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The most depressing family photo
February 11th, 2016 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

The Kardashians trekked all the way to NYC to support their sister Kim Kadashian‘s husband Kanye West’s album listening party/fashion show at Madison Square Garden. As a reward to them, he made them wear his clothes and pose in them. They look as thrilled as, well, they look absolutely miserable. Then again if I were surrounded by all of those drab colors, I would be depressed too.
The last time I saw all those colors together like that is when I would drive up to Santa Clarita a few months ago and all the hills were the same color as his clothes because it hadn’t rained in a almost a year. Which means they were covered with inches of mud and dust. Now that it has rained, they are now green and full of life. Maybe Kanye should add some life to his walking dead fashion line.


Is this the Pablo that Kanye West named his album after?
February 11th, 2016 under Kanye West. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since Kanye West announced that the name of his album is The Life of Pablo, people have wanted to know, “Who is Pablo?”
Pablo Schreiber, Pornstache from Orange Is the New Black and the psycho who kidnapped Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU, took to Twitter to claim he is that Pablo.
He Tweeted, “I would like to thank @kanyewest for his upcoming album about my life. It’s an amazing collaboration and I’m honored to be a part of it…” Then he added, “First Hip-hop album to detail the experiences of a white kid growing up in rural Canada with a Hispanic name. #LIFEOFPABLO”, “Raw, gritty and unedited. The trials and tribulations of a semi-recognizable actor; from cold readings to craft services. #LIFEOFPABLO”, “Grew up pretty comfortable, Lots of food on the table. Now I go to parent teacher meetings when I’m able. #LIFEOFPABLO #Outtakes” and “All my friends are famous, all my exes are hot. But I still get super paranoid when I smoke pot. #LIFEOFPABLO #RhymesThatYeezyCut”.
After all of that, do you think he is that Pablo? If he is, then his half brother Liev Schriber must be so jealous. No one named an album after him.


Is this the name of Kanye West’s new album?
February 9th, 2016 under Kanye West. [ Comments: none ]

Kanye West changes the name of his upcoming album as often as he changes his underwear, so we have no idea what it is really going to be called.
Today, he Tweeted, “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!,” and I am assuming that’s the title he is going with now. I mean, who actually thinks he isn’t guilty?
But then again, this is the man who thinks his new album is the greatest one of all time before it is even released. I think Michael Jackson’s Thriller won’t be thrilled with that assessment or The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band or Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA or Whitney Houston’s self titled album. Should I go on? Nevermind by Nirvana.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have made their son a Saint
December 7th, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Two days after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s second child graced us all with his presence, the proud parents released the name of their holy child. They named their son Saint because they are that full of themselves. Did we expect any less from them? I mean, his cousin’s name is Reign. Those poor boys.


Kim Kardashian gave birth to South East
December 5th, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: 1 ]

Kim Kardashian can stop complaining about being pregnant because she announced on her site that she gave birth to her son this morning. As of now Kanye West and her baby boy does not have a name, but I am sure he will have one soon. One we will most likeky laugh at like we did North.


Taylor Swift wants to be Kanye West’s running mate in 2020?
September 4th, 2015 under Kanye West, Taylor Swift. [ Comments: 1 ]

On Sunday night at the VMAs, Kanye West declared he will be running for President in 2020. Today, after receiving white roses in a box shape from him, Taylor Swift hinted she would like to be his running mate. The singer hastagged, “#KanTay2020” in her thank you Tweet to him.
So will he pick her to be his VP in 4 years? If he is smart he will, but since he’s Kanye he won’t. Chances are he’ll be the VP to his real candidate of choice Beyonce.
Now back to Taylor, I have some bad news for her. She will not be old enough to run with him in 2020. You have to be 35 to run for that office and she will only be 30 in 5 years. So the earliest she could be his Vice President will be 2028, do you think he can wait 13 years for her to be his #2? Will we even care about them in 13 years?


What do you mean Kanye West dances to Justin Bieber?
September 2nd, 2015 under Justin Bieber, Kanye West. [ Comments: none ]

So I did not watch the MTV VMAs because I am sick of looking at Miley Cyrus’ nearly naked body and I knew they were going to suck. Well, Justin Bieber shared the only thing that was worth watching from Sunday night’s Awards show on Instagram. While the Beebs was pouring out his heart on stage, Kanye West was getting down to What Do You Mean?. He was dancing like no one was watching, but the cameras caught him moving like Taylor Swift. Even she was like Kanye, I am going to stop you right there before you embarrass yourself. But it was too late and the 2020 Presidential candidate proved he can’t dance. Lucky for him, we’ve learned from several past Presidents, that is not a requirement.


Kanye West even looks mean when he sleeps
August 10th, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

You know how most people look peaceful when they sleep? Well not Kanye West. He looks just as mean as when he is awake. Which I guess seem fitting.
Now, when it comes to his wife Kim Kardashian, she needs to stop sticking out her tongue in photos. She looks so stupid. Who told her it looks good? If she keeps doing it, then I will picture her putting it on a pole on an ice cold day.


This almost makes me like Kanye West
June 22nd, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, was Father’s Day and Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her husband, Kanye West, reading to their daughter. That tender moment almost makes me think he isn’t all bad. Then, I just imagined that it was just photo-op for the holiday because that is just how the Kardashians work. Right?
Oh and Kim also confirmed that North West is going to have a baby brother by Christmas.


June 15th, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: 1 ]

Kim Kardashian shared some photos from her daughter’s Baptism in Israel.
The first thing I thought of when I saw the closer-up photo, is that it looks like one of tacky renditions of Mary you would find in a downtown flea market somewhere. You know the type of place that sells black velvet Last Supper paintings that light up. Have you seen those?
Then I looked at the photo with Kanye West in a white shirt and pants next to everyone and everything in color and it was like the perfect picture for his Yeezus complex. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hired a painter to paint these photos and hang them up over their fireplace.


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