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Red Band Society is flatline, but it could be resuscitated
November 26th, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Fox has decided to pull the plug on Red Band Society at episode 13, but that doesn’t mean it’s heart can’t be restarted with a second chance of life. Even though Fox decided not to order the bottom 9 episodes for season one, Entertainment Weekly says the network is still considering a second season for the teen hospital drama.
I get why people didn’t want to tune in to a show about dying teens in hospital; but once you get past that, it truly is a great show with a lot of heart. So catch up on it on the Fox Now App before the fall finale and maybe we can keep this show alive for another season.


Sex is in the air on Red Band Society!
November 26th, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p things are really heating up on Fox’s Red Band Society!
There is a new patient in Ocean Park Hospital and her name is Delaney Shaw (Bella Thorne). She is a going to get things rockin’ because she is a rock star. All the patients are going to try to get to know her in different ways. Two of the guys want to hook up with her, but each has his own motive. On that note, Kara (Zoe Levin) and Daren (Daren Kagasoff) are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Something Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer) is determined to stop. Will she be able to do it?
While all those hormones are running wild in the hospital, Dr McAndrew (Dave Annable) is going to get something something after hours. Think you know who from work he will be getting busy with?
Finally, someone is getting discharged tonight. Will it be Charlie (Griffin Gluck), Emma (Ciara Bravo), Dash (Astro), Leo (Charlie Rowe), Jordi (Nolan Sotillo) or Kara?
You just have to tune in tonight to find out and for another heartwarming episode that makes you smile and cry all within an hour.


Someone’s fired on Gotham & Jane The Virgin and Scorpion’s fired at!
November 24th, 2014 under CBS, Fox, Jane the Virgin. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Fox’s Gotham someone is after Cat and Bruce Wayne takes off with her. Now the two of them are on the run. Alfred will do anything to get his master back, even team up with Harvey Bullock. You will get to see how bada$$ Alfred truly is and the start of our little boy becoming a Batman.
Penguin tells Falcone that there is a leak in his organization and he will do anything to find who it is?
And by the end of the episode someone will be fired from their job. Think you know who?

Then at 9p but on The CW Jane the Virgin spends the night with Rafael. Her mother spends the night with her father, but they are on a double date with other people.
Meanwhile, Jane finds out that her day job as a teacher is using her immaculate conception for their own needs. How will she feel when she finds out?
Then, like Gotham, someone will be fired by the end of the episode. Who will get the ax? And did I mention there is a shocking kiss in this episode? Whose lips will lock???

Lastly at 9p over at CBS the Scorpion team are sent to Bosnia to recover its stealth technology from a downed US airplane before the wrong people get their hands on it. This is their toughest assignment yet because they are being shot at in a country that is unfamiliar to them. To make matters worse, half the team gets separated from them. Will they make it out alive? You just have to tune in to find out.


Holy game changer, Gotham!
November 3rd, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Gotham ended with Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) making his presence known and Harvey (Donal Logue) about to kill Jim (Ben McKenzie) for not killing Penguin. Well tonight’s episode on Fox at 8p picks up a little afterwards and Harvey finally gets to confront his partner. He isn’t the only one who wants his partner dead, so do a whole lot of other people. Who will get to him first? Or will they use Jim’s fiance’ Barbara (Erin Richards) to get him where he truly hurts?
Jim isn’t the only person that people want to see dead, Falcone (John Doman) and Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith) are putting the heat on for Penguin. Luckily for him, he has Maroni on his side. But how will long that last when Falcone starts going after Maroni (David Zayas) to get Penguin.
What happens next, you will totally not see coming. But you are going to love love love the direction this excellent show is going in.

Then at 9p, Katrina’s (Katia Winter) life is in danger on Sleepy Hollow. Will Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Mills (Nicole Beharie) be able to save her before it is too late? I can’t say much more because if I do I will spoil the episode for you. And I don’t want the Headless Horseman going after me.


