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Karate Kid’s Cobra Kai reunite for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
August 29th, 2014 under ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: none ]

It has been 30 years since we got to know the Cobra Kai in The Karate Kid, and they reunited for a good cause. Johnny aka Billy Zabka challenged his Karate buddies to the endure the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and Jimmy, Bobby and Tommy all accepted it. Even Mr Miyagi couldn’t prepare Tony O’Dell, Ron Thomas and Rob Garrison for the pain they were about to feel. Good thing their Sensei was there, not to support them but to push Zabka to pour the water on them. Sadly, for Martin Kove, his students challenged him and immediately sought their revenge.
Too bad Danielson aka Ralph Macchio was nowhere to be found because they have been seeking revenge on him for three decades, and it’s about time they finally got it.
BTW I have been waiting for group to host a reunion for the challenge and I am glad it was these five guys.


An ’80s girl wet dream!
January 6th, 2014 under 80s, Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: none ]

Christopher Atkins shared this photo of him with two Outsiders and Renegade from the Hollywood Collectors Show this weekend and several Gen Xers got all excited. That is because the Blue Lagoon star, Ralph Macchio, C Thomas Howell and Lorenzo Lamas all look as sexy now as they did in those ’80s teen mags like BOP and Dynamite. Can believe besides the Soul Man that all of those guys are over 50 because they sure as heck don’t look their age?
Atkins suggested in his Tweet that they do a movie together, and I agree with him. Who wouldn’t like to see this Fab 4 on the big screen in one movie together? I’d pay for it!


A mini-The Outsiders reunion part II!
October 29th, 2013 under Brat Pack, Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday I posted a picture of Pony Boy and Johnny Cade together again and today the youngest member of The Outsiders ran into Sodapop at a radio show. Seriously has it been 30 years since that movie came out because time has been really good to Ralph Macchio and Rob Lowe.
Forget that the movie came out in 1983, can you believe the Karate Kid is 50 and Youngblood is 49? They are still as hot as when they made that timeless tale!


A mini-The Outsiders reunion!
October 28th, 2013 under Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: none ]

Pony Boy and Johnny Cade got together this weekend and we got this awesome picture of C Thomas Howell and Ralph Macchio together again! Seeing them posing like that makes we wish we could a sequel to The Outsiders, somehow, with them in it.
Can you believe it has been 30 years since that movie came out? They both pretty much look the same after all of these decades!


Bruno Tonioli tells Ralph Macchio “you were too rough with your pussy”
May 17th, 2011 under Dancing with the Stars, Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: 3 ]

(starts at 5:40 in)

Bruno Tonioli continues his shocking and offensive judging on Dancing with the Stars by telling Ralph Macchio, “you were too rough with your pussy” yesterday on the show after they performed their sexy Salsa. I think the 55 year old Italian judge was referring to Karina Smirnoff’s cat suit, but it still came out extremely wrong. Especially after he asked The Karate Kid (BTW ABC you chyroned the name of the movie wrong when you used it to reference the legendary producer Jerry Weintraub) if he was wearing “extra large diapers.” Although Ralph and Karina handled it well, why should they have to endure such comments like that from a man who danced in an Elton John video almost 30 years ago.
I, for one, am sick of his inappropriate and rude comments to the contestants and I think it is time for him to be replaced on the show. Every other show has replaced at least one of their judges and I think it is time for DWTS to the same. He does not offer critiques, he just tries to outdo Carrie Ann Inaba and Len Goodman by saying nonsensical things like what he said to Ralph.
I am sorry but his latest words to a contestant really pissed me off and I think it is about time ABC did something about it.
Oh and BTW I think having the last dance giving one team an extra 30 points is pure bullsh!t. It gives one team an unfair advantage. Especially when that team is a judges’ favorite and not America’s.
Team Ralph and Karina!!!


George Lopez is no Mr Myagi
May 13th, 2011 under George Lopez, Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: none ]

Ralph Macchio was on Lopez Tonight and George Lopez recreated his famous move The Crane from The Karate Kid. Who knew the TBS host was so limber?


