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Kaley Cuoco is gonna wash that man right out of her hair
September 28th, 2015 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

On Friday, Kaley Cuoco announced that she is divorcing her husband of less than two years. Then over the weekend she shared a photo of herself holding some shampoo and conditioner. So you have to wonder if she watched South Pacific and started singing I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right of My Hair. At least that is what I do after I break up with a man. There is just something so cathartic about washing your hair and singing that song after a split.


Did a Big Bang get Johnny Galecki in trouble?
May 4th, 2015 under Chuck Lorre, Do they have something to tell us?. [ Comments: 1 ]

Johnny Galecki posted a photo of himself sitting on the edge of a bed in a fetal position holding a pillow with a woman cow tied behind him, so does he have something to tell us? As he explained, “A photograph can tell a million stories. Thanks to the always-game-for-the-sake-of-art badass that is @cheri_keating.”
What do you think is one of those million stories behind the photo?


CBS is still working with 2 Broke Girls, Mom and Mike & Molly
March 12th, 2015 under 2 Broke Girls, Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: 3 ]

CBS announced today that 2 Broke Girls, Mom and Mike & Molly will all be back on their line up next season with The Big Bang Theory. The news is not a surprise because all three comedies are doing well in the ratings and have all had strong seasons. What I am surprised about is that the Eye didn’t also pick up The Odd Couple that has been retaining most of TBBT’s audience. I am sure the Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon starrer will be back next season because the show definitely found its focus midway through the second episode.
Granted that is if CBS wants to do more than two hours of comedy every week, which I hope that they do. I think the murder network needs a few more laughs on their air and a lot less death.


Kaley Cuoco is really starting to look like her dog!
February 24th, 2015 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

They say that dog owners start to look like their dogs over time and I think we can all agree that Kaley Cuoco and Norm look like twins when they yawn. I can’t tell which is the Big Bang Theory star and which one would rather star on the Big Bark Theory. Can you?


Did a birthday wish from Jon Cryer keep Two and a Half Men on for 12 years?
February 19th, 2015 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on CBS, it is time to say goodbye to Two and a Half Men. Jon Cryer has been there since day one, and I recently spoke to him, at the Warner Bros. TCA Event honoring the show’s creator Chuck Lorre, about his time on the show. In the 12 years since the show started, both Jon Cryer and Alan Harper have been through a lot. While things have not been that good for the latter, Cryer talked about the good things that happened to him since he made a little wish.
Before he started working on Two and a Half Men, Cryer never had a show go to a second season. So I wanted to know what it was like when he heard the show got picked up for season two. He said, “A massive relief!” Then he shared a story, “We shot the pilot and it happened to fall on my birthday, April 16th. They brought out a massive sheet cake and I jokingly said when I blew out the candles, ‘I wish in 10 years we are all still here.” Then he added, “I was mostly right.”
Just like that change of casting was a surprise, he has this to say about the show, “I never knew where this was going to go and it surprised me. It was a wonderful surprise the whole way.” Talking about surprises, did you know there was a time they were thinking of making Alan Harper gay because his character screwed up all of the heterosexual relationships? As we know that didn’t happen. Even though that didn’t happen, they did give Alan a heart attack and a nervous breakdown instead.
Sounds like a lot of emotional pain for his character to go through, but what about all the physical torture that they put Alan through. Has he ever been hurt? He said, “No I haven’t been hurt. We’ve lit my crotch on fire, I fell off the roof, I did that stuff.” So how did he escape ever being injured? He says that they have a fantastic stunt coordinator, Eddie Braun. Why does he do his own stunts? He explained, “I do it because a lot of the time, part of the comedy, is you have to see that it’s that guy (that’s getting hurt).” Then he added, “Every now and again there’s stuff that’s just too crazy (for me to do).”
Cryer made a crazy revelation midway through the show’s run. Two and a Half men has been 12 years of his life, which is a lot for anybody, and people go through changes in that amount of time. He shared with us a moment during the 6th or 7th season, “Charlie (Sheen), Chuck (Lorre), Lee (Aransohn) and I were all standing around having a conference about some issue with the show that week. And I looked at all of us, and said, ‘All of us were married to different people when we started this show.’” Then he added, “We went through a lot of living during the course of this thing.”
So after giving this show a dozen years of his life, what is he going to miss and what won’t he? He is going to miss coming to work with all of these “lovely people” that includes the actors and the crew. What he’s not going to miss, is being comedically nude so often.
While Alan was nude or his tighty whities a lot through the show’s run, there was one outfit he wore this season that I had to know more about. One of the great things that happened for us longtime of fans of Jon Cryer was to see him dressed as Duckie again. I needed to know what that was like for him. He said, “That was terrifying.” The reason why he felt that way, was to him, “There is nothing sadder than an old desiccated version of a teenager.” So what convinced him to do it, “We put it on and it was a very iffy moment. We took a bunch of Polaroids and we decided we can get away with this.” Get away with it they did and so much more. I think he looked the same and as when he played the loveable character back in 1986, if not better.
While I have that to take away from the show (among many other laughs and memories), what is one of his biggest takeaways from he got from being on one of the longest running sitcoms to ever air on television. One of things he wanted from his Hollywood career is that someday the guards would know him when he drove onto the lot. They got know him and yet they still gave him crap when he forgot his pass.
While he might’ve forgotten to bring his pass a few times, we will never forget what he brought to Two and a Half Men as Alan Harper.
Thank you for all of the laughs throughout the years, Jon Cryer. Not only just for Alan Harper, but also for your many many many other roles. You are part of Hollywood history and it has been nice to see how you have become a staple on it.
While we are saying goodbye to Alan Harper tonight, we will soon be saying hello to his next memorable character.


