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BTWF roles: Tom Hanks on Happy Days
July 13th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous, Tom Hanks. [ Comments: none ]

Before he told the women in his team that there is no crying in baseball in A League of Their Own, he almost cried when he tried to fight The Fonz on Happy Days. Even at 26 in that 1982 episode, you could tell he what it takes to become the star that he is today. Such great comedic timing at such a young age.


BTWF educational videos: Chris Evans in Biodiversity
July 12th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous, Marvel Comics. [ Comments: none ]

Before Chris Evans was saving the World as Captain America, he was saving the planet in Biodiversity. How cute is the 15-year-old in that 1997 educational video?


BTWF roles: Gilbert Gottfried on The Cosby Show
July 11th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous, Bill Cosby, Gilbert Gottfried. [ Comments: none ]

Before Gilbert Gottfried was doing Bill Cosby impressions as part of his act, he guest starred on The Cosby Show. How funny was the 31 year old in that 1987 episode?


BTWF roles: Marisa Tomei in Toxic Avenger
July 10th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Marisa Tomei was an Oscar winning actress, she was a far scream from being one in Toxic Avenger. Although, you could tell that the 19-year-old does have something special in that 1984 movie.


BTWF music videos: Boy George in Rick Wakeman’s I’m So Straight I’m A Weirdo
July 6th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous, Boy George. [ Comments: none ]

Before Boy George was starring in his own music videos with Culture Club, he was seen in Rick Wakeman’s I’m So Straight I’m A Weirdo. Even when he was just 18 making his on-camera debut in that 1980 music video, he was already a Karma Chameleon.


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