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GSN’s Skin Wars: Fresh Paint is a beautiful new show!
June 15th, 2016 under Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

Skin Wars has been a huge success for GSN and tonight at 10p RuPual hosts the show’s first spinoff Skin Wars: Fresh Paint. Each week 6 artists, who have never done body painting, will compete for $10,000. Artists like illustrators, cake designers and sign painters to name a few.
For the first round, they will be broken into teams of two. Those teams will be paired up with a contestant from one of the past seasons of Skin Wars. During that round the mentors can help the contestants any way they want. Then when the two hours are up, the mentors have to choose which team member goes on to the second round. For that round, the mentors can only help contestants with instructions, they cannot help them paint. When that round is over the Judges will decide which two contestants move on to the final round. This time the mentors only get 15 minutes with them at the beginning and the halfway mark to help them out. The final two are pretty much on their own. When they are done, the judges decide who goes home with the $10,000 prize.
I love Skin Wars because it is amazing to see what those body painters can do. Skin Wars: Fresh Paint in ways is even cooler because you get to see these professionally artists grow as they work their magic on a new type of canvas for them. Just because they are great at one form of art, doesn’t mean they will be just as great at this. But for the most they are and their work is stunning to look at.
Tune in tonight and every Wednesday to watch art come to life on the human body.


Skin Wars shows us that #LoveIsLove no matter who’s loving who!
June 14th, 2016 under Game Show Network, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

The Republicans are using the Pulse Shooting to ban Muslims. The Democrats are using it to ban guns. Can we all meet in the middle to ban hate? Love is love is love is love is love is love!
Whether it is a man and a man, a woman and a woman or a man and a woman. As Skin Wars shows us, “Every couple is a work of art.”
It is a stunning way to show us that all love is beautiful no matter who is doing it. So focus on this and not all of the hate.
You can watch an all-new episode of Skin Wars tomorrow at 9p on GSN followed by the debut of its companion series Skin Wars: Fresh Paint.


Winsanity is pure insanity!
June 9th, 2016 under Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

You can’t spell Winsanity without insanity and this GSN game show that debuts tonight at 9p is just that!
Each week, Donald Faison is going to ask contestants to put facts in order of numeric value. If they place all 10 facts from 4 different categories in the correct order, then not only do they win a lot of awesome prizes like a car and a lot money, the audience also wins some great prizes. If they don’t, then they go home with what they came in with. Which is nothing. So the contestants have a lot of pressure on them and it is insanity.
It sounds like it is easy, but it isn’t. I tried guessing along with them and I have just as many prizes as I did before I watched the show. While it isn’t easy, it is fun. Plus, you don’t have to be a genius to win, you just have to be an excellent guesser! Which I am not.
When it comes the host, why hasn’t been Faison been doing this all along. He is far from Clueless with the way interacts with the contestants and the audience!
So tune in tonight and every Thursday at 9p for a game show that is more than a numbers game. Oh wait, that is all it is!


Imagine going on a blind date while playing GSN’s Idiotest
May 17th, 2016 under Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

Let’s be honest with each other, we have all been on a blind date. Those dates are normally awful, but at least you aren’t doing it in front of a live audience with millions of people watching at home. But tonight at 10p that is exactly what 4 people are going to do as contestants on GSN’s Idiotest.
Not only do they have the pressure of going on the first date with someone they don’t know, they also have to compete on game show for $10,000. Can they handle being under pressure?
The first couple is cool chick Codi Lane and hunky Cody. Does having the same first name mean they have an advantage and an instant connection? I am not exactly sure who she had a better connection with, her blind date or the host. Will that work against them?
Then there is Mike and Natasha who are too adorakable for words. I don’t know if the producers knew it when they set them up, but they are made a match made in heaven. This couple is so perfect together; you know they are eventually going to get married. Will they have a $10,000 head start thanks to the game show? Will they ask host Ben Gleib to marry them?
But like I said, this is a game show and it is not only about finding love. That is a just a bonus for tonight’s themed episode. Last week, they were Undateable and this week they are dateable.
Back to the game show, I love the way it makes you think. They show you a picture and ask you question about it. The answer seems obvious, but most of the time it isn’t. It is a trick on words and images, and you have to use your noggin to get the correct answer. You feel so smart when you get one right and feel like an idiot when you get it wrong. Thus, the name Idiotest.
Even though, you should feel like an idiot, you still find yourself loving every minute of this game show. Especially, when they throw some loving into it like they do tonight. You don’t want miss love happening right before your eyes, do you?
Like all game shows there is host, and Ben Gleib is perfect for Idiotest. Tonight there is a great moment when he finds out that Natasha has a great laugh. He asks to hear it and she tells the comedian to make her laugh. Even he is feeling the pressure tonight, how will he stand up to that challenge? All I will say is that he’s taking it back old school and that will make you laugh with them. Especially when you hear her really adorable chuckle.
Make sure to tune in for tonight’s Idiotest that is as joyful as pizza and unicorns.


