple are doing it at July 4th bonfire, the man gets so into the love making that he doesn’t realize his foot is in the fire. Not wanting to his lover what is happening, he leaves her on the beach and begs his friend to take him to the ER. It is there he finds out his burn is really bad. But the pain might be no where as bad as when he finds out the love of his life is mad that he just left there. Will she forgive him?
Another couple, who are in college, spend the day at her mother’s house with her mom, but they want some alone time. So they tell her they are going for the ice cream and then look for a place to have sex. They find a rural area to do it and then all of a sudden, she feels a pain in her foot. Eventually her boyfriend looks down and sees that she is bleeding. They put their sex on hold to go to the ER. Once they are there, they find out she was bitten by something, but what and will it kill her? You just have to watch to find out.
Finally a husband and wife come into the ER saying he has an obstruction, but they won’t say what it is. All they can find out is the man is buzzing and the sound is coming from his a$$. What is going on? You just have to tune in to find out.
So tonight’s lesson from Sex Sent Me to the ER, is fire and sex don’t go together, don’t have whoopie in nature and finally be careful where you put your vibrating sex toys! And because of all of that, I don’t think I will be having sex tonight. Instead I will be watching Sex Sent Me to the ER, it is a lot safer!


Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!
May 9th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Tomorrow night’s Sex Sent Me to the ER at 9p on TLC is so hot, it’s literally on flames.
A man does a striptease for his wife in the dark, but when he stops making noise she uses her lighter to see what’s going on. Then the room quickly lights up because his balls are on fire. And he does what any man would do in that situation, runs screaming into the bathroom to put them out. When his wife finally reaches him, she smells then sees what she did her husband whose blue balls are now black.
To find out how the couple explained what happened to the doctors at the ER, you will just have to tune in.


Sex Sent Me to ER teaches us sex toys are not for going public!
May 3rd, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER, the show reinforces why we should never ever have sex in the shower.
A couple decide to have a quickie in a shower, but when she slips, they go down and her, you know, won’t stop bleeding. So they wind up going to the hospital and what happens next is so embarrassing, she will never have sex in an unusual place again.
Another couple comes back from their honeymoon and rush to ER because he has a temperature of 104. Doctors give him portable intravenous antibiotics and tell him he can’t have sex for 6 weeks. Since they are newlyweds, they don’t listen to the doctors and back to the ER they go.
The final couple are young and up for some fun. She decided to buy some remote controlled vibrating underwear and gives her boyfriend the remote control. They decide to take fun out of the bedroom and out to the supermarket. Whenever she least expects it, her underwear goes off. The excitement eventually is too much for her and she falls and bangs her head. The couple rush off to the hospital, forgetting what she is wearing. That is until the button gets stuck while they are in the hospital. How will they get out of this one?
The moral of that story is it is OK to shop for sex toys, but it is not OK to shop with a sex toy!
Need something exciting to do on a Saturday night, Sex Sent Me to the ER is a free safe way to spend it!


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