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Will The Last Man on Earth get a do over?
April 12th, 2015 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on Fox The Last Man on Earth comes clean and you’ll never believe what makes Phil Miller (Will Forte) do it. Once he finally tells everyone, besides his balls, the truth, how will Carol (Kristen Schaal), Melissa (January Jones) and Todd (Mel Rodriguez) react? Let’s just say even the cow is giving him the silent treatment. Will he be allowed back in the cul de sac? You just have to watch this funny of hour of television to find out. And to find out if there are any more people left on Earth?


Fall in love with the darling Weird Loners tonight!
March 31st, 2015 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Weird Loners is a quirky show about four surprisingly single people in their 30’s. By the end of tonight’s episode at 9:30p on Fox, you won’t be able to understand why any of them are not taken because all their characters are so loveable.
Stosh (Zachary Knighton) can’t keep his d!ck in his pants and that gets him in to a lot of trouble. So much so, he’s just lost his high paying job and his condo because he was sleeping with his boss’ fiancee. Stosh’s cousin Eric, lives with his dad. That is until he dies and now he lives alone. Stosh sees this as an opportunity aka a place to stay for free, so he reconnects with his goofy and gullible cousin. Stosh tells Eric he needs to get some new paintings for his walls because there are too many photos of Eric on the wall. He goes to a street fair and meets Zara (Meera Rohit Kumbhani) who is selling her artwork. He buys one of her paintings and she offers to drive him home. Zara just moved out of her boyfriend’s house and doesn’t have anywhere to live.
Finally, there’s Eric’s neighbor Caryn (Becki Newton) and she ruins every relationship she is in because she goes overboard with them. Her mother has convinced her to marry a guy who proposed to her and she doesn’t want to be his wife. When Caryn burns dinner and sets off the fire alarm, Stosh comes in to the save the day. When Caryn’s fiance’ walks in, Stosh says he ruined their engagement party surprise. So he calls over his cousin and Zara to act like the party was planned, and now the four of them quickly become good friends. In fact, since Caryn kicked out her roommate, she asks Zara to move in with her.
In a way, these Weird Loners form an unusual dating relationship with each other. One you are going to want to see grow every week because this charming show just brings a big smile to your face.
When I saw the commercial for Weird Loners, I thought it was going to be the same old, same old. It is anything but. It is fresh, fun, feel good and most importantly funny. We all need more of that in our lives, and that, is the hole, that Weird Loners fills!


Kristen Schaal’s Last Man on Earth sex scene was a real gas!
March 31st, 2015 under Fox, Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

Kristen Schaal was on Late Night yesterday and Seth Meyers asked her about her sex scene with Will Forte on it. She told him that before they shot it, she ate a lot of beans for another scene. So when the two actors got into bed, the beans started to have their effect on her. So much so, she told her co-star that she was going to fart on him. He told her that was OK, because what else can he do when he has a woman on top of him.
Not only did he let her let go, he also took credit for her cutting of the cheese. What a gentlemen. And she was a true lady because she took the blame for stinking up the place.
Now that you know what was happening from her behind, behind the scenes, re-watch their special moment and see if you can smell, I mean tell, what was really going on? You can totally tell by his face!


Is the Last Man on Earth, the last man on Earth?
March 22nd, 2015 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Since The Last Man on Earth premiered, we found out that he is not the last person on Earth. We learned that there are two other woman who survived the mysterious plague. Tonight at 9p on Fox, we find out that a fourth person also survived it. Is it a man or another woman?
Phil (Will Forte) has figured out a way that he gets to sleep with both Carol (Kristen Schaal) and Melissa (January Jones), now he has to get to them to go along with it? Will they go along with the plan he concocted or will he be spending the rest of his life repopulating with only his wife?
Everything seems to be worked out for all of them until someone drives up in a sports car. How with they change everything, you just have to tune in to find out when you watch these two very funny episodes.


Yazz and Jussie Smollett tease Empire’s season finale and more!
March 18th, 2015 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Fox, it’s time for Empire‘s explosive two-hour season finale and you don’t want to miss a single second. Yesterday, I was on a conference call with Yazz, who plays Hakeem, and Jussie Smollett, who plays Jamal, and the two of them talked about the final two hours of the first season and the time leading up that that. They had a lot to say, and what they said will give you a whole new appreciation for the actors.

What we can expect from the season finale:
Yazz: Nobody’s perfect and you’ll get that on the season finale. Everybody is an enemy. Everybody is a villain. Nobody is safe in Empire.

Even more about what to expect from the season finale:
Yazz: It’s very sexual. It’s about a rivalry; to really get back at somebody I can’t tell you but, throughout the season, Hakeem, he’s very explosive and he just does a lot. He does a lot. He tries to prove himself, so you’ll get to see coming up. It’s very intense.
Jussie: He kind of has those moments often, but this season finale you’ll kind of see a moment between Lucious and Jamal where they come together somehow through song and I feel like that’s the moment that a lot of us have been waiting for all season long and I shot it and it was one of my most favorite scenes I’ve done in the entire series. I feel like that’s a major turn-up moment.

