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Don’t you hate when your Lifetime Achievement honoree’s name is wrong?
June 30th, 2014 under Nicole Richie. [ Comments: none ]

via The Hollywood Reporter
Lionel Richie received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards yesterday, and there was only one problem. Whoever did the chyron telling us who he is and what he won for, spelled his last name wrong. They added a T to the middle of his last name. So even though he has been around long enough to receive the honor, that doesn’t mean he has been around long enough for some people to spell his name correctly. Although, I think that person will never ever misspell his name again. They will be having nightmares about it for a very very long time, maybe even a lifetime. And that would be an achievement.


Nicole Richie is a marked virgin!
April 10th, 2013 under Jimmy Kimmel, Nicole Richie. [ Comments: none ]

While most women get Tramp Stamps, Nicole Richie went the opposite way when she was a teen. Yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel Live she told the ABC host that when she was 15 years old she got the word “virgin” tattooed on wrist. Why that word? Was she trying to make her dad Lionel Richie proud of her? Nope she is a Virgo and that is her sign’s symbol. So from now until she gets it removed, she will forever be stamped as a virgin.
BTW in a weird way she did honor her dad a year after she got the virgin tattoo. Lionel wrote Ballerina Girl for her, so when she was 16 she got a pair of ballet slippers inked above her vagina because of that. He must be so verklempt over that!


Nicole Richie got a boob job?
September 28th, 2011 under Nicole Richie. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from WireImage)

Nicole Richie was seen with a fuller body this week and part of her new shape looks to be bigger and rounder boobs. Well Us Weekly looked into that and insider told the mag that the mother of two got breast implants over the summer. Another source said, “The pregnancies took a toll. She said breast-feeding killed what boobs she did have!” I can’t say I blame her because pregnancy wreaks havoc on woman’s chest. I just hate that she did it because that is normally how I can tell if a celeb might be pregnant, now it will be harder with her.


BTWF music videos: Nicole Richie in Lionel Richie’s Love, Oh Love
April 19th, 2011 under Before They Were Famous, Nicole Richie. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 1:44 in)

Before Nicole Richie was in love with Joel Madden, the only man she was in Love, Oh Love with was her daddy Lionel Richie. How awwwdorable was the 11 year old with her dad in that 1992 music video?


Nicole Richie’s future is so bright, she gotta have over 200 shade
April 19th, 2011 under Nicole Richie. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from Fame Pictures)

Nicole Richie likes to wear sunglasses at night, during the day and whenever she wants because the mother of two told Teen Vogue she owns a lot of them. She said “Sunglasses are the cornerstone to ‘completing a look. I view them as fun masks to accessorize your face.’ They also come in handy when you can’t be bothered with makeup. She admits to owning more than 200 pairs. ‘But in my defense. I make sunglasses, so I have to research-shop, and I own every pair I’ve ever designed.'” If she owns that many pairs of shades, I wonder how many shoes she has?
BTW when it comes to owning that many sunglasses, I don’t have a problem with that because I know I can’t go out without then on…during the day or whenever I am in the mood to get my Corey Hart on!


Nicole Richie does something she rarely does for Ellen Degeneres!
December 3rd, 2010 under Ellen DeGeneres, Nicole Richie. [ Comments: 1 ]

Nicole Richie taped today’s episode of The Ellen Show yesterday and she Tweeted that she did something special for being on the show. She said, “Doing @TheEllenShow today, so I washed my hair. It’s a rare occasion, I hope she appreciates it.” Ellen DeGeneres did because here is how she responded on Twitter, “I do. Hope u used the good stuff. Like Pert Plus.”
I guess the mother of two, who is reportedly getting married any day now, is too busy to take care of her hair and her extensions. I couldn’t do it, I like my hair clean, but that is me.
You can see the future Mrs. Madden on The Ellen Show today where she talks about the paparazzo who was her stalking her kids’ school and how she go it to stop.


Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are engaged!
February 16th, 2010 under David Letterman, Good Charlotte, Nicole Richie. [ Comments: none ]

Nicole Richie told David Letterman during a taping that her and her baby daddy Joel Madden are engaged to be married according to People. After the news broke Joel Madden Tweeted the below before quickly removing it from his Twitter.

JoelMadden: Yep. i’m engaged. Very happy. Yeah we’ve been engaged for a while so your all kind of late on that. But Thanks for the hooplah all the same
JoelMadden: P.s. thats why i love my family and friends. None of them are sources. All good tight lipped people who let us enjoy it! Thanks everybody

The couple have been together for over three years and have a daughter Harlow, 2 and a son Sparrow, 5 months. No word when the two will tie the knot, but hopefully it will last because he does wonders for turning her life around in a positive way!

UPDATE: Here is a picture from Pacific Coast News Online of the engagement ring, Joel Madden did a really good with it!


Nicole Richie is going to torture us with Ashlee Simpson’s acting?
December 11th, 2009 under Fall Out Boy/ Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Richie. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from WireImage)

ABC is working with Nicole Richie on a possible sitcom for her to produce and star in which is bad enough, but now the it is being reported that she wants Ashlee Simpson to co-star with her on it. The National Enquirer says, “Nicole adores Ashlee, and she truly believes in her talent. With few other job prospects on the horizon, Ashlee – who desperately wants to establish herself as an actress – was feeling down until Nicole stepped up and promised: ‘I’ve got your back. What are girlfriends for?’” according to WENN. I really hope that she doesn’t hire Ashlee because it was bad enough we had to suffer through her acting on Melrose Place and to think we might have to do it again on a new show gives me chills. But then again ABC might not pick up the show and we won’t have to watch either one act. I mean you would think that ABC would’ve learned through Dancing with the Stars, paparazzi darlings don’t equal viewers.


Nicole Richie is already showing
March 13th, 2009 under Nicole Richie. [ Comments: 1 ]

When Joel Madden announced that Nicole Richie was pregnant, he didn't say how far along she was. Looking at these pictures she is further along than we thought. But then again she might have had a big meal before she showed up for this event.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden expecting #2!
February 22nd, 2009 under Good Charlotte, Nicole Richie. [ Comments: none ]

You can tell how much Nicole Richie has dropped off the radar because Joel Madden announced that she is expecting baby number without anyone speculating that she was pregnant.

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