Idiotest makes a dateable date with the Undateable men!
May 10th, 2016 under Bill Lawrence, Game Show Network, Ron Funches. [ Comments: none ]

Undateable is one of the smartest comedies on television, but how smart is the cast? Tonight at 10p, Rick Glassman, David Fynn, Ron Funches and Brent Morin test out their smarts on GSN’s Idiotest.
The four comedians will try their best to answer the clues that are given to them, while the host Ben Gleib tries to maintain control of his game show. Who has the harder task? The host obviously because these four funny men have a hard time trying to determine the obvious from the answer in questions like what in the picture has a 5 o’clock shadow or a which is the smallest hole they can get the pictured balloon through. The latter one leads to a hysterical joke from Gleib, thus helping them realize that this is his show and he’s the boss.
Why are stars of Undateable putting themselves through this Idiotest? It’s all for a good cause, the winning team will get to donate $10,000 to the charity of their choice. Glassman and Fynn are playing for the Red Cross and PATH: People Assisting the Homeless, and Funches and Morin are playing for Autism Speaks and Boys and Girls Club. Both teams and their charities are winners, just one is a bigger winner.
Tonight’s episode of Idiotest makes you use your brain two ways. The first is testing your wits as you try to guess which item in a photo answers the given question. Not everything is at it appears, so you really have to focus to determine the correct answer. The second one is allowing yourself to laugh for a half hour straight because that is what these 5 men accomplished. So be prepared for your brain and cheeks to hurt for a long time afterwards, and it is one of the few times where I say pain is a good thing.
Tune in Idiotest tonight to watch the cast of Undateable try to prove that they are not idiots and then keep tuning in every Tuesday at 10p to see everyday citizens to do the same thing. Plus, it is fun to use your brain in different way than it is used normally. It’s a muscle that needs this type of workout.


Skin Wars is back and it’s even more spectacular than before
April 20th, 2016 under Game Show Network, Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn. [ Comments: none ]

Skin Wars is back for season three tonight at 10p on GSN, and the third time is proving to be the charm.
Skin Wars is the only reality competition show where the subjects are basically nude every week. Wait, what? This is the only show where the contestants cover up a naked body with paint and create some of the most beautiful art you will ever see in your life.
Tonight’s first challenge for the artists is painting a costume on some Las Vegas Showgirls. Some people really step up for it, and others need some more experience.
Once we get to see what they can do, it is time for the elimination challenge. They will each be assigned a celebration from someplace in the World. Some we have heard of, like the Fourth of July, while others we will learn about when they explain their final work.
I have watched every episode of Skin Wars, and tonight’s contestants are paint brushes ahead of the ones who have competed in the past. The stuff they did tonight, is equivalent to what the other ones did later on in the season. And tonight is just the first episode.
I was completely and utterly blown away by what they created. I wasn’t alone, the host, Rebecca Romijn, and the judges, RuPaul Charles and body painting icons Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina all felt the same way.
When it comes to the contestants be prepared for Black Jesus to go up against an Orthodox Jew, and a clown vs a circus artist. There is no clear winner after tonight’s episode because so many of them are just amazing, but there are a few who are not ready for primetime. Will they go home tonight? Or will they keep them around? Let’s just say I was surprised by who wasn’t eliminated tonight.
Another positive about this season, is that there doesn’t seem to be your typical reality show villain. I hate the conflict causers on what should be a conflict free environment.
If you want to watch a competition show that is a true masterpiece, then you definitely don’t want to miss Skin Wars tonight and every Wednesday at 10p on GSN.


