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Do the dance of joy because the Perfect Strangers’ cousins reunited!
April 24th, 2017 under Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

It has been almost 24 years since Perfect Strangers ended its 8 season run on ABC. Even though, Bronson Pinchot and Mark-Linn Baker have remained friends since the show ended in 1993, they have not done any press together since then. Last week, they did a radio interview together for 106.7 and talked about their time on the beloved sitcom.

Proving that Cousin Larry and Balki would still be living together after all of these years. So much so, I think they should do a revival of the show. This time instead of it taking place in Chicago, why not have it so that Cousin Larry moves in with Balki in Mypos. Larry is recently divorced and the kids have all moved out, so he is moving in with his cousin just like Balki did in 1986. I’d watch, would you?

To watch their Facebook Live chat, then click here!


It won’t be a cruel summer because Bananarama is reuniting!
April 24th, 2017 under 80s, Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

Before there was TLC and Destiny’s Child, there was Banananarama. The all female trio topped the charts in the ’80s with their songs Cruel Summer and Venus and it looked like they had many years ahead of them. Then in 1989, a year after their last live show, Siobhan Fahey quit the band after some in fighting.

I heard a rumor that says fast forward to this past Christmas, Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin called their long lost bandmate and suddenly there is a tour was in the works. Fahey told The Sun, “It’s pretty nerve wracking for me, it was 29 years ago that I left so I’m rusty to say the least.” Even though she might be a little rusty, she felt the time is right for the reunion that has been almost 30 years in the making.

This Wednesday, tickets go on sale in The UK for dates starting in November. But if Robert De Niro’s Waiting has been for all of this time for it to happen, then we can wait another 6 months to see them live again.

Hopefully, Bananarama will cross the pond because I would love to see them here in The US!


Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett together again!
March 27th, 2017 under Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

Back when Vicki Lawrence was in high school, she sent Carol Burnett a letter saying that the two of them looked alike. Burnett needed someone to play her sister on her upcoming Variety show and she hired her pen pal. Thus, changing Larwence’s life forever.

Now, almost 50 years later, the two funny red heads are still celebrating their birthdays together. Here’s to them enjoying at least 50 more together because they still look great!

You know if CBS was smart, they would do a reunion show with Carol, Vicki, Tim Conway and Lyle Waggoner. I bet you the four of them could still be as hilarious as they were back when they did The Carol Burnett Show all those years ago. And TV needs that and them.


A mini Taxi reunion!
March 8th, 2017 under Danny DeVito, Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

Taxi is my all time favorite show, so whenever I see any of the actors anywhere it brings a massive smile to my face. Imagine how happy I was when I saw that Reverend Jim and Louie DePalma were hanging out like they were best of friends. Not the mean boss, who couldn’t stop picking on his lovable druggie cab driver.

Why Christopher Lloyd and Danny DeVito were hanging out, I don’t know. In fact, I don’t care. But I think it is time for a Taxi reunion because this show is the funniest and wittiest sitcom to ever grace out televisions. I have seen each episode over 100 times and I still laugh as hard each time I watch it. So brilliant and ahead of its time.


An A Walk to Remember reunion!
February 6th, 2017 under Mandy Moore, Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

When it comes to the Nicholas Sparks’ movies, A Walk to Remember is my favorite one by far. I always wondered what would’ve happened if Jamie didn’t die and Landon and her were still together today.
Just days after the tearjerker celebrated its 15th anniversary (Can you believe it?), the film’s stars’ Mandy Moore and Shane West, and the director Adam Shankman reunited and we got this fabulous picture. Seeing what it would be like if they actually had a happy ending brings a smile to my face!
Don’t you just love seeing them together again?


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