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Joey McIntyre takes a ball to the balls!
February 7th, 2017 under Joey Lawrence, NKOTB. [ Comments: none ]

Joey McIntyre is returning to television as the star of a sitcom where he plays a loose version of himself. Beginning on April 12th his show Return of the Mac debuts on Pop TV and it sounds like it has all the right stuff.
The scripted show stars his real life family wife Barrett and their three children, Griffin, 8, Rhys, 6, and Kira, 5, as he tries for a comeback by hosting a talk show on Comfy TV. Along with his family appearing, so will several other ’90s heartthrobs Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy, Joey Lawrence, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and Jack Osbourne. With a lineup like that is there any reason not tune in? I know will be hanging tough until it premieres.


Do you think Joey McIntyre is a Patriots fan?
February 1st, 2017 under NKOTB. [ Comments: none ]

As we all know, Joey McIntrye and New Kids on the Block are from Boston. Bostonians, as we know, are wicked fans of the New England Patriots. The Pats are once again in the Super Bowl, and the youngest member of NKOTB is there to support them in Houston.
Although, I am not sure he dressed up to support the right Patriots? I mean if it was 1776, then he is right on. Otherwise, the Yankee might be in trouble.
But hey, he gets an A for effort! Although A could also be for the Atlanta Falcons. It is things like that that can make Northerners and Southerners get into a Civil War.
In all seriousness, I think he has the right stuff, hanging tough in that get up!


Is Donnie Wahlberg trying to kill Jenny McCarthy!
December 29th, 2016 under NKOTB. [ Comments: none ]

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy went New Year’s Eve shopping at Party City the other day, and the singer decided to prank his wife while she was looking at some items there. He grabbed one of those exploding champagne bottles of confetti, quietly sneaked up behind her and opened it up. She jumped so high, that you know he is in bigger trouble than she said he is in.
Actually now that I think about, who is going to kill who? Is she going to kill him or is he trying to kill her? Which scenario are you hoping for?


I wouldn’t want to go shopping with Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy!
December 26th, 2016 under NKOTB. [ Comments: none ]

Donnie Wahlberg and his wife Jenny McCarthy went shopping for their New Year’s Eve party at Party City and looks like they already got into the bubbly. The two were more hyper than most people actually are when the ball drops down. Which I guess is a good thing, but I need alcohol and lots of it to take that much energy on any given day,
Now having said all of that, I so want to party at their place on December 31st. Jenny and Donnie give me a call!


An ’80s girl’s wet dream!
December 12th, 2016 under 80s, NKOTB, Wet dream. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the late ’80s, a girl would have loved to have seen The Wonder Years’ Kevin Arnold and the youngest member of New Kids on the Block together, but it never happened. Now nearly 30 years later, it finally happened. Joey McIntyre and Fred Savage put on some ugly Christmas sweaters and gave us this wonderful picture.
This is what Christmas is all about! Making wet dreams come true!


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