How have people reacted towards them about the show:
Yazz: Yea, I mean, the fans are amazing. Me and Juss, when we were in Chicago and everything started building up, we used to go to the gym and stuff, like regular gym, and work out and people would go bananas. We can’t go grocery shopping no more. It’s just pandemonium, but it’s a dream come true. We’re working with the greatest, Oscar-nominated, actors and directors, so it’s great. I’m in a great place. Jussie’s in a great place and we’re blessed.
Jussie: For me, it’s been a really wonderful experience thus far. Everybody has been really supportive and loving. I just get the most beautiful letters from kids, both homosexual children and heterosexual children, telling me that somehow they relate to Jamal in so many ways and I feel like that’s the – as an artist, we don’t always get these types of roles to come along, that really say something about what you care about, but when they do, you jump at the chance. I feel like that’s what we all did. I feel like we all, in our own individual ways, fought so hard for these roles because of what it meant and what it said. It’s so entertaining and it’s so glamorous and fantastic, but it also is saying something about where our society is today and that means so much. When I get those letters, I’m a crying fool anyway, because I’m a Cancer, but it’s just really, really emotional and I love it. It’s been wonderful.

Why the toughest scene for Jussie this season was one he was not in:
Jussie: For me, what was the toughest scene? Honestly, you know what? Odd enough, the toughest scene for me was a scene that I was not in. It was – I was on set. Genis Wooten, who plays baby Jamal, is my godson, so I was there on set with his mom, Jennia, and with Lee when they shot the trash can scene.
Because I just wanted to make sure that he was okay and he’s so unaffected by it all. He understands all of it, but he’s so unaffected. But to be there, in that moment, and see all of us, adults, we were so affected by it that this baby was so unaffected by it. Just to watch Lee go through it, and knowing that that really happened to him in real life, that was probably the toughest scene that we shot, for me. But, again, that was also a scene that I wasn’t even in, but I feel like it’s because of me seeing that scene that’s why I was able to understand the scene where I perform “Good Enough.”

Who do Yazz and Jussie want to guest star next season:
Jussie: For me, it’s Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson and Brandy. I really want them just because I want to sing with them.
Yazz: Alright. For me it’s Madonna, Queen Latifah, and Rihanna.

Just another reason to love Yazz:
Yazz: From my perspective. You know, it’s 2015. Like if you haven’t – if you’re that insecure about yourself that you can’t love somebody for who they are, then you just need to just stay in the house and lock the door. I’m that type of person that doesn’t care who you are. I love everybody and I feel like that’s how the world should be.


Danny Strong shares 5 things you don’t know about Empire!
March 17th, 2015 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Believe it or not, tomorrow night, it’s already time for the 2-hour season finale of Empire on Fox at 8p. We know a lot about the characters, but how much do we know about the behind-the-scenes for television’s biggest show in decades. Last week, I was on a conference call with the show’s co-creator, Danny Strong, and he had some shocking reveals about the nighttime soap that people can’t stop talking about.

Empire almost didn’t become television show:
Danny Strong: “When I came up with the idea, it was as a movie, and I thought it could be this really cool hip-hop movie musical that I pitched to Lee Daniels. Then he called me the next day and said, ‘I can’t stop thinking about it, but I think it’s a TV show.’ And, I instantly knew he was right, because it was about a family, and great TV shows are about families.
And then we instantly started talking about Dallas and Dynasty. So it was this, it just kind of, organically come from the concept; as opposed to me setting out wanting to do something different, I, kind of really don’t work that way. I don’t thing about—I’m just idea driven. So, whatever the idea is, so what’s the best genre for that idea, what’s the best place to do it, etc., kind of how I work.”

Before Empire premiered, they had problems getting people to guest star on the show:
DS: “When the show first premiered, I mean, before the first show premiered, we had shot, I think, nine or ten episodes, and getting guest stars was not so easy, I mean, we were getting passed on all over the place, all of the time, and we ended up with some really cool guest stars during that period. Courtney Love, is a perfect example of someone who just kind of stepped up, leap of faith for having not seen the show, who joined us, right; but there were many people that wouldn’t.
“So, after the show premiered is when we started casting the season finale, and it was a very different, very exciting situation, where, when it was just tons of no’s, it turned into not only lots of yes’s, but incoming calls of people who wanted to be on the show. So, that’s when we ended up with the season finale with all of these amazing performers, and it’s really cool. I mean it’s really, really cool; there’s just going to be a ton of great musical numbers in the finale.”

What can we expect from the season finale:
DS: “It’s a very explosive finale, not surprising, right, given the nature of our story telling, and many things go down, many things will be resolved, alliances will shift, and yet, it may or may not, be completely resolved by the time it’s over.”

