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Look its Vanilla Ice with Ice Ice Baby!
April 27th, 2015 under Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

All right stop, collaborate and listen, Vanilla Ice was seen inside a truck transporting several bags of ice and he was holding two of them. All that he is missing is a baby. If there was a little child in there, then it truly it would be Ice Ice Baby! Word to your mother!


Vanilla Ice has a bright idea!
October 15th, 2014 under Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

When you think of Vanilla Ice, you think of him as the rapper turned hard core rocker or as an actor or a reality star, but now we will see him in a different light. His own lights. That’s because he has his own lighting fixture line at Capitol Lighting. You know what, they are actually really beautiful. In I think that Vanilla Ice Lighting is actually really funky, like him.
Do you think he has a bright future in the lighting business or his lights should be turned off?
Seriously, who would’ve thought that the man who sang Ice Ice Baby in 1990, would be selling lights almost 25 years later? No one, I am sure even he didn’t see that coming.
BTW we know a certain group of people that won’t be buying his product, and they are the Amish people he does his reality show with on the DIY Network.


Vanilla Ice does the Ice Ice Bucket Challenge!
August 18th, 2014 under ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became a viral hit, I have wanted three people to do it. They are Vanilla Ice, Ice T and Ice Cube. Only one of them is cool as ice enough to do it (as of now) and it is Rob Van Winkle. Granted if your biggest hit and your stage name both have Ice in them, you better do a challenge with the word Ice in it. And he did! Just too bad he wasn’t singing Ice Ice Baby as he did it.
On that note, there is a fourth person I wish would do it. Why hasn’t anyone challenged Idina Menzel to do. She can sing that line from Let It Go when it is done, you know “The cold didn’t bother me anyway.” So to one of those few celebrities who actually hasn’t done it yet, can you challenge her for me?


Is Vanilla Ice now working as a supermarket stock boy?
February 20th, 2014 under Ads, Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

Vanilla Ice has had successful music career and several shows on HGTV, but has Rob Van Winkle hit a rough patch in his life. So much so that he is now working as a stock boy at a supermarket? Nope, it is just the opposite because he was doing a commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with his old buddies The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Just like when I heard his hit, Go Ninaj, Go Ninja Go, from the movie for the first time, I just can’t get the song out of my head.


Bethenny tells Vanilla Ice he ‘can screw!’
October 17th, 2013 under Bethenny, Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

Vanilla Ice was on Bethenny’s show today and they did something for charity that led to a lot of double entendres. The two of them had to screw a bunch of screws into a wooden board using a Bosch Drill, and the one who did it less time was the winner. That part is boring, but the jokes they made during the competition has me needing Ice Ice Baby.
That’s because when Bethenny opted to put on goggles, Rob Van Winkle told her she didn’t need them. She let him know, “I like a little protection when I screw.” Which is good advice. Then after he was done nailing her, she told him repeatedly “You can screw!” You know, he is very good at driving it in hard and fast, and then making sure to help the woman finish even after he is done.
I wonder if he learned that on his DIY show Vanilla Ice Goes Amish?


Vanilla I¢e’s feet worship the ground that Miley Cyru$ walks on!
September 25th, 2013 under Miley Cyrus/Metro Station, Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: 1 ]

Yesterday Miley Cyrus Instagrammed a photo of the tattoo she got during the Rolling Stone magazine photoshoot on her feet and the ink reads “ROLLING $TONE”. Well as soon as Vanilla I¢e saw it, he had to get one himself. His reads “MILEY CYRU$” and he had a message for the singer that leaves all of our tongues wagging ” #👅 WORD TO YOUR MOTHER ! LMAO!” I think we can all agree that he has Rollin’ on the floor laughing at his newest tat.
BTW if you missed Miley’s photo, here it is:


It took 280 movies to sing Ice Ice Baby!
July 22nd, 2013 under Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

Don Draper Says What spent the last 3 months combining lines from 280 movies to create a music video of those actors singing (speaking) Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby!
As someone who lived in Miami and this song was my anthem, I am so in awe with what he created. So much so I can’t stop listening to it because it is so f*cking cool. How cool? It’s Cool as Ice Ice Baby!
Seriously doesn’t this video just make your day? It’s almost as though your rollin’ in your 5.0 down A1A Beachfront Ave!


Vanilla Ice is reunited with his 5.0
May 22nd, 2013 under Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

So remember in Ice Ice Baby when Vanilla Ice sang Rollin in my 5.0, well the two have been reunited after almost two decades. Sadly though there is no word if he went rollin’ in it on A1A Beachfront Ave checking out if girls were hot wearing less than bikinis.
Really there isn’t much more to the post than just seeing him in that picture with the Ford got me all nostalgic for my days in Miami singing Ice Ice Baby with my friends on the top our lungs. That’s just how we rolled in the 305 back then!


Adam Scott solves Ice Ice Baby!
September 19th, 2012 under Conan O'Brien, Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

All right stop, collaborate and listen because for years people have contemplated the meaning behind songs like The Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky in Diamonds, The Vapors’ Turning Japanese and Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight, but now thanks to Adam Scott there is one song we no longer have to wonder about.
Yesterday the Parks and Rec star basically told Conan O’Brien, “if there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it” and he solved the meaning behind Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby. Hearing him taking the mic like a vandal was as if he was killin’ my brain like a poisonous mushroom.
So now that we know what Rob Van Winkle meant, let’s get the party jumping with the bass kicked in and sing the #1 song on the top of our lungs like its 1990 all over again!
Word to your mother…


Vanilla Ice does Ice Ice Baby with a twang
June 13th, 2012 under Vanilla Ice. [ Comments: none ]

Vanilla Ice just played at The HGTV Lodge at CMA Fest and he decided to give his biggest hit a country beat. The host of The Vanilla Ice Project sang Ice Ice Baby in a way that has never been done before and in a way he never thought he would do it. Even though he thought it was crazy do mix up his chart topper, I think it is crazy dope. Seriously he’s done rap, he done punk, now I think it is time for him to try country. Wouldn’t that be cool as ice?
Seriously am I the only who can’t stop singing this song at the top of my lungs? Granted this was my anthem when I went to the University of Miami because in a way for the longest time, it was the city’s song for people who were sick of Gloria Estefan. Actually to be honest I am still sick of her.
Now back to Rob Van Winkle, you can see him return to the big screen in Adam Sandler’s That’s My Boy on Friday.


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