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I don’t think Jared Padalecki will be able to watch his sons again!
October 19th, 2015 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Jared Padalecki took his two sons out for a meal and they got more than some food. The proud pop got them some drinks. Only problem is Thomas won’t be able to drink like that for 18 years and his younger brother Sheperd has to wait another 20 years. Which means as soon as his wife Genevieve sees this photo, she won’t be happy.
Now before you freak, those drinks were virgin. The fakery was worth it because this photo is supernaturally cute!


Jensen Ackles is hard at work on Supernatural!
August 11th, 2015 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Jensen Ackles is back filming season 11 of Supernatural and looks like the age of the show is catching up to him. Dean Winchester was caught taking a nap in his beloved Impala. Now that he is 37 and a father, it looks like he will take advantage of some shut eye whenever he can. Something I am sure he didn’t do when the show was on The WB. But it’s OK, everyone needs their beauty sleep. Although he is quite a beauty without it.
And talking about beauties, this picture proves why it is so much better to go horizontal in a classic car as compared to the ones we have today. If you can catch my drift. It’s the stuff the music on that show was written for.


Proof that The CW actors have the best abs on television!
August 2nd, 2015 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Celebrity Family Feud has been a huge a success, I thought that the one of the networks should bring back Battle of the Network stars. Only problem is, I thought that The CW would win every time because look at their actors.
I never really had proof about that until today. That’s because Jared Padalecki shared a photo of Stephen Amell and him in their swimming trunks and you get to see how ripped they are. I mean how can you not look at their chests. They are perfection. I’d like to see other networks try to compare. They can’t. They can come close, but they could not top that.


Jared Padalecki has seen better days!
July 29th, 2015 under Better Days, Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Jared Padalecki always looks good, but his on television persona Sam Winchester does not. That’s because on Supernatural his character gets beat up a lot and looks like nothing is going to change for the 11th season of The CW show. Who did that him? We will have start tuning in on October 7th to find out. Poor Sam.


Tell me that Jensen Ackles is teaching them Sex Ed!
May 26th, 2015 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Clif Kosterman shared a photo of Jensen Ackles sitting in the teacher’s spot in a classroom with several women surrounding him. We don’t know what he is doing there, but we do that the students are paying attention to every word that he is saying. Then again if he was my teacher, I would do the same thing.
Remember your hottest teacher in school, the one you went home and dreamed about? Well that educator ain’t got nothing on Dean Winchester. How hot would it be if when Supernatural ends in like another 25 years, he decided to go into teaching.


Which actor looks better with a high ponytail?
May 17th, 2015 under Galavant, Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Supernatural’s Sam Winchester and Cain, I mean Jared Padalecki and Timothy Omundson, both were their flowing locks up in high ponytails and I want to know who you think looks better like that? I say both men look extremely hot with their hair up or down, so it is a big old tie.


Jared Padalecki almost shows some nipple!
February 14th, 2015 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Supernatural is one of the very few shows on The CW where the lead actors never take off their shirts. So us ladies, have wondered what they look like under all of that plaid. Today, Jared Padalecki gave us a little of hint of what we are missing, and I don’t know why Jensen Ackles and him always keep their shirts on? Unless, they have a Kyle XY thing going on with their nipples and they are not there?
I know, I would take them just as seriously if they were topless as if they were clothed. Wouldn’t you? So here’s to wishing and hoping that we get to see the Winchester Brothers show some skin in season 11! Who’s going to start the petition?


This Christmas photo is supernatural!!!
December 20th, 2014 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Tis the season to have fun dressing up as the holiday’s biggest names from the North Pole and that is exactly what the three leads of Supernatural did. Jensen Ackles is Old Saint Nick, his TV brother Jared Padalecki is his wife, Mrs Santa Claus, and Misha Collins went from being an angel to being an elf. Which is ironic because I think this picture is Angelic!
So for fans of The CW show, Christmas came a few days earlier for us thanks to Castiel and The Winchesters.


Supernatural turns 200 tonight!
November 11th, 2014 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Supernatural is one of the rare shows to have 200 episodes to its name and that is exactly what is going to happen tonight at 9p on The CW.
The supernatural drama is the only primetime show to reach the milestone airing on two different networks. Back in 2005, it aired on the defunct The WB and now it is only show from that network to still be airing new episodes on The CW.
The actors have been through almost as much as their characters, Sam and Dean Winchester; and because of that they not only play brothers, they feel like they are brothers when the cameras are not rolling.
Over the summer at the The CW TCA Summer Press Day, Jensen said, “I’ve learned a lot from him (Padalecki). He is a brother on and off screen, and we’ll forever have a friendship that is a lot different than most, because it’s really truly unique because of what we’ve gone through together, and it’s been quite an amazing ride. I’m just glad we’re still trekking along.” Jared added, “I second that and I feel like this sounds like a copout, but I feel like I’d be doing a disservice to try and put into words what I’ve learned from Jensen, with Jensen. We literally have more than grown up together. We went from single 20 somethings to fathers, husbands, and it’s hard to kind of quantify with a few short sentences exactly what all that encompasses.”Hopefully, they will go through even more together as they work on the show throughout the decades, like becoming great-grandparents together because I don’t ever want this show to end and thankfully they feel the same way.
Thank you to everyone on Supernatural for 200 and counting amazing episodes that keep getting better and better with each season.


Supernatural turns 10 tonight, but how long can it go on?
October 7th, 2014 under Supernatural. [ Comments: none ]

Supernatural begins its 10th season tonight on The CW at 9p and this show hasn’t depreciated over time. It just gets better and better with age, so how long can these ageing actors do it? Recently during The CW’s TCA Summer Press Tour Day Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles answered that question.
Jared was the first to answer and he said, “I truly do deeply care about this show and about Sam Winchester.” Then he added, “I’ve spent nine years of my life with him. So I don’t want him to be broken down and beaten down into something that I end up not respecting. And I respect this character, and I respect this show, and I respect our writers and my fellow actors and actresses.” He feels that if an end is coming, we will all know it. Then it will be time for him to hang up The Colt. As much as he doesn’t want the show to end, since the show started he became a husband and a dad. When that time comes, he will “welcome that chapter.”
Does his TV brother, who has become like a real brother, feel the same way? Jensen added, “I think we’re all on the same page. We still get excited about it. And I think that hasn’t tarnished in 10 years.” Then he explained, “I think that as long as there’s that fulfillment, that enjoyment, that excitement, then yeah, we will keep going, and as long as people are hanging in there with us and are still entertained, then we love telling the stories of both of these guys.” In fact, he shared the tidbit that after he read the season 9 finale, he couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next to Dean Winchester starting tonight.
And neither can we, so buckle up folks because it looks like The Impala isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. And for us that is a really good thing.


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