Mulaney is the first to have their production ended!
October 19th, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Mulaney is not the first show cancelled, but in a way it is. That’s because The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Fox told them to stop production at 13, 3 episodes short of what the network asked for.
At this point, for some reason, Fox plans on airing the remaining 11 episodes. But if tonight’s show bombs more than it has already been doing, Fox will pull this sh!tty sitcom from their lineup. Hopefully they will before the cat episode airs. Which is one of the one episodes to ever be made for television.
Dear Fox, It’s OK to have the first cancelled show of the season. You’ve done it before and this show needs to be put out of our misery. Please!


Follow the Pied Piper to Sleepy Hollow tonight!
October 13th, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, Crane (Tom Mison) and Mills (Nicole Beharie) investigate the disappearance of a 10 year old girl. While they are searching for her in the woods, they find a flute made out human bone. When Ichabod plays it, Abby goes under into a trance. It is then that he realizes that the musical instrument belongs to the Pied Piper.
Just as they find a way to possibly locate the little girl, they find Nick Hawley (Matt Barr) nearby and he was looking for that skeleton flute. Hawley tells them the story behind it and now they know they have a limited amount of time to find the girl. And if they do find her, there is another part of the legend that complicates it even more.
Tonight’s episode is equal parts scary, suspenseful and fun. Wait, what is the fun? Crane learns how to drive a car tonight. Some cars might be named after horses but that doesn’t mean driving one is like riding one. Then there is another cute moment towards the end of the episode you should look out for. I won’t tell you what it is because it is too sweet to spoil.


Is it too late for Fox to cancel Mulaney?
October 5th, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

I love sitcoms. I love bad sitcoms. I actually liked Caveman, Work It, Dads and Outsourced to name a few, so you can tell my standards are pretty low. I thought that Whitney and Mixology were awful, but those shows were actually better than Mulaney that debuts on Fox tonight at 9:30p.
Some people are comparing this show to Seinfeld, because it has four characters like the classic comedy and it takes place in NYC. Other than that, it is not like Seinfeld. It’s like the intern who was working in accounting on the ’90s sitcom is the one writing Mulaney. It is that unfunny.
It is not only that the storylines are horrendous, it is so sickening that they landed comedic legends like Martin Short, Elliott Gould, Penny Marshall and Lorraine Bracco to appear on it too. We finally get Martin Short back on TV and he is thrown into this piece of crap. Even he can’t make you laugh because everything about his character and the show is so awful that not even brilliance can make this stupidity seem smart.
There is an episode where his roommate Jane (Nasim Pedrad) decides to give up on men, so she gets a cat. When the pet doesn’t show her the affection she wants, she starts to seduce the kitty. The feline’s horrified reaction to her desperation is just like the expression you will have on your face when you watch this show that is exactly something the pussy left in the litter box for Jane.
It’s funny, I have read articles that John Mulaney says that he is the inexperienced one in this bunch, but shockingly he is better actor than his co-stars Perad, Seaton Smith and Zack Pearlman.
Now when it comes to describing the plots of the show, I can’t. After watching four episodes, I am try to block out the horror that is known as Mulaney.
You can check out this show to see if all the critics were right when they said that this show sucks, but why suffer. We already did it for you.


Bones wraps up a murder case, while Gracepoint starts one
October 2nd, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on Fox, Bones and her team will use of the energy and resources to find out who killed their friend Sweets. Everyone will work tirelessly to solve the murder and by the end of the episode, they will know who did it. A smart move on the show’s part because I think if they would’ve let it continue on for much longer they would’ve lost some viewers. At least that is how I was feeling towards the procedural.
Besides solving Sweets’ murder, there will be a lot touching moments as they remember him. So have the tissues ready because you are going to need them.