Ashton Kutcher has a enormous prosthetic penis in his trailer!
February 18th, 2015 under Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore, Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: 2 ]

Tomorrow night at 9p on CBS, it is sadly the season finale for Two and Half Men. A few weeks ago, I was at a Warner Bros event honoring Chuck Lorre and the casts of his sitcoms talked about their shows. Someone wanted to know what Conchata Ferrell thought it was like to work with Ashton Kutcher.
Ferrell, who has played the housekeeper on the show since the first season, described the first time he appeared on it. Alan (Jon Cryer) was holding his dead brother’s ashes in a jar, when he accidentally flung them in the air. Through the cloud of Charlie Harper’s ashes, Walden Schmidt (Kutcher) suddenly appears and she said it was breathtaking.
That was the first we all saw him, but that was not when her character met her new boss. She shared that story, “first time I met Walden, he was totally naked, and I was charmed. It was easy to be charmed.”
That lead in to Cryer being asked about what is his weirdest memory of working with his husband on the show. For him, it was, “The moment I actually knew Ashton was totally going to fit in on the show was in the pilot.” Then he explained, “We were faced with an odd problem where he (Kutcher) had to be naked, and the audience had to see him, but we didn’t want to put the little flesh colored undies on him, because then the joke wouldn’t work, because the whole point was he had to be naked.” Then he added, “So we didn’t know how to do that in front of a live audience. And we were all sort of going back, and the writers and everybody, and there was, like, this just incredible agonizing over what are we going to do in front of the audience, what are we going to do, and then Ashton piped in, ‘Oh, I happen to have an enormous prosthetic penis in my trailer.’” Once the newest man on the show said that, Cryer knew he was going to fit in.
I bet you are wondering, why did he have a huge prosthetic penis in his trailer? It was a prop from his MTV show Punk’d. Kutcher then chimed in and said Cryer didn’t have to tell us why because “That’s mysterious. Leave it that way, Jon.” Even though it was supposed to be mysterious, Kutcher wound up sharing that, “It wasn’t my penis, it was somebody else’s penis.” Cryer then summed it all up with, “That was a weird moment.” While Kutcher ended the discussion, with these choice words, “Yeah. Top that, folks.Top that.” Nobody could and nobody ever will be.
When it comes to will the show go out on top, Chuck Lorre said, “I think we’re going to have a finale that you’ll be very, very pleased with. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.” We will just have to tune in tomorrow at 9p to find out. Knowing how hysterical the show has been through its run, I am sure we are not going to have another Seinfeld on our hands.


You really really want to watch The Big Bang Theory tonight!
February 5th, 2015 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight’s The Big Bang Theory on CBS at 8p is one you don’t want to miss.
Leonard comes up with the theory to something (I don’t understand) and shares it with Sheldon. Sheldon writes a paper on it and asks his roommate if he wants to publish their Physics paper. He agrees and then they wait to see what the Science community thinks about it. When someone bashes the paper, Sheldon starts and online fight with the critic. Wait until you see who it is???
While the boys are dealing with an online bully, the girls are finding out about the most embarrassing secrets. One by one each of them will have something revealed about them that they don’t want to anyone to know. I think you can tell that Bernadette’s is the worse, but can you guess why it is that way?
I promise you, you don’t want to miss a single second of the episode that will have you laughing from the beginning until the end.


Was the chemistry always there for Mike & Molly?
February 2nd, 2015 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8:30p, Mike & Molly celebrates its 100th episode on CBS.
A big reason why this sitcom is reaching this magic number is because of the chemistry between the cast. Was it there from day 1? Recently I was at the Warner Bros TCA Winter Press Day Event, and Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell talked about just that. Molly said that the whole cast hit it off immediately. Then she added, “We had a feeling after the first show that we’d been together about three years.”
That is how they felt when they all started filming the pilot, but for the two leads it happened even earlier. They knew as soon as they tested for the roles. Melissa explained that she was very pregnant at the time and she “waddled in” to meet her potential onscreen lover. Gardell took it from there, “We had each read with the other Mike and the other Molly, and then we read together.” Then he added, “Look, they found me in a comedy club in Houston. But I knew nothing about casting television, but I knew when we read it there was just you can’t wish for that. And you can’t just go, I want that to happen.”
That happened time and time again when the other cast members like Reno Wilson, Swoosie Kurtz and Katy Mixon read for their parts.
Gardell concluded the question by saying, “We stayed that way through five years, and I think it comes through. We all get along, and we really love each other.” A love you can see when you tune in every Monday a 8:30p.


Mom loses someone tonight and gains my respect
January 22nd, 2015 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight’s Mom at 8:30p on CBS get serious when someone close to them dies.
Now that Christy’s (Anna Farris) dad (Kevin Pollak) is back in her life, things seem to be going so much better for her. They are even better for her mom, Bonnie (Allison Janney), who has rekindled that fire that gave them Christy all those years ago. Bonnie doesn’t want to let him go again, so she rents him the apartment next to her family’s so he can be close to all of them.
Then they all get some bad news that someone they love has died. The loss is so hard on Bonnie, she is thinking of taking up drinking again. Will Christy be able to convince her mom to put down the bottle before it is too late?
I have heard great things about Mom, but I never watched it until this episode. Now, I get what everyone is talking about. This show brings the emotion and the heart, but also adds the right amount of comedy to make it a sitcom everyone can love and appreciate.


Kaley Cuoco lets her big bangs go free!
January 12th, 2015 under Chuck Lorre. [ Comments: 8 ]

Kaley Cuoco modeled her new comfy tank top for the World Wide Web to see and she forgot to put on bra. We know this because it is cold night in LA tonight and it shows.


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