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Kristen Bell is Naked and Afriad
April 17th, 2014 under Ellen DeGeneres, Kristen Bell. [ Comments: none ]

Kristen Bell is going to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow and she tells the Daytime host that she is a big fan of the show Naked and Afraid. So Ellen came up with a scenario for her to do, like the one they would do on the show, had her strip down and then made her go for it. So would the Veronica Mars survive in the wilderness naked? Yes, but BAREly.


Jennifer Love Hewitt can’t do accents!
April 1st, 2014 under Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Love Hewitt. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Love Hewitt was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and she played Heads Up with the Daytime host. Ellen had to guess what accents the Ghost Whisperer was doing and let’s just say she is no Meryl Streep. While she might not be good at dialects, she is still a good actress and I hope the new mom is back on TV soon.


Ellen DeGeneres buys that Wheel of Fortune guy a New Baby Buggy!
March 21st, 2014 under Ellen DeGeneres, Games Shows. [ Comments: none ]

On Wednesday night the world was amazed how Emil de Leon solved the Bonus Round Puzzle on Wheel of Fortune with only the first two letters having been revealed. Well, Ellen DeGeneres was so amazed that she will have him on her show this Monday. The best WOF contestant ever explained how he came up with the answer on his first try and it makes sense. Does it mean you or I could do the same thing? Hell-to-the-no!
Then Ellen wanted to see if he could do it again by coming up with her own puzzles for him to solve and of course he did. Proving he really is the best WOF player ever.
Finally, when his segment was over, Ellen had a present for him. It was a New Baby Buggy! A phrase that will probably be on his tombstone in the far far future.


Do Jennifer Lopez and Ellen DeGeneres have something to tell us?
March 20th, 2014 under Do they have something to tell us?, Ellen DeGeneres, J-Lo. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Lopez is going to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow and was pictured spooning the daytime talk show host in her chair. So I have to wonder if they have something to tell us? Nope, the current and former American Idol judges just shared a friendly moment together. But for second, they looked like a really cute couple.


This will get Frozen’s Let It Go out of your head!
March 12th, 2014 under Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then you can’t Frozen’s Let It Go out of your head and singing it even though you don’t know all the lyrics. Well Ellen DeGeneres played the song for her audience and had them sing along. After just a few singers, I stopped singing the song because I know I am just as bad as some of them when I belt out the Disney tune. There is a reason why Adele Dazeem aka Idina Menzel is paid the big bucks and we are not.
BTW don’t forget that Frozen is out on home video this Tuesday, so you can watch it whenever you want! And there are several versions of Let It Go in different languages on the Blu-ray combo pack.


The most famous pizza guy got his tip from Ellen DeGeneres!
March 4th, 2014 under Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

Remember that guy who delivered the pizzas to Ellen DeGeneres during the Oscars on Sunday and didn’t get a tip even though she collected one from all of those A-Listers? Well Edgar (he has a name), who owns the pizza store, Big Mama’s & Papa’s, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday and he finally got that tip. So much did she collect from the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Brad Pitt? She got around $600 from them, but he didn’t get that from her yesterday. That is because she rounded it up to $1,000. Although it sounds like meeting Julia Roberts, his teenage fantasy, was enough of a tip for him.
Talk about living the American Dream because that is exactly what the guy from Moscow got to do in a crazy 24 hours just for delivering some pizza to a place on Hollywood and Highland.
Once the fan fare dies down, I am going to have to try their pizza.


Poor Liza Minnelli was actually part of the Best Selfie Ever
March 3rd, 2014 under Ellen DeGeneres, Liza Minnelli. [ Comments: none ]

We have all seen the Best Selfie Ever from the front at the Oscars yesterday, but when you look at it from behind you will notice that Liza Minnelli was actually part of it in this photo that was Tweeted by Ben Fritz. Only problem is that she was behind Channing Tatum and since he’s so tall we couldn’t see her.
At least she got her own personal Selfie with Ellen DeGeneres and the others cannot say that.


Best Selfie ever!
March 2nd, 2014 under Ellen DeGeneres, Oscars. [ Comments: none ]

Ellen DeGeneres took the Best Selfie Ever at the Oscars. How do I know? Because it broke Twitter! And because it is!

UPDATE: Kevin Spacey had the best response to the Best Selfie that broke Twitter and records for the most retweeted item. He said, “My photobombing gets better and better!” Between this Tweet and his quick joke at the Oscars, I think he should host the shindig next year!


Jimmy Kimmel thinks making a baby is disgusting
February 24th, 2014 under Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Kimmel is going to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday and he has some big news for her. His wife, Molly McNearney and him are expecting their first child together. This is the ABC late night’s host third kid, his first two kids are old enough to have their own babies since they are in their early 20′s.
Luckily for the future baby, Kimmel still is a kid at heart. That’s because he told Ellen that he wants the baby’s middle name to be Effin and, you know what, I think that is a totally awesome name. Use it between your first and last name and don’t tell me you are not thinking about going to the courthouse tomorrow to change your name.


Bradley Cooper went commando to meet the President
February 17th, 2014 under Bradley Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

Bradley Cooper was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and he told her about the State Dinner he went to recently. The actor brought his tuxedo from the Golden Globes with him to meet the President at a DC function. Only problem is that since the awards show, he had put on 15 pounds for a movie he is about do. So that tux didn’t fit him the same way. It was so tight that he couldn’t even wear underwear. I don’t know about you, but I think all his pants should be 2 sizes too small because he needs to go without his boxers more often. You know, he is a boxers guy.


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