What it was like having the legendary Debbie Allen direct part of the season finale”
DS: “Debbie was so cool. I grew up watching Fame, and I co-wrote with Ilene Chaiken that episode that Debbie directed, so I was on set for a bit, and she’s sort of everything you’d imagine her to be. She’s just super cool, super hip, really smart, really talented, and I remember there was this cat fight that she was directing, and at one point she yelled out this direction, ‘Now toss the b!tch,’ and I just remember thinking, ‘That is, I think, the greatest piece of direction I’ve ever heard in my career.'”

Empire was picked up for a second season, but does that mean we will get 22 episodes?:
DS: “I don’t know what we are doing at this point, it hasn’t been decided, but I don’t think 22 is a discussion.”


Here’s an extended version of the most awkward sex scene on TV!
March 9th, 2015 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on The Last Man on Earth, Carol and Phil got married so that they procreate. In order to repopulate the world, they have to sex. What happens when two opposites who want nothing to do with the other one consummate their vows? You get a very uncomfortable sex scene. So uncomfortable, they had to shorten it for air. Thankfully, someone invented this thing called YouTube, and they were able to put the extended version online.
So watch a sex scene to end all other sex scenes!
And don’t forget to watch an all-new episode of The Last Man on Earth next Sunday at 9:30p on Fox to see if they will be doing it again.


Will The Last Man on Earth say I do?
March 8th, 2015 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Last week we fell in love with The Last Man on Earth and tonight at 9:30p on Fox we find if Phil Miller (Will Forte) will marry the last woman on Earth.
I am sure you are wondering why would he marry Carol (Kristen Schaal) because she is so not his type and extremely annoying? Well, the only way she will procreate with him is if they are man and wife. But is continuing on the human race really that important? That is what he will have to decide as he works on his only duty for the wedding, getting the rings. Will he remember to do it after the wild and crazy Bachelor party throws for himself and his balls. His sports balls, you pervs!
Seriously, if you missed last week’s season premiere catch up on it on Fox OnDemand or the FoxNow App, I promise you will love this show like it is the last comedy on Earth! Actually, you will fall in love with it because their is an innocence and freshness to the humor that just makes you smile.
I just want to add that last week, I couldn’t mention Schaal in my review because Fox wanted to keep her part a surprise. Today, I can talk about her and she is absolutely amazing in the role. Even though you can’t stand her character, you still can’t help but to love her. Seriously, if I were Phil and she was the last woman on Earth, I’d move and hope that there was another one. Are you Team Phil or Team Carol?


Imagine Empire with Mo’nique as Cookie
March 3rd, 2015 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago Lee Daniels said that Mo’Nique was blackballed after winning the Oscar, something she denied. Today, she did an interview with Access Hollywood and she claims that she was offered the role of Cookie in Empire. She said, “Mr. (Lee) Daniels offered me the part of Cookie, and I have the emails and the sides to go along with it, and what he said was, ‘I’m new to this TV thing. This is just a technicality… you have the role.’ Okay. I have the emails. Well, four days have gone by because I didn’t receive a phone call or another email for the location of where I was supposed to go to do this screen test.” She then claims that she was told by the director that the network didn’t want to cast her on the show because she reportedly is difficult to work with. Co-Executive Producer, Danny Strong, strongly denies her claims and said the role was always Taraji P Henson’s.
That is a good thing because I don’t think Empire would be the hit that it is if she wasn’t cast in the lead role. Henson kills it in every scene she is in, I don’t think that Mo’Nique would’ve had that same impact. Plus, I don’t think the chemistry would’ve been as smoking as it is with Luscious and Cookie if Terrence Howard didn’t have Henson to play off of.
What do you think of an Empire with Mo’Nique instead of Taraji.


The Last Man on Earth is a Will Fortetude of fun!
March 1st, 2015 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

What if there was a virus that took out the whole world’s population and you were The Last Man on Earth? If you are Phil Miller (Will Forte) you make the best of it starting at 9p on Fox tonight!
It is the year 2020 and every breathing thing has been wiped out by a virus, except for one man. For the last two years, he has traveled across the United States of America looking for any other signs of life to no avail. Finally, he returns to his hometown of Tuscon, Az and settles into the nicest and biggest house he can find. He decorates it with some of the items he picked up on tour of the US, like the Presidential seal from the White House, priceless paintings, Oscars and Hugh Hefner’s PJs. At first he is OK with being alone, but as time goes on he gets lonely. How many stores can you ransack? How many cars can you destroy? How many days can you walk around in your underwear without anyone caring before it becomes too much to handle?
He eventually makes himself some friends out of sports balls, but soon they are not enough for him. After his wishing and hoping doesn’t grant him another human being, preferably a woman, he decides to end it all.
Will there be no people left on Earth? Will he finally get his wish?
We will have to tune into this witty comedy that makes the apocalypse fun(ny).
When I first heard about The Last Man on Earth, I thought it was going to totally suck. I was completely surprised by how much I truly enjoy it. Forte is the perfect man to be the only survivor because he is your every day man. If a NASA Scientist or a politician were the only survivors, then this show would not be worth wasting your time. But a 41 year old former temp who never grew up makes this comedy a must watch every Sunday, starting next week at 9:30p and tonight at 9p.


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