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I guess you can say Jimmy Kimmel’s chat with Ted didn’t go well?
December 12th, 2012 under Family Guy, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

One of the biggest stars from this summer’s movies was not Channing Tatum’s abs, but Ted the foul mouthed Teddy Bear. Well yesterday Seth MacFarlane’s first big screen movie came out on Blu-ray and that cute but dirty teddy bear was doing press for it. Ted’s last stop was Jimmy Kimmel Live and I say last stop because Jimmy Kimmel Tweeted, “Ted died tonight @SethMacFarlane”. I guess without Mila Kunis there to make a wish to bring him back to life, he is really dead dead. And because of that I guess there won’t be a Ted 2. So today take a minute to remember him by buying the DVD or the life-size R-Rated version of him to keep his spirit alive. And maybe if we are lucky enough, he will come alive for us just like he did for Mark Wahlberg in the movie.
If anyone feels like buying me the Ted doll for the holidays, I would say thank you very much!
BTW I can’t believe Jimmy Kimmel killed Ted, Why???


Family Guy does to Justin Bieber what so many people want to!
November 26th, 2012 under Family Guy, Justin Bieber. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on Family Guy Peter Griffin beat up Justin Bieber and a lot of people were wishing the show was animated.


Tonight’s The Cleveland Show is so big it needs the World’s Biggest Remote!
November 4th, 2012 under Family Guy. [ Comments: none ]

Kanye West is back on tonight’s The Cleveland Show on Fox at 7:30p and he brought some of the biggest names in Hip Hop with him.
Kenny West is back in Stoolbend and he needs to get cable for all of his TVs. So Cleveland is assigned the job. When Brown see his old friend, he is surprised he doesn’t recognize the man that helped to make him a success. In fact West is so big now he is part of the Hip Hop Illuminati and Cleveland walks in on one of their secret meetings. Now, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars and Questlove have to decide what they are going to do with him. Is the last we will ever see of him? You will have to tune into this episode that is above the beat to find out.


I would like to thank the Academy for giving us a reason to skip the Oscars!
October 1st, 2012 under Family Guy, Oscars. [ Comments: none ]

AMPAS announced today that Seth MacFarlane is going to host the Oscars and I am announcing that I will be skipping them! I mean I already hate the nominations because they are always a snoozefest that will be forgotten within days after the big ceremony. I dare you to name last year’s winner. See couldn’t do it.
But yet knowing that I have tuned in for the last few years just because I was curious about the hosts, yes even that sh!tastic year when Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted. But I have already seen Seth MacFarlane at his best at the Roasts and he is not a draw to me. I don’t know, I have grown quite bored of the man who I used to really enjoy.
So I guess that February night when Hollywood honors the most boring movies of the year, I will be watching The Avengers on DVD and thinking how that movie and Joss Whedon were robbed.
And if Ted gets more noms than Avengers, then we know it was fixed for the host. Because let’s be real Ted was good but it went on way too long to be great.
BTW I am wondering how many people over 45 are going who is Seth MacFarlane? Probably most of them and that could really hurt the ratings and the Oscars have been suffering big time over the last few years because of that.
Finally I love how he predicted that he would be the perfect Oscar at the first roast he hosted for Comedy Central!

UPDATE: Seth MacFarlane‘s dad is as excited about his son hosting the Oscars as I am!


Yabba Dabba Doo! Seth MacFarlane’s Flintstones is on hold!!!
April 12th, 2012 under Family Guy. [ Comments: none ]

Last year Fox announced that Seth MacFarlane is working on an updated version of The Flintstones and today Deadline is reporting the animated show is on hold because he is too busy with all of his other projects. The show was slated to debut next year, but due to him working on the TV shows Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, his first feature film Ted, his first album and being the Roast Master of two Roasts; he has been too busy to start work on the show. So for now the show remains in prehistoric times, you know the 20th Century and I am A OK with that. I never thought it was a good idea in the first place. I know he loves animation and does wonders for it, but I just don’t think he is the right person to bring the show back to television.


I think Seth MacFarlane should stick to TV
April 2nd, 2012 under Family Guy, Marky Mark. [ Comments: none ]

I enjoy Seth MacFarlane’s shows American Dad, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. I think Mila Kunis is awdorable and want to see her movies even if they look bad. And I sincerely like Mark Wahlberg movies for the most part. Now having said that, I have absolutely no temptation to see Seth’s first feature film Ted when it comes out on July 13th. It looks like one of the movies that you watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon because there is nothing else on and then wonder why you didn’t watch anything else besides it.
Plus is it just me or does anyone else not believe that Wahlberg and Kunis would be a couple?


The Cleveland Show retells Die Hard!
December 11th, 2011 under Family Guy. [ Comments: 2 ]

Family Guy has retold the first three Star Wars movies and tonight at 8:30p on Fox The Cleveland Show is taking on the first Die Hard. Die Semi-Hard makes the franchise fun again, so tune in to see it told in a way you never thought it could. Hopefully Bruce Willis will like it as much as I do because if he doesn’t he might blow up the show’s writers room!


Howie Mandel’s hands-on confession!
November 23rd, 2011 under Family Guy. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from WireImage)

Yesterday Seth MacFarlane Tweeted, “Wonder if Howie Mandel ever just breaks down and touches everyone in sight.” Howie Mandel the Germaphobe saw the Tweet and responded with, “I have a hard time touching myself” I think he is exaggerating because I am sure if he needs to take care of himself he will do so with a hand sanitizer instead of moisturizer! Or better yet anti-bacterial moisturizer!


Fox’s Animation Domination is nuts tonight!!!
September 25th, 2011 under Family Guy. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight starting at 8p on Fox The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy and American Dad are all back and this season is already nuts!
In tonight’s episodes on of the dad’s will be kidnapped, one will lose his best friend, one will win the lottery and another one will die. Besides losing one of our favorite characters there will be several song numbers and plenty of laughs. That and there will be a great realization by one of the female leads that makes a lot of sense!
So tune in for a night of laughs, songs and a death on Fox, I promise it will make your school/work week so much better!!!


Yabba Dabba Don’t, Seth MacFarlane is redoing The Flintsones
May 16th, 2011 under Family Guy. [ Comments: none ]

Today when Fox announced their fall lineup everyone was surprised to find out that Terra Nova isn’t the only show with dinosaurs coming to their airwaves. They shocked everyone when they announced that Seth MacFarlane is bringing The Flintstones out of the Stone Age and into the year 2013.
The man behind Family Guy got his start at Hanna-Barbera and now he is bringing one of their most famous cartoons back to primetime. Here is what he had to say about it, “The very first cartoon character I drew at age two was Fred Flintstone,” said MacFarlane. “So it’s appropriate that events have come full circle, allowing me to produce the newest incarnation of this great franchise. Plus, I think America is finally ready for an animated sitcom about a fat, stupid guy with a wife who’s too good for him.”
I have been a fan of MacFarlane’s since day one of Family Guy, but I am unsure of his latest venture. While it is fine with him to be crude on 3 current shows, I don’t want to see The Flintstones in the same situations like The Griffins, The Browns and The Smiths. Hopefully since he has been drawing Fred since he was two, he will treat him respect or us fans will send Bam Bam after him!!!


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