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James Corden recreates that Varsity Blues’ sex scene with Zac Efron!
February 8th, 2016 under Elton John, James Corden, Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, James Corden hosted a special Super Bowl episode of The Late Late Show and he recreated infamous scenes from several Sports films with Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick and Adam Divine. Together they did their take on memorable moments from the Rocky movies, Any Given Sunday, The Blindside, Rudy and Bring It On. But the best one is when it was time to do Varsity Blues! Which means we got to see the CBS late night host in a whipped cream bra. And some times what is seen, can’t be unseen.
That wasn’t the only special thing that Corden did on his show yesterday, he also did Carpool Karaoke with Sir Elton John. The sweetest moment is when John talked about how his kids changed his life for the better.


Get lost in Zac Efron’s arms!
February 4th, 2016 under Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

Zac Efron barely wears a shirt, so we know that he is very muscular. But up until this photo of him working his biceps, I never realized how Popeye huge his arms are. They are like muscles on top of muscles on top of even more muscles.
So why is he working on them now? Because if you are days away from working on a movie with The Rock, where the both of you are going to spend the whole time wearing only swimming trunks, you want to make sure your body is comparable. Although, there are very few men that can compete with Dwayne Johnson.


Does Zac Efron own a shirt?
January 21st, 2016 under Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I saw Zac Efron wearing a shirt. I am not complaining, believe I am not complaining; but it seems like every time we see him, he is shirtless.
Case in point, here is a photo of him getting ready for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Once again, we have to look at his bare chest and think about running our fingers through his hairy pecs. And also look at those sexy muscular arms that are good for hugging. What was I saying?
Oh yeah, does Zac Efron own a shirt? I hope not because I like what I see. Don’t you?


What is Zac Efron doing here?
January 19th, 2016 under Ellen DeGeneres, Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

Zac Efron is going to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow and he strikes a weird pose. So why he is standing there with his a$$ out? Is he doing the Kim Kardashian Break the Internet pose? Is he highlighting the one a$$et he never shows off? What do you think is happening here?
To see what he is doing, then click here!


Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising will give men a rise!
January 19th, 2016 under Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

The first trailer is out for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and it is oozing sexiness. Not only does it have a shirtless Zac Efron wearing tight shorts in it, it also has chicks in bikinis get sprayed on. It is so sexy, that I think movie theaters are going to have to put plastic on the seats to protect them.
How excited are you to see this sequel on May 20th?


Robert De Niro is strong enough to lift Zac Efron over his head!
January 8th, 2016 under Robert De Niro, Zac Efron. [ Comments: 1 ]

Robert De Niro is 72 years old and a cancer survivor, but that doesn’t mean he let himself go. In fact, far from it. In this poster for his upcoming movie Dirty Grandpa, he is seen holding Zac Efron over his head. So you would think it is photoshopped, and you would be wrong. His movie grandson explained what happened during the photoshoot, “No joke Robert De Niro is low key as strong as The Rock. First time I saw him shirtless he did over 25 pull-ups in a row and I couldn’t help but be entranced by his rippling back muscles. This picture is real by the way. Like he actually did that.”
Not only does he give some of the strongest performances in Hollywood, he is also just as strong off-camera.
I am beyond impressed by his strength.


Zac Efron wants you to stop staring at his t!ts!
December 30th, 2015 under Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

Just in case you needed another reason to see Dirty Grandpa on January 22nd, the movie gave us that reason. Zac Efron wears a tight tank top that reads, “Stop staring at my t!ts” in it. I don’t know about you, but that is not the body of his that I can’t stop staring at. Which part of his catches your eye?


Dirty Grandpa looks f*cking funny as hell!
November 19th, 2015 under Robert De Niro, Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

The second trailer is out for Dirty Grandpa and the movie that stars Robert De Niro and Zac Efron looks like it’ll be f*cking hysterical. On that note, how many times are they going to say the word f*ck in the film that comes out on January 22nd. It’s like they are giving The Wolf of Wall Street a run for their money, and I am OK with that because everything sounds better the way De Niro says it. Even that four-letter word!
Are you excited for this movie as I am?


Dirty Grandpa looks like dirty fun!
October 28th, 2015 under Robert De Niro, Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

The first trailer is out for Dirty Grandpa and this movie looks like a real hoot. Robert De Niro appears to be having a blast playing a dirty old man who’s ready to party with women who are as old as his grandson and Zac Efron is enjoying being along for the ride playing his grandson. Plus, it seems like the threw caution to wind and they will do anything for laugh.
When a movie is willing to go to that length, how can you not want to see it. I know I will be there on January 22nd, will you be there with me?

UPDATE: Buzzfeed revealed the poster for the movie and it is a wild as the trailer. I love that is a homage to another infamous movie poster. To see it then, click here!


Want to take a shirtless Selfie with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron?
September 12th, 2015 under Zac Efron. [ Comments: none ]

Have you ever wanted to take a shirtless Selfie with Zac Efron? Well, now you can and as a bonus Seth Rogen will be there too without a shirt. How? Go to the Hilarity For Charity Crowdwise page, start a fundraiser and every $10 raised by September 19th is an entry. If you win, you get a free trip to Atlanta to visit the set of Neighbors 2 and take a photo with the two male stars. And all of this is for good cause, raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association.


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