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Ed Sheeran freshens up the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme!
January 12th, 2017 under Ed Sheeran, Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Ed Sheeran was on Capital FM and fan asked him to sing the theme song to her other love Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The DJ told him he didn’t have to do it, but before he could even finish saying that, the singer started playing his guitar. Instead of singing it as is, he gave the tune his own special touch. I never thought that song could be any better, but he found a way!
I know he announced that his 3rd album will come out on 3/3, but I hope there is still time to add this to the tracklist. It is the best song of his that I have heard since Shape of You and Castle on the Hill.


Imagine Men In Black with David Schwimmer instead of Will Smith?
August 16th, 2016 under Friends (cast), Will Smith. [ Comments: 7 ]

Back in the ’90s, Friends was the biggest show on television and all of the actors were household names. So big, Hollywood tried to turn the small screen stars into big screen ones and for almost of them it failed. But that didn’t stop the studios from offering some of them pictures deals.
Case in point, David Schwimmer starred in the huge dud Pallbearer with Gwyneth Paltrow, but before it came out Miramax thought it was going to be huge. So huge, they offered him a 3 picture deal. He told The Hollywood Reporter that he negotiated a deal with them where he would direct his first feature and all of his friends from his Chicago Theater Company would star in it. A year after he bombed in Pallbearer, it was time to direct Since You’ve Been Gone, but Miramax asked him to star in Men in Black. He didn’t want to disappoint his friends, who turned out work to be in movie, so he declined the role that eventually went Will Smith.
Take a minute to soak that in.
Now imagine what the movie would’ve been like with Ross playing Agent J. We never would’ve gotten Men In Black II which was Smith’s last good movie. And we also probably would not have gotten some of the Smith’s more recent pieces of crap.
Wait now I am trying to think how this is a bad thing that he turned down the role in Men In Black. Maybe it could’ve been a good thing because there is no way the film would’ve been as successful with him as the lead and it would’ve saved us from a lot of Smith’s recent failures. Someone try to convince me he made the right choice for us.
I should say, his reason for turning down the role is very honorable. His friends should thank him every time they talk to him because he sacrificed a lot for them.


BTWF roles: Jaden Smith in All of Us
August 13th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Before Will Smith was giving his son Jaden Smith starring roles, he got him a bit part on All of Us. How cute was the 5 year old making his acting debut in that 2003 episode?


Will Smith is looking to bring Fresh Prince back to Bel-Air!
August 13th, 2015 under Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

After several box office duds, Will Smith is looking to go back to his roots. TV Line is reporting that in the next few weeks, his production company will be pitching a reboot of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Details are still sketchy because it is in the early stages.
Even though they don’t say it, I am sure Will Smith’s youngest children Jaden and Willow will have roles on the show, since what else are they doing. I mean, it isn’t like their dad hasn’t bought remakes for them before.


Will Smith tells David Letterman he has some ‘Negro inside’ of him.
February 19th, 2015 under David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Will Smith knows how to make an entrance and yesterday he got The Late Show crowd going when he walked out. Before he even sat down, he grabbed the mic and sang his hit Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It. The audience did their best to jam along with him, but they were way too white. Either way, it got them clapping.
When he finally sat down, he told the CBS late night host that rap was for him. To which Letterman told him that he can’t do that. Smith responded by telling him, “No, no, you can…You can, Dave. It’s in you. There’s a Negro inside of you. Dave.” As soon as Letterman heard that, he had this big a$$ smile on his face and said, “Wow! Wow! That’s the best news I have had in years. I gotta run home and surprise the wife!” After that, Smith completely lost it like I’ve never seen him lose it.
When it comes to the white audience, maybe they can use the app that Jimmy Kimmel and Anthony Anderson introduced on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday called brothr.


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