Skin Wars is back to the drawing body tonight!
June 10th, 2015 under Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

GSN’s most watched original show Skin Wars is back for a second season tonight at 9p and you don’t want to miss a single stroke of genius.
Skin Wars is a reality competition show different than all of the others because the 12 contestants use the bodies of models to show off their artwork. That’s right, this is a body painting competition, so their canvas is their nude model’s body. You would think creating art on the human form would be hard, but these 12 people make it look so easy and so beautiful. It’s hard to believe that they aren’t using a traditional cloth canvas when you see the final piece. It’s just that incredible. In fact, I wish I could see it in person because even HD televisions can’t do their artwork justice.
On tonight’s season premiere we get to know the contestants and there is already one villain established. You will know who he is as soon as he walks in the door. You will instantly hate him. While he is the one to hate, the rest of them seem really cool. I mean you have to be to paint bodies, right?
For the first challenge host Rebecca Romijn spins a wheel to tell them what the are going to paint. The top 6 from that challenge then get to pick who they want to compete against for the elimination round. During this challenge they are each assigned a Chess piece as their inspiration, which turns out to be interesting because not everyone know the game. How will they handle that? What will they paint? Who will go home?
You will just have to watch to find out on the most beautiful reality show on television.
If that is not enough reason to tune in, here’s Rebecca Romijn wearing just body paint.


GSN’s Idiotest will make you feel smart and dumb!
August 12th, 2014 under Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

Quick how many months have the letter d in them? Did you answer one? Then you have already done better than a contestant on tonight’s series premiere of Game Show Network’s Idiotest at 9p.
Each week two teams of two will be asked several seemingly easy questions, but things aren’t always as they seem. Like going through the calendar to figure out which months have a d in them. The contestants will also be shown pictures with several objects in them, and asked which is the correct answer to his question. Sometimes the obvious, isn’t always the answer. So you will feel like an idiot when you fail the test. But when you get one right, you will feel like the smartest person in the room. It’s kind of like they turned an IQ test into a game show, and made it a lot of fun thanks to host Ben Gleib.
So tune in for a game show that really tests your brain and not your knowledge.


Skin Wars takes art to a whole new canvas!
August 6th, 2014 under Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on GSN, be prepared to see a whole lot of skin on Skin Wars. Why? Because the models aren’t wearing anything but paint.
That’s right, Skin Wars is a body painting competition. Over the next eight weeks, 10 contestants of all different skill levels from all over the country will vie to be the winner of the $100,000 cash prize, a one-year supply of paint and will be the featured guest artist at IMATS.
Each week they will take part in two challenges. The winner of the first one gets an advantage for the second one, and the loser of the second one goes home.
Tonight, the contestants tour their temporary home of Hollywood, Ca for inspiration. Then when they are back in the studio, they have to create a painting on their human canvas representing Tinseltown. Once a winner is established, they then find out what their next inspiration is. For their next painting they have to cover their model from head to toe representing another city. This city is their hometown. So you will their take on places like Florida, Denver, Detroit and Vermont. It will be amazing to watch these towns come to life on these beautiful models.
Actually, it is truly awesome, to watch the different techniques each body artist uses. Some paint their models by hand while others airbrush. No matter what method they use, the final product is always the same. Absolutely stunning.
Just like the host, Rebecca Romijn. She was the first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model to wear only a painted on bathing suit, so it’s fitting she is part of this show. Plus, she’s a natural host. The model/actress is so warm and likeable that she doesn’t come off as a stiff like so many other hosts.
So tune in for a competition show where the models suit up in their birthday suits.
Then when the living canvas’ painter is eliminated, they are sent to the on-set shower to wash off their paint. What other show can say that?


Hey Wheel of Fortune, whose Common Phrase is this?
April 30th, 2014 under Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

via Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Wheel of Fortunes has been on for over 30 years and it looks like they have run out of puzzles for their contestants to solve. For example, this week they asked the contestants to solve this “Common Phrase”, “OMG, My Bro-crush eats Fro-yo.” Now, I admit I am not the hippest person in the world, but I’ve never heard anyone say that. Have you? Not only have I not heard that sentence before, but what is a bro-crush? I know, Man Crush but I’ve never heard of the other one.
So without knowing that word, let alone all the other ones; how the heck did he solve that “Common Phrase”? Could you have done it?


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