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A mini-Fame reunion!
July 18th, 2017 under Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

Over the weekend, some of the alumni from Fame got together and we got this awesome photo of the trio. Cynthia Gibb, Erica Gimpel and Valerie Landsburg celebrated their 33 year friendship and they look just as close now as they did when they were singing, dancing and acting at their performing arts high school back in the ’80s!

Seriously, don’t they look amazing? Seeing how Holly, Coco and Doris looked like back then above how they look now, you can tell that aged beautifully! They are all quadruple threats, singers, dancers, actors and beauties! Maybe they can do a Fame reunion and they go back to their old school and lecture the new students! Would you watch that? I would!


A Leave It to Beaver reunion!
July 13th, 2017 under Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

60 years ago, Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow started playing TV brothers in a little show called Leave It to Beaver and over the weekend the two of them reunited at The Hollywood Show. How amazing is it to see The Beave and Wally together like that? It is a relationship like theirs that proves why their show is still in syndication after 6 decades. They were not faking it for the cameras like so many actors do.


A mini Charles in Charge reunion!
July 3rd, 2017 under Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

Remember on Charles in Charge, that Charles’ best friend and his girlfriend did not get along? Well in real life, Buddy Lembeck and Gwendolyn Pierce aka Willie Aames and Jennifer Runyon are the best of friends. Can you believe it has been 32 years since they have worked together on that sitcom because they both look just as good now as they did then. Seriously, can you believe that he is 56 and she is 57 because they still look like they did in the ’80s!

You know what? They should bring Charles in Charge back with Buddy and Gwendolyn as a happily married couple and they hire an unemployed Charles to be their manny for their children. Our TVs need to be zapped with this revival!


Surely you can’t be serious, it’s an Airplane reunion. Don’t call me Shirley!
June 21st, 2017 under 80s, Jill Whelan, Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1980, Airplane! made audiences laugh like they never laughed before. Now, almost 37 years later, some of the cast and the director reunited at a charity event for The Achievable Foundation last week.

The reunion included Frank Ashmore (Victor Basta, he was in the cockpit), Lorna Patterson (Randy the Stewardess), Robert Hays (Ted Striker, the man who saved the day), Lee Bryant (Mrs. Hammen, the woman people lined up to slap after she loses it), David Zucker (Director), Joyce Bulifant (Mrs Davis, the mother of a sick child), Jill Whelan (Lisa Davis, the sick child who almost got killed by a guitar playing nun).

Seeing them all together like that makes me wish they would finally do Airplane 3. They do not make parody movies like that anymore. Granted, we do not have Leslie Nielsen anymore, but Hays and Julie Hagerty also have something special when it comes to comedic timing. And that is no Jive talk that the late Barbara Billingsley could translate for us.

I am off to watch Airplane for the millionth time because just like the actors, it never gets old.


Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher soar to new heights!
June 20th, 2017 under Desperate Housewives, Reunions, Superman/Spider-Man. [ Comments: none ]

Even though it has been 20 years and 6 days since Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman aired its series finale that does not mean that the two leads stopped taking their friendship to new heights. Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher are in Sydney for a convention and decided to do the BridgeClimb Sydney, which opened a year after their show ended. While Lois was brave, Clark Kent said, “Teri was nails. I was terrified.” Imagine what he was like when they harnessed him to pretend that he was flying on his superhero show? Probably as nervous as Brooke Shields was when she lost her virginity to him. Too soon?

When it comes to Hatcher and Cain, why doesn’t someone do a revival of their show? I want to know what a middle aged Superman would be like. How interesting would that be?


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