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Taylor Swift wants to be Kanye West’s running mate in 2020?
September 4th, 2015 under Kanye West, Taylor Swift. [ Comments: 1 ]

On Sunday night at the VMAs, Kanye West declared he will be running for President in 2020. Today, after receiving white roses in a box shape from him, Taylor Swift hinted she would like to be his running mate. The singer hastagged, “#KanTay2020” in her thank you Tweet to him.
So will he pick her to be his VP in 4 years? If he is smart he will, but since he’s Kanye he won’t. Chances are he’ll be the VP to his real candidate of choice Beyonce.
Now back to Taylor, I have some bad news for her. She will not be old enough to run with him in 2020. You have to be 35 to run for that office and she will only be 30 in 5 years. So the earliest she could be his Vice President will be 2028, do you think he can wait 13 years for her to be his #2? Will we even care about them in 13 years?


What do you mean Kanye West dances to Justin Bieber?
September 2nd, 2015 under Justin Bieber, Kanye West. [ Comments: none ]

So I did not watch the MTV VMAs because I am sick of looking at Miley Cyrus’ nearly naked body and I knew they were going to suck. Well, Justin Bieber shared the only thing that was worth watching from Sunday night’s Awards show on Instagram. While the Beebs was pouring out his heart on stage, Kanye West was getting down to What Do You Mean?. He was dancing like no one was watching, but the cameras caught him moving like Taylor Swift. Even she was like Kanye, I am going to stop you right there before you embarrass yourself. But it was too late and the 2020 Presidential candidate proved he can’t dance. Lucky for him, we’ve learned from several past Presidents, that is not a requirement.


Kanye West even looks mean when he sleeps
August 10th, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

You know how most people look peaceful when they sleep? Well not Kanye West. He looks just as mean as when he is awake. Which I guess seem fitting.
Now, when it comes to his wife Kim Kardashian, she needs to stop sticking out her tongue in photos. She looks so stupid. Who told her it looks good? If she keeps doing it, then I will picture her putting it on a pole on an ice cold day.


This almost makes me like Kanye West
June 22nd, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, was Father’s Day and Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her husband, Kanye West, reading to their daughter. That tender moment almost makes me think he isn’t all bad. Then, I just imagined that it was just photo-op for the holiday because that is just how the Kardashians work. Right?
Oh and Kim also confirmed that North West is going to have a baby brother by Christmas.


June 15th, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: 1 ]

Kim Kardashian shared some photos from her daughter’s Baptism in Israel.
The first thing I thought of when I saw the closer-up photo, is that it looks like one of tacky renditions of Mary you would find in a downtown flea market somewhere. You know the type of place that sells black velvet Last Supper paintings that light up. Have you seen those?
Then I looked at the photo with Kanye West in a white shirt and pants next to everyone and everything in color and it was like the perfect picture for his Yeezus complex. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hired a painter to paint these photos and hang them up over their fireplace.


Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West into kinky stuff?
June 8th, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: 3 ]

Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself with Kanye West strapped down in a blindfold, so are they into doing kinky things in the bedroom? We don’t know for sure because that was just her taking him to his birthday surprise at Staples Center.


Will Kanye West be part of President Obama’s next Mean Tweets?
March 13th, 2015 under Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

President Barack Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and the ABC late night host had him read some Mean Tweets that were written about him.
Missing from those Tweets was Kanye West, but come the next edition he might be part of it. Why? When Kimmel asked him if it is true that the President called Mr Kim Kardashian on his home phone, Obama said, “I’ve met Kanye twice. The first time when I was a Senator. He was with his mom and he’d just gotten big. He was from Chicago. They wanted to meet. He was very soft spoken, very gracious.” Kimmel interrupted him and said, “That sounds like him.” To which the President responded with, “He was a young guy. He hadn’t quite come into his own.”
Then the Commander-in-Chief went back to answering the question, “About six months ago, he came to an event. Look, I love his music. He’s incredibly creative. I don’t think I have his home number.”
Kanye is not going to like that the President of the United States called him out for lying. How much so? We will just have to tune into JKL next Friday, when the rapper is a guest on the show from Austin, Tx.
If you missed President Obama reading Mean Tweets, then click here!


Kanye West almost Kanye’d Beck’s speech
February 9th, 2015 under Kanye West. [ Comments: none ]

It seems like Kanye West married the wrong woman because he has defended Beyonce’s honor more than he has his own wife Kim Kardashian.
Yesterday, at the Grammys when Beck beat out Beyonce for Album of the Year, Kanye went onto to the stage about to do the same thing he did when Taylor Swift beat her out. Then, just as he was about to do it again, he stopped himself and jumped off the stage. People thought he was joking around, but he told E! afterwards he was serious.
He told his sister-in-law Khloe Kardashin and E!’s after party:

“I don’t know what he said, all I know is if the Grammys want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t gonna play with them no more. ‘Flawless,’ Beyoncé video. Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé, and at this point, we tired of it,” ‘Ye began to say with his usual intensity.
“Because what happens is, when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in the face after they deliver monumental feats of music, you’re disrespectful to inspiration and we as musicians have to inspire people who go to work every day and they listen to that Beyoncé album and they feel like it takes them to another place.
“Then they do this whole promotional event, they’ll run the music over somebody’s speech, the artist, because they want commercial advertising. Like, no, we not playing with them no more. By the way, I got my wife, my daughter and my clothing line, so I’m not going to do nothing to put my daughter at risk but I am here to fight for creativity. That’s the reason why I didn’t say anything tonight. But you all know what it meant when ‘Ye walks on the stage.”

The best part of his rant (which I can’t share with you because E! makes embedding their video so hard) is that Khloe eggs him on. I wonder if she is doing that to be supportive or to get rid of him? I am hoping the latter! When it comes to Kim, her face says it all. When it comes to Beyonce, this album was far from her best work and didn’t deserve the Grammy for it. When it comes to Beck, who even knew he had a new album out and was recording new music?
Forgetting about all of that, Beck handled almost being Kanye’d brilliantly. In fact, his response during a post-show interview with Access Hollywood is admirable. He said, “I was excited. I was disappointed that he walked off away because it was a tease. It’s like come on; I want a Kanye moment here.” Then he added, “I wish he stayed.”
But he didn’t, I guess Kim is having an effect of her husband. Which kind of bums Beck and me out because I wanted to see him be the dick we have seen him be in the past. If the Grammys gave out a Dick of the Year Award, I think he would win every year.
What do you think of what Kanye did to Beck?


BTWF home videos: Kanye West’s school speech
January 20th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Kanye West. [ Comments: none ]

Before Kanye West was giving long speeches in front of thousands of people in arenas all over the world, he was reading a poem in front of 10s of people at John H. Vanderpoel Elementary. He is just as full of himself now as he was when he was 12 years old in 1990.


This is the best that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have looked!
January 19th, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: 3 ]

Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West went skiing and the couple, who have last longer than 77 days, bundled up for the cold. Since we can’t see their faces, I say it is the best I have ever seen them look.


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