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Outlander’s Sam Heughan’s carpet doesn’t match the drapes
April 8th, 2016 under Live with Kelly and Michael, Starz!. [ Comments: none ]

Sam Heughan was on Live with Kelly and Michael today and Kelly Ripa wanted to know if it is true that he is not a ginger. The Outlander star told her, “I am not a Gingy, I am a dirty dirty blond.” That revelation was too much for Fred Savage and the audience to handle.
What I want to know, is what else about him is also dirty dirty?
When it comes to the beautiful period drama, it will finally be back on Starz this Sunday.


Blunt Talk is crazy, just not crazy enough!
August 22nd, 2015 under Sir Patrick Stewart/Sir Ian McKellen, Starz!. [ Comments: none ]

When I heard that the lovable Sir Patrick Stewart was going to play an television anchor who is on the verge of losing it, I got excited for Blunt Talk that debuts at 9p on Starz tonight. Then I saw the first two episodes, and I was disappointed.
Walter Blunt is the anchor of a nightly news show and his ratings are declining. He’s afraid that they are going to fire him, so he is drinking more than usual. One night when he assistant Harry is sleeping in the backseat, he has too much to drink. He goes for a drive picks up a prostitute and gets caught by the police. But he doesn’t just get arrested, he causes an over the top scene that gets caught by cameras. Now everyone knows about the arrest and he needs to save his job.
Now that would be fun if they threw caution to the wind, but they didn’t. They hold back too much and what could’ve been a wild and crazy show, is just there. It’s like going out with your friends for a night you will never forget and having one glass of wine. Boring, right? This show is on Starz and it should the wildest show on TV, and not something that should be broadcast. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll gets it right on FX, and this show gets it wrong. So if you have nothing else to watch tonight, then I say watch this. But sadly, you can skip it and you won’t be missing anything. Which is a shame because Sir Patrick Stewart deserves so much more than this.


Magic City is a magical place where you will want to live every Friday night
April 6th, 2012 under Starz!. [ Comments: none ]

Anyone who has been to Miami knows it is a magical place, and we have heard from relatives that the late ’50s were a magical time. Tonight at 10p Starz! combines the two for Magic City.
The Miramar Hotel is the hottest spot in Miami and Ike Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan – a role he was born to play) is running the joint. While everything seems beautiful on the outside, things inside are a much different story. Mobster Ben Diamond (Danny Huston) is back in town and he wants control of the hotel, but Evans isn’t willing to give him everything he wants. This probably isn’t a good decision on his part because Diamond is crazy and has no regards for life and will kill anything and anyone that crosses his path the wrong way.
Besides dealing with Diamond, Evans has to do deal with his wife, two grown up sons, a coming of age daughter, Cuban workers with family stuck in their native land trying to get out, the union wanting the hotel unionized and people suddenly going missing. Will he be able to manage all of that like he manages the hotel? You will have to tune to find out in this retro drama that is filled with sex, booze and blood. Just like Miami was and always will be behind the glitz of it all.


Find out the Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis tonight!
December 17th, 2011 under Starz!. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Encore get to know the Method to the Madness that we know as Jerry Lewis. For two hours you will get an exclusive in-depth look at the career of Jerry Lewis through his eyes and the eyes of the A-List celebrities that admire him, desire to be him and learned so much from him. The Hey Lady guy shares with us how it all began to where his career is now with clips from his acts, movies and never-before-scene behind-the-scenes of his most famous works. Along with his interesting and educational stories, several A-Listers like Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, Carol Burnett, Steven Spielberg, Chevy Chase, Richard Lewis, Carl Reiner, Quentin Tarantino Woody Harrelson and Alec Baldwin took part in this documentary. It is very rare you see a lot of those names (especially Eddie) talk about anyone besides themselves on camera, but they did it for the comedic legend.
You will learn just how groudbreaking he was and what he did for comedy as a whole. I never realized how much he did and just appreciated his body of work, but this documentary makes you see him in a new light. It is amazing all the the things did and how he did it. Like how he would create the sounds, makes the faces, use music to make a scene better and so on. You will learn of a scene that he did that landed him in the hospital and so much more.
Whether you are a fan of his not, this is a must watch documentary to anyone who loves Hollywood because his influence is still seen today. So watch it to see how his madness created so much of what we see today. Well that and it is an enjoyable two hours that will leave you laughing!


Is this a promo for Kelsey Grammer’s new show or a letter to his ex?
June 14th, 2011 under Starz!. [ Comments: none ]

Starz! has released a preview from Kelsey Grammer’s new show Boss that is coming in October and I am not sure if it is a promo or a letter to his ex-wife Camille? What do you think?
BTW here is a description of the show, “Mayor Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammer) sits like a spider at the center of Chicago’s web of power; a web built on a covenant with the people. They want to be led; they want disputes settled, jobs dispensed, and loyalties rewarded. If he achieves through deception and troubling morality, so be it. As long as he gets the job done, they look the other way. Yet despite being the most effective mayor in recent history, a degenerative brain disorder is ripping everything away from him. He can’t trust his memory, his closest allies, or even himself.” I wasn’t sure if you learned he was a Chicago Mayor with a degenerative brain disorder from that preview, so I thought I would share the synopsis with you.


Jane Lynch gets married on Party Down tonight!
June 25th, 2010 under Starz!. [ Comments: none ]

Jane Lynch returns to Party Down on tonight’s season finale at 10p on Starz; but instead of working with them, she has hired them to cater her wedding to a very rich much older guy played by Alex Rocco. All of her ex-co-workers and his daughter played by Still Standing’s Jennifer Irwin are trying to top them from getting because no one trusts the other ones motives. Will they stop the wedding or will it go on without a hitch? You have to tune for an ending you will not see coming and to watch the funniest episode of the season if not the whole series!
Party Down is the funniest show that no one is watching, so why not make it the funniest show some people are watching tonight at 10p on Starz!


Jason Lewis is surrounded by Head Cases on Starz! tonight!
March 5th, 2008 under Starz!. [ Comments: none ]

I can’t wait to see why Jason Lewis needed to see a shrink, maybe trying to figure why women attack him like that!
See what his issue is on tonight’s Head Case on Starz! at 11:30p!


Joel Madden is a Head Case!
February 12th, 2008 under Good Charlotte, Starz!. [ Comments: none ]

I love that Joel Madden has an oral fixation on tomorrow night’s Head Case on Starz! at 10p. Maybe if he had more of an oral fixation about 10 months ago he would not have Harlow now! LOL!




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