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Baby Daddy and It’s Always Sunny bring the humor tonight!
January 14th, 2015 under ABC Family, FX. [ Comments: none ]

Baby Daddy is back on ABC Family tonight at 8:30p and Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) is wondering if there is something going on between his brother and his girlfriend.
Ben is so convinced that there is something up between Riley (Chelsea Kane) and Danny (Derek Theler), that he will do everything in his power to find out. But his curiosity might kill his relationship with the first woman he has ever loved. Will he go too far? Does Riley have feelings for Danny? Will Danny get on that plane and go to France? And what trouble will Bonnie (Melissa Peterman) get into now? All I will tell you is a lot for the last question, but what else is new?

Then at 10p, switch over to FXX for the return of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The gang attempt to break Wade Boggs record of drinking over 60 beers on a cross country flight and then hit a home run at Dodgers stadium the next day. Just try to picture Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Dee (Kaitlin Olson), Charlie (Charlie Day) and Frank (Danny DeVito) on a plane, drinking beer after beer after beer as Mac (Rob McElhenney) is the referees. If you are a fan of the show, then you think you know how it goes and your wrong. It is even worse than you can imagine because when two of them get eliminated, they try to join the Mile High Club. That is why we love them. No matter how many seasons this show goes on for, it is still as bad as ever. Which means it still brilliant beyond words can describe.


It’s a Wonderful Baby Daddy!
December 10th, 2014 under ABC Family. [ Comments: none ]

Christmas is coming a little earlier this year, thanks to ABC Family airing a special holiday episode of Baby Daddy tonight at 8:30p.
Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) is having the worst Christmas ever, so he wishes the holiday never existed. Just like It’s a Wonderful Life, his wish is granted. At first he thinks its great, until he finds out that his daughter Emma never happened. You see, he met her mother at a Christmas Eve party. Without Christmas, there was no party, thus no Emma.
Now all he wants is to have his beautiful daughter back and teach all of his loved ones about Christmas. Which will be hard because they all don’t know who Chris Moss is.
Did I mention that his mom Bonnie (Melissa Peterman), his brother Danny (Derek Theler), his roommate Tucker (Tahj Mowry) and his girlfriend Riley (Chelsea Kane)are also a lot different than the way we normally know them. Their lives are in all in shambles; and to see how bad it is for them, you will just have to tune in. That and to see if he can get everyone’s old lives back. And most importantly to watch the best and funniest Christmas episode of the year.


It is life and death tonight for Chasing Life and Forever
December 9th, 2014 under ABC, ABC Family. [ Comments: none ]

Chasing Life is back on ABC Family tonight at 9p for a special Christmas episode. The episode picks up where the midseason finale left off, and we find out if Leo (Scott Michael Foster) got the surgery to save his life. We also get to see how April (Italia Ricci) is doing now that she is getting the Chemotherapy. The treatment is causing her to lose her hair and she decides to shave it all off before it falls out on his own.
Which is a good thing because now that her father’s parents (Marion Ross and Ed Asner) have come to visit, she and the rest of the family are ready to pull their hair out.
Will they be able to survive her grandparents visit? Will April survive her chemotherapy? Will Leo survive his surgery? You just have to tune in for another incredible episode of Chasing Life to find out.

Then at 10p on ABC the Forever, the fall finale picks up where last week’s episode left off. Henry (Ioan Gruffudd) has gotten into the cab driving by his stalker, so will he finally find out who he is? Not at first because the mystery man has other plans for him. One of those plans is framing the Medical Examiner for murder. Will his stalker succeed? Will Henry die tonight?
You don’t want to miss this thrilling episode full of many twists and a surprise ending you will never see coming.


Can we go back to bald Joey Lawrence?
October 21st, 2014 under ABC Family. [ Comments: none ]

We’ve seen Joey Lawrence with a beautiful mop top and we’ve seen him with no hair at all. Now we are seeing him with a hairstyle that makes me want him to go back to being bald. What in the Sun-In hell is going on up there? Who told him that looked good? Why didn’t someone on the set of Melissa & Joey tell him how bad that looks and insist that he dyes it back to brown or shave it off.
Seriously, that hair color is scarier than anything that can happen on the special episode of the ABC Family sitcom that airs tomorrow at 8p? Don’t you agree?


Ashley Tisdale is seeing blue
September 29th, 2014 under ABC Family. [ Comments: none ]

Ashley Tisdale is so excited that her show Young & Hungry was picked up for a second season that she is kissing Emily Osment’s butt. Although, you wouldn’t know exactly how happy she is by looking at her in this photo because she is covered in blue from her head to Emily’s toe. Doesn’t she know that blue hair is so last year? Pink is the color this season.
And talking about pink, I am tickled that color that Young & Hungry is serving up more episodes. Smart move on ABC Family’s part. Now all they have to do is renew Chasing Life too and I will be all the colors of the rainbow! Whatever that means.


Melissa Peterman is looking like trash!
September 11th, 2014 under ABC Family. [ Comments: none ]

Melissa Peterman shared this photo of her glamorous life while working on the set of her hysterical show, Baby Daddy, and I can’t get over how much she looks like white trash. As in she is pale standing next to a dumpster. What did you think I meant?
Seriously, this picture captures the essence of who she is, she is funny and will go the distance to make us laugh! She succeeds every time.


