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A pain down there from sex sends 3 people to the ER!
November 22nd, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Sex is all fun and games until someone gets hurt down there. Then it is time for Sex Sent Me to the ER on TLC at 10p.
A body builder and his girlfriend haven’t had sex for a week because he is preparing for a competition. After he wins the title, they decide to have hot steamy sex right then and there! Part of looking good for the competition is oiling up; and they are so horny, he doesn’t stop to shower. As we all know oil is slippery. While going at it, she slips and hurts herself down there. Now instead of celebrating with their friends, they are all taking a trip to the hospital. So what is causing the pain down there?
A man returns home from being stationed overseas and his girlfriend and him can’t wait to do it. After 8 hours of vigorous sex, nothing is coming out of him. Thinking it is just exhaustion, they decide to go to sleep. The next morning it happens again and the pain is unbearable. So what is causing him not to release? Yes, it can happen boys!
Finally, a couple comes into the ER and the wife can’t even walk because she is in so much pain down there. Not only is she is pain, she feels like she is literally on fire. As the nurse tries to find out what is going on, her conservative sister and her brother in law come in. Now the original couple won’t talk. What doesn’t she want her sister to know? What is causing her burning love?
Tonight’s lesson from Sex Sent Me to the ER, is don’t be embarrassed to tell the nurses and doctors that you were having sex because it only delays the help you desperately need. And no one wants to be in pain in their privates more than they have to be.


Franco & Rogen get Naked & Afraid on the same night as Eaten Alive!!!
November 19th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Discovery announced today that the Naked & Afraid episode with James Franco and Seth Rogen is going to air on the same night a man is Eaten Alive by a snake. So on December 7th at 8p, we will look out for Franco and Rogen’s trouser snakes and then at 9p we will watch a man poop in his trousers as he gets eaten by an anaconda! Sounds like excellent programming to me.
If I were all the other networks, I would cancel any original programming that they have planned for that night because all anyone will be watching is these two shows. I know, I will be glued to my TV watching Discovery that Sunday night! Who wants to live Tweet with me and the rest of the World Wide Web when it happens?
BTW if those two shows are not enough for you, then at 11:15p Discovery will air “an even raunchier, uncensored cut” of the show. How mega is all of that? Mega enough to start of the channel’s Mega Week!!! Mega wow!


Sex at a cemetery has grave consequences!
November 15th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight’s Sex Sent Me to the ER on TLC at 10p leaves a guy sex feet under.
It’s Halloween and a woman wants to have sex with her boyfriend at a cemetery. At first, he is doesn’t want to because he doesn’t want to upset the spirits, but eventually he gives in. Things start off great; but when she decides to switch positions, she accidentally pushes her lover into an open grave. He landed on a coffin and badly hurt his arm. So bad, he can’t get himself out of there. How will he eventually get out of this predicament?
A young healthy well-endowed male model comes into the hospital with cardiac problems after having sex with another model. All his tests come out normal, until he sleeps with his co-star again in the hospital bed and he is left near death. So what causes him to pass out when he is having sex?
Finally, a rocker has the best sex of his life with his bandmate. It was so mind blowing, that the two of them fall deep asleep on the couch. He accidentally rolls off and hits his chin against the table. They think that is his worst injury until he stands up. It is then that they notice, one of his testicle is the size of an orange. Will the doctors be able to save his testicle?
So the morale of tonight’s show, don’t have sex in a cemetery by an open grave unless you want to stay there permanently.
Seriously, I can’t get enough of this show. It gets better and better every week. I think, in ways, I am more excited for this show than I am for the first word in the title of the show.


Discovery wants you to know the snake survived Eaten Alive
November 12th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Last week people were shocked, horrified, curious and excited when they heard that Discovery is airing a show called Eaten Alive during Mega Week. The special that airs on December 7th features Paul Rosolie being eaten by a snake. The explorer explained why he is doing it, “I’ve seen first-hand how the Amazon Rainforest is being destroyed. It is so rampant that we may be the last generation with the opportunity to save it. People need to wake up to what is going on. What better way is there to shock people than to put my life on the line with the largest snake on the planet, the Green Anaconda?” It will be interesting to see if that is what people are going to take away from the show. I know, I will be taking away the fact that a guy was actually eaten by a snake.
The other thing people are wondering about the show, is does the anaconda survive? Discovery concluded their press release today by saying, “Both Paul Rosolie and the Giant Green Anaconda are healthy and alive.” Is it wrong for me to say as a woman I am kind of bummed? Imagine all the belts, purses and shoes that reptile could’ve made. Joking, I have never been into snake skin or snakes to be honest.
Finally, I wonder if when the snake was done eating Rosolie, he said, “Tastes like chicken!”