William Zabka still holds a grudge against The Karate Kid aka Ralph Macchio!
April 5th, 2011 under Dancing with the Stars, Jimmy Kimmel, Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: 1 ]

Even though it has been over 25 years since The Karate Kid film came out it looks like William Zabka aka Johnny Lawrence is still holding a grudge against Daniel San. The Cobra Kai member judged his performance on Dancing with the Stars, and in the video released by Jimmy Kimmel Live, he didn’t hold back. He ripped him a new one and hit him below his black belt. The Jaden Smith comment was a like a karate kick to the balls, but LaRusso handled it like the man Mr Miyagi made him to be. Too bad Pat Morita is no longer around to show him who is boss and wax the bully into shape.
BTW Zabka, LaRusso won the trophy in the movie and he is going to win the mirror ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars! So ha…
In all seriousness, there is no rivalry between the two actors…except for maybe for my heart because I still have a crush on both of them!!!


I have a major crush on Ralph Macchio…again!!!
March 24th, 2011 under Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: none ]

Back when I was a little girl I had such a crush on The Karate Kid and now that he is a man, shaking his hips on Dancing with the Stars I have a whole new type of crush on Ralph Macchio. Who I am kidding, I never stopped liking him because he looks as cute now as he did when Wax On, Wax Off meant something completely to me then it does to me now. But the same body part is just as happy…
Now back to Ralph Macchio, didn’t he win you over on Monday with his first routine on the ABC reality show? He was my favorite before I saw him on the dance floor, but once I saw him dancing with Karina Smirnoff I knew just like Daniel Son, he is going to win that trophy. Although this one will be a mirror ball trophy.
OK I know I am late talking about Monday’s episode, but the reason why I am posting it now is because I thought that picture his partner Karina Smirnoff posted of him was so awwdorable I had to share it with you. Seriously don’t you just want to hug him and let him know that even though he is exhausted it will all be OK come May when he wins the dancing competition?
And in case you missed his beautiful Fox Trot, here it is, And don’t forget to vote for The Karate Kid that is now a Dancing Man every Monday night at 8p on ABC!!!


Ralph Macchio is doing Dancing with the Stars and I don’t care about the rest!!!
March 1st, 2011 under Dancing with the Stars, Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from ABC)

Sitting through my first and last episode of The Bachelor was worth it, just to find out that Ralph Macchio is going to do Dancing with the Stars!!! He has my vote to win and we know he can wax off his other competition.
Here is who he will competing with starting on March 21st”

Kirstie Alley – The Fat Actress who is always trying to lose weight!
“Psycho” Michael Catherwood – Who?
Chris Jericho – A wrestler
Chelsea Kane – No one knows who she is either.
Sugar Ray Leonard – Boxer
Ralph Macchio – Vote for this Karate Kid!!!
Petra Nemcova – A model who is known for surviving the Tsunami in Thailand.
Romeo – His father, Master P had to step in for him during season 2 when he was injured. It took him 10 cycles to have the nerve to compete after his dad.
Hines Ward – Former-Wide Receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers
Kendra Wilkinson – Playmate and tabloid magazine cover girl
Wendy Williams – talk show host

On May 24th he will be bring home the mirror ball trophy because who else is worth rooting for with that lame list? Team Macchio!!!!


Ralph Macchio and his mini-me!
January 12th, 2011 under Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: 4 ]

Ralph Macchio attended the premiere of No Strings Attached and he brought his first Karate Kid with him. Doesn’t his 18 year old daughter, Julia look just like him? Can you believe that he is old enough to have a kid that is old enough to vote? That and he is going to be 50 this year! He has definitely aged well!

UPDATE: The talented and handsome actor Ralph Macchio ReTweeted my post and said, “Ha. Fun night out with my first spawn.” How cute and nice is that?
While spending the evening with his beautiful daughter was a fun night for him, his ReTweet made my day if not longer. I have been a huge fan of his ever since I was a young one!!! What girl hasn’t had a crush on him?


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