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David Duchovny hates when aliens abduct him to go over The X-Files
July 14th, 2016 under Stephen Colbert, X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

The Late Show with Stephen added a new segment to his CBS show where celebrities share their Pet Peeves. Mr Taylor Swift, I mean Tom Hiddleston, doesn’t like when people ask him for his autograph, but think he is Michael Fassbender. Sam Rockwell is not a fan of people assuming that he is not a murderer because he played one in The Green Mile.
But the best one was David Duchovny who hates, “When aliens abduct me just so they can’t point out the parts of The X-Files that weren’t realistic.” Let’s be honest here, I bet you he is really mad that they didn’t probe him when they took him up their spaceship. I have heard so much about this probing, I would be pissed if they didn’t do it to me when they had the chance. Wouldn’t you?


This things Tea Leoni will do to get licked!
July 1st, 2016 under X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

Last week David Duchovny challenged his ex-wife Tea Leoni to get her face licked by her dog for a good cause and she finally accepted. For each lick she got from Black, she would donate a $1 to Target Zero, a nonprofit teaching shelters how to become no kill ones.
Thus, she got the peanut butter, gave herself a facial and let Black go crazy. At first the pooch was reluctant, but then she couldn’t stop licking her mom’s face. Then it was Madame Secretary was reluctant to get kissed over and over again.
Was it worth it? I say, hell yes, she raised $159. That is a lot of licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop! I mean a lot of money raised for charity. I think if she could divorce Duchovny again, she would for asking her to do this challenge.
To give you hint how well she did in this challenge, you can see how many licks Mulder’s TV baby mama, Gillian Anderson, got from her doggy Nelson, if you click here!


David Duchovny wants to lick your face!
June 22nd, 2016 under Animals, X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Well David Duchovny has a new challenge for you. Mulder wants you to get your face licked by your cats and dogs, and for every lick he would like you to donate a $1 to Target Zero.
According to the website, their mission is, “Target Zero teaches Fellow Cities the Pyramid Program, a proven systematic building of programs and policies to reduce animal intake and increase the live release rate, ultimately getting to zero kill (a 90+% shelter save rate).” A great cause that I can stand behind.
My sweet, beautiful, loving cat was rescued from the LA Shelter the day before she was going to be put down. Had she never been rescued, I would not have the best kitty in the world. I would take part in Duchovny’s challenge, but I can only get two licks at a time from her at the most. While she is not licker, if your cat or dog is then send video of them to Lick My Face and donate.
Imagine a world where your sweet furbaby was euthanized to make room, it is a world I know I don’t want to live in. Thanks to Target Zero for working on a way to end that.
By the way Duchovny, if the kissing was reversed, I would be broke. I make sure my cat is kissed hundreds of times a day because I want her to know that she is loved because she was so close to death.
Finally, I would have no problem licking Duchovny with or without peanut butter.


David Duchovny says seeing his first bra made him ‘scared and excited’
June 13th, 2016 under Stephen Colbert, X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

David Duchovny was on The Late Show on Friday and Stephen Colbert took them back to a time before they reached their age of Aquarius. Because of their prepubescent age, there were things that the CBS host wanted to know about his friend like if he ever saw bra. Mulder saw his first Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder when his mom dragged him to JC Penny and a mannequin was wearing one. He said, “It made me scared and excited.” Kind of like the first time I saw him nearly naked on television for the first time and the second time and well every time.
And talking about seeing Duchovny nearly naked, we have never see him fully naked. Therefore, Colbert wanted to know if he has any hair down there. He has eight and a half hairs down there and it looks like, “You know, like your grandfather, who’s bald, and he covers the hair over the bald part.” Just like imagined!


Mulder and Scully meet a younger version of themselves!
February 15th, 2016 under X-Files. [ Comments: none ]

Next week is the season finale for The X-Files on Fox, but tonight at 8p we get a new episode.
Two terrorists blow up an art gallery in Texas, but one of the bombers survives, sort of. Basically, his heart is beating and that is about it.
Two FBI Agents Miller (Robbie Amell) and Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) come to Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) to ask then if they can help them with the case. They want to see if they can help them communicate with the lifeless bomber to find out where the next target is going to be, since that seems like something The X-Files Agents would know how to do. They say they can’t help, and the two go on their way to the airport.
Miller is like Mulder and Einstein is like Dana, which makes it that more surprising when Scully calls Miller to help him and Mulder calls Einstein to help her. No one tells their partner what they are doing, but at some point the four of them meet up in Texas.
Will they be able to find a way to talk to the bomber before it is too late? You will just have to tune in to find out.
That and to hear a line that Scully has wanted to say for 22 years. But the best moment comes half way through the episode and all I will say it is has to do with Mulder and Billy Ray Cyrus’ song Achy Breaky Heart. Think you know what happens? Let’s just say you will not be disappointed when you see it.


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