A Scrotum that won’t stop growing sends a man to the ER!
November 8th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

It takes balls to have your story told on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER and tonight at 10p the guy with the biggest balls the show has ever seen will have his story told.
It’s a quiet night in the ER until a man comes in asking only to a see a male doctor. When the doctor walks into the room, the injured guy pulls down his pants and reveals that his scrotum is black and the size of a softball. The guy and his wife won’t say what happened even after his mistress walks into the room. At this point, his scrotum is now the size of a cantaloupe, then a volleyball and it won’t stop growing. The only solution is surgery or he will his lose his cajones, but he doesn’t want it. So what caused him to have the biggest balls on the show yet, you just have to see it to believe it.
Then there is the husband, who sucks at buying his wife birthday presents, until now. She is taking an exercise class that uses a stripper’s pole, so he decides to buy her one. He thinks he can set up on his own, but he was mistaken. When the two of them are having sex on it, it falls over taking his wife with it. Her head is killing her and so is her lower abdominal region, so they agree she needs to go to the ER. How badly did she injure herself? And you will be shocked when a doctor confuses the situation for something else.
Then there is the magician who uses his tricks to land the perfect woman, but she pulls a rabbit out of her hat that leaves him speechless. You see, she throws Tantra sex parties and promises to give him an all-day orgasm. What man won’t jump at that offer? He did and he couldn’t handle it. See what happened that sent him to ER!
Even though Sex Sent Me to the ER teaches us Tantra sex is bad, you have to think of it as it is teaching us what not to do so that we won’t land in the hospital like the people on the show. See the show is educational, and who doesn’t want to be schooled in sex?


A man will be Eaten Alive by a snake on Discovery
November 5th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: 2 ]

via Inside TV
On December 7th, Paul Rosolie will be Eaten Alive by an anaconda during Discovery’s Mega Week. He will wear a “custom-built snake-proof suit” covered in pig’s blood so that he can enter the belly of the beast. While the promos are all about him getting into the reptile, nothing says how and if he will get out. Now that is what I more interested in.
That and when did Discovery turn into Syfy? This seems more right about their alley, don’t you agree?


There goes Honey Boo Boo
October 24th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

TLC announced today that they have cancelled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo effective immediately, just days after it was rumored that Mama June is dating a man who went to jail for molesting one of her family members. Something Mama June denied on her Facebook. She also confirmed that she’s not dating him in the above video message where she also thanked her family’s fans.
Her sincere words breaks my heart that the show was cancelled because you can tell that they loved doing it as much as we enjoyed watching it. But I know they will be fine because she was responsible with the money they earned from the show.

UPDATE: The man, who Mama June is reportedly dating, went to jail for forcing her oldest daughter to give him oral sex when she was just 8 years old according to TMZ. I have lost all respect for her for even talking to him. He ruined your child, you’d think she want him dead not as a friend or something more.


If Mama June and Sugar Bear can’t make it…
September 19th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Today is a sad day for love because Mama June and Sugar Bear have split. According to TMZ Mama June thinks that Sugar Bear has been cheating on her because she found his online profile on several dating sites.
The mother of 5 will reportedly take the children and move closer to her family. What this all means for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, only a new season will tell.
Honey Boo Boo’s parents released a statement saying that are they are taking it day by day, so hopefully there’s a chance they will reconcile. If they do, then all will once again be right in the world of love.


Hear the one about a Democrat & Republican left stranded on an Island?
September 11th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Discovery might have just created the greatest reality show that has ever happened to television. They are sending two US Senators to an Island and leaving them there. What’s the big deal about that? Sen. Jeff Flake is a Conservative Republican from Arizona and Sen. Martin Heinrich is a Liberal from his neighboring state New Mexico. Anyone who has lived in the US for the last decade knows that these two parties don’t get along and are fighting all the time. Instead of voting for the people, they are voting for their beliefs and that is really hurting the country.
OK, I will move on from my distaste of politics and marvel the concept of Rival Survival. Although, I am not sure one or both of them will survive the Island. It will kind of be like Lost again where none of them survived, or did they?
OK, I will move on from my distaste of Lost. Discovery is stranding a Republican and Democrat on an Island. For six days and six nights they will have to put their differences aside if they want to survive the week. Can they do it? Will they learn to compromise? Will they make it to six days or will one of the abort the mission? (See what I did there?)
We will have to tune in on October 29th to find out and to watch the most ingenious reality show concept ever.
And if it works, I say send all of them over there until they find a common ground and let’s get the three Branches of our Government back on track and make them one beautiful tree. And let’s hope that they don’t bill the American people for their free vacation on Island. Which you know they will because that is just how they work.
Seriously, my hat is off to Discovery because this is the most brilliant thing to happen to television, since, I don’t know when.
Finally, I wonder if C-SPAN will air the live feed of their journey? How hot would that be? Hotter than the tension between these two men on day one!


Ghost Asylum is crazy good!
September 7th, 2014 under TLC. [ Comments: none ]

Tennessee Wraith Chasers investigate asylums, sanitariums and mental hospitals to see if any of the past patients and employees are still there haunting the place. Tonight at 10p on Destination America’s Ghost Asylum, you will see their first televised case and you would be insane to miss it.
Tonight they go to Old War Memorial Hospital in Scottsville, Kentucky, a place that housed the clinically insane and dead bodies before they were finally shut down. The mix of those entities and a doctor who fought his firing all the way to the top courts is enough to give any the heebie jeebies; but not the men of TWC.
They go in during the day to survey the place before the investigation. Then they go back at night to see if there is any activity going on. When they are done for the night, they study what they found so that they can prepare for their second night there. This time they go back more prepared to make contact with the spirits. Not only to find out what is going on there, but also to help them to move on.
What I like about this show, is they don’t go over the top to contact the dead. They use their methods and don’t fake it. I hate when paranormal shows fake their outcomes because it is so obvious. I also hate when investigators antagonize the spirits. TWC does not do that, they try to lure them out but they are not mean and stupid about it. I respect their methods because they don’t overdo it like so many other shows like theirs do.
You might say that TWC is crazy to investigate these places, but I say what better place to do it if you are crazy like them!


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