Then at 9p, the suspenseful 10-part series Gracepoint debuts on Fox.
Detective Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) is back in her small Northern California town of Gracepoint after a short vacation, and that feeling you get when you come back from a one will quickly be gone from her. She was supposed to get a promotion when she returned, but she finds out that they hired a stranger to fill the position. Just when she gets over the fact that Detective Emmett Carver (David Tennant) got her job, they are called out to case. A dead 12-year-old boy has been found on the beach, and Danny is her son’s best friend.
Now the town is rocked by his murder and everyone will be a suspect. As they investigate Danny’s murder, secrets will be revealed. The sleepy town is woken up in a way they never wanted to be.
So tune in every Thursday over the next few months to see if you can guess who murdered Danny. I have seen the first seven episodes of the mini-series, and I have no clue who did it. Because of that, I so want to know who the murderer is because this drama is a real nail biter. Every time you think you know what happened, something will happen that will throw you for a loop. So unlike those weekly procedurals, you will never who did it by the end of the episode. Well you will know by the final one.


MasterChef Junior slices off one of Utopia’s nights
October 1st, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Utopia’s ratings are anything but peaceful for Fox, so they made a decision that works for them. Instead of airing the reality show/year long project twice a week, they are cutting it down to once a week starting immediately.
This Tuesday, they will re-air the brilliant Family Guy/The Simpsons crossover episode. Thus, if you missed it, you can see it then. If you have seen it, then watch it again because it was sheer perfection. The following week, The Simpsons deadly season premiere and the one for Bob’s Burgers will repeat before new episodes of New Girl and The Mindy Project at 9p. The two weeks after that, it is time for that baseball thingy. Finally, on November 4th, Fox’s best reality show MasterChef Junior is back for its second season.
Gordon Ramsay’s latest cooking competition show was originally supposed to air on Friday nights. Since it is boiling hot and Utopia is not, Fox decided to switch things up. What will air in its Friday timeslot is yet to be determined. I am assuming repeats of Gotham for the foreseeable future.
Now the big question of the day, is if a show that airs two nights a week is cut down to one, does that make it the first show cancelled of the season? I say, if Mulaney isn’t the first show pulled completely from the lineup, then yes. If another show bites the dust before the unfunniest comedy on television, then no.
I have to say, I never thought Utopia was going to work. There is just something about it that doesn’t scream Fox or basically, television.


Penguin is hatched on Gotham and Sleepy Hollow has a new sheriff
September 29th, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Gotham was the most buzzed new show last week and you will be talking about tonight’s episode on Fox at 8p even more.
Penguin, I mean, Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) is starting his new life outside of Gotham and the villain we know is born. He is pure evil. No matter how bad he is, you still can’t help but to love him.
Meanwhile back in Gotham, some is kidnapping the homeless teens and no one knows what happened to them. Gordon (Ben MacKenzie) and Bullock (Donal Logue) are assigned to the case. Just when they think they figure it out something will happen that will change all of that.
One of the teens mixed up in this mess is Cat (which is short for Catwoman) and she will do anything to break free from it. Cat (Camren Bicondova) will beg to see James Gordon, but will her request be made?
From a cat to a fish, Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) that is. Falcone (John Doman) confronts her on the rumor that she is trying to off him and she denies it. Now that her plan has been exposed she is even more determined to get rid of him.
Finally, there is Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and he is dealing with his parents’ murder in a dangerous way. Alfred (Sean Pertwee) can’t get through to him, so he asks Gordon for some help.
Did I mention that Penguin is sinfully bad?
You don’t have to know everything about Batman to love this show, you just have to love good TV to love it.

Then at 9p, there is a new sheriff in Sleepy Hollow and she is tough. Sheriff Lena Vasquez (Sakina Jaffrey) has ties to the town, but it doesn’t mean that she knows about its legend. Because of that she is not going to let Abbie (Nicole Beharie), Crane (Tom Mison) and Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) get away with the stuff that Irving (Orlando Jones) did. On that note the former-Captain is on tonight’s episode, so you will see what he has been up to.
Back to Crane and Abbie, they are looking for a way to save Katrina, and they will do the unthinkable to make it happen. Is that enough to save her?
Tune in for another episode that will surprise you as it keeps you in suspense what will happen next. Things happen that you can never imagine, but are normal for this quaint legendary NY town.


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