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Guess who’s flaunting his hairy butt?
October 2nd, 2014 under Disney Kids. [ Comments: none ]

Want to see whose tan line is showing, then click here!


Selena Gomez gets banged!
September 14th, 2014 under Disney Kids. [ Comments: none ]

Selena Gomez finally got a new hairstyle and it includes bangs. She looks the same, but younger. Which is a good thing because I think her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, still doesn’t look like he hit puberty yet. So now I think they look about the same age, you know, 12.


Selena Gomez accidentally freed the nipple on Instagram
July 10th, 2014 under Celeb Oops, Disney Kids. [ Comments: none ]

Selena Gomez posted a photo of herself with some friends and she revealed a little more than she wanted. The Disney Darling was wearing a low cut loose lace black top with no bra; and when she slightly bent over, her nipple made an appearance. It was so slight, that she probably didn’t realize it when she posted the photo. So slight Instagram left it up on their photo site which is something they don’t do.
So I guess you can say that both Selena Gomez and Instagram had a nip slip!
To see the NSFW pic, then click here!


Joe Jonas gets kinky with a grumpy pussy?
June 25th, 2014 under Disney Kids. [ Comments: none ]

Joe Jonas Instagrammed this photo and said, “@realgrumpycat has kidnapped me and my @miniusa”. What led up to her duct taping the middle Jonas Brother is a mystery, but it looks like he likes it. It also looks like this probably isn’t the first time that he has been in this position? If you know what I mean???


Selena Gomez goes without makeup
June 5th, 2014 under Disney Kids, No makeup. [ Comments: 1 ]

Selena Gomez Instagrammed this photo of herself without any makeup. The actress/singer is a beautiful girl as it is, but without makeup, she is even pretty.
Do you like her better with a mask or without one?


Demi Lovato goes makeup free!
June 4th, 2014 under Disney Kids. [ Comments: none ]

Demi Lovato Tweeted this of herself without any makeup at 4a and she should do that more often. She looks fresher and her actual age. I think it works on her.
What do you think of her real face?


Selena Gomez shows you what you’ve been misssing
May 21st, 2014 under Disney Kids. [ Comments: none ]

Selena Gomez Instagrammed a photo of herself looking carefree at the ocean in a little yellow bikini, but she was sending a message to her fans. She said, “Taking my power back.. can’t wait to show you where I’ve been. I love y’all. Ps, I still obsess over pickles.” What that all means, I guess we will have to wait to find out. And I think the one thing we can conclude from her message, is that she is not pregnant as rumored by one of the weekly magazines.


Selena Gomez’s underbutt!
March 25th, 2014 under Disney Kids. [ Comments: none ]

In the last few years, we have come with new terms to describe parts of a woman’s breast that is not covered by clothing like underboob and sideboob. Well, I am bored today and I came up with a new phrase to describe the part of the body we are seeing on Selena Gomez. That word is underbutt, which is obviously when the lower butt cheeks are exposed. And that is all I have for now folks.
BTW Gomez said that this photo is from a secret project she is working on. I wonder what it is? I am assuming that it is something else to get rid of her squeaky clean image.


BTWF roles: Demi Lovato in Prison Break
March 4th, 2014 under Before They Were Famous, Disney Kids. [ Comments: none ]

Before Demi Lovato defended herself from Simon Cowell on The X Factor, she needed to defend herself from T-Bag on Prison Break. How cute was the 13 year old in that 1996 episode?


Do Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens have something to tell us?
March 3rd, 2014 under Disney Kids, Do they have something to tell us?, High School Musical. [ Comments: none ]

Selena Gomez Instagrammed this photo of Vanessa Hudgens and her looking quite cozy at an Oscar party and I wonder if the two Disney Darlings have something to tell us? Nope, as The Wizards of Waverly Place star explained, “@vanessahudgens my only, official party buddy for life ;) 💜”. Too bad because I am sure there are a lot of boys who would like see these two Spring Breakers get it on.


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