Troian Bellisario has a pretty little problem!
September 9th, 2014 under ABC Family. [ Comments: none ]

Troian Bellisario has an addiction and her friends desperately are trying to help her. The Pretty Little Liar loves Instagram so much, it’s taking up all of her time and she can’t stop. She needs the Likes, and she needs them now.
In this video that sent to FunnyOrDie, you can see how bad her addiction has truly become. Is there help for her before it is too late? Before her life becomes the pictures she is taking. I am not sure, but I will take quantum leap and say she will some day be cured of her addiction. You know, when the next best thing comes out and then she will be addicted to that. Just like we will be too.


Oh Baby Daddy, Chelsea Kane has a hard job!
August 18th, 2014 under ABC Family. [ Comments: none ]

In case you needed a reason to watch ABC Family’s hysterical Baby Daddy, Chelsea Kane gave you four. Why she’s standing there with four hot built guys in just their underwear, you will just have to tune in when the show comes back because that was shot for the fourth season premiere. Maybe it is a guy for each successful season they have had.
As if it the sitcom needed any more hot men, but I will totally take them!


April begins Chemo tonight on Chasing Life’s midseason finale
August 12th, 2014 under ABC Family. [ Comments: none ]

The whole season of Chasing Life has lead up to tonight’s episode at 9p on ABC Family, and it doesn’t disappoint.
Since episode one the drama has been talking about April (Italia Ricci) starting chemotherapy for her Leukemia and tonight she finally enters the hospital for her month long treatment. The first night her mom (Mary Page Keller) stays with her, but the patient doesn’t sleep. Being trapped in the hospital is emotionally hard for her. Then when she starts having visions of her late father, things get so much worse for her. She can’t handle it anymore so she calls Leo (Scott Michael Foster) to break her free from the hospital. He meets her in the hospital’s place of worship and tries to convince her to stay, but are his words enough? Will she run away with him? Especially since Dominic (Richard Brancatisano) is back. How will she explain everything to her ex-boyfriend? How will he handle her cancer diagnosis?
Not only does the show deal with all of the above, it also deals with how the side effects of chemotherapy are effecting her. What it is like to be confined to the hospital. How the nurses act differently to the patients in the ward. The emotional stress it puts on the family and friends and so much more. It is so well done, I implore you to watch their brilliant episode.
As I mentioned tonight is the midseason finale. So there will not be a new episode for a while. ABC Family informed me we are getting a holiday episode and the rest of the season will air shortly after that. I hate that we have to wait that long to find out what happens next. I really wish they would air the rest of the season straight through and then pick it up for a second season. What are they waiting for? It is the best show that the network has ever done, so I sincerely wish that they keep it going. Who agrees with me?


April’s last day before chemo on Chasing Life, don’t Passover Hollywood Hillbiilies
August 5th, 2014 under ABC Family, Reelz. [ Comments: none ]

It is April’s (Italia Ricci) final few hours before she enters the hospital for a month long stay so she can get chemo and she wants to live life as normal as possible before then. However, when someone at works finds out her secret on tonight’s Chasing Life at 9p on ABC Family, they spread her diagnosis faster than you can say, “breaking news”.
April and Beth (Aisha Dee) go to Bruce Hendrie’s (Todd Waring) debate for Governor so that she can speak to Leo (Scott Michael Foster) about their “night” together, but he is already talking to the other press people. When Leo starts talking gibberish, it is obvious something is very wrong. Therefore, they decide that he needs to go to the hospital to be checked out.
Beth is in the auditorium while April is in the pressroom at the time. When Beth hears the ambulance, she assumes it was for April. When she finds out it isn’t, she runs into the bathroom and breaks down. One of April’s co-workers comforts her as she tells her how scared she is for her best friend. This speech will make you go through a box of tissues because it is that heartbreaking.
Beth didn’t know that the person she was crying to is April’s co-worker. When that person realizes it is April her bathroom buddy is talking about, they tell everyone at The Boston Post about her leukemia. Now, April’s normal day is anything but. Instead of letting it get to her, she writes an article that will break your heart. An article they read at the end of the episode.
But before we get to that, April goes to visit Leo at the hospital. When she’s done she runs into her doctor. The doctor shows her where she will be staying for the next month and reality has finally set in for her.
Another reality that sets in for her is that she might lose her hair to the chemo. Beth shows her what she will look like bald to prepare her if that happens.
Then it is time for April to go to her home away from home for the next month. As she leaves, the show reveals something that will make you wish you could watch next week’s episode right away. Although you will probably want some time off for your eyes to dry because there will be a lot of crying during tonight’s extremely poignant episode.
Chasing Life is proving to be one of the most powerful shows on television. Not only because it is about cancer, but because of the way they are handling it. So, if you’ve never seen the show, then you’ll want to catch up on the episodes you’ve missed on the Watch ABCFamily app and/or ABC Family OnDemand. First make sure you have enough tissues to get through it because you will need them.

If you are like me, then you are desperately going to need a laugh after Chasing Life. You will get several laughs during the season premiere of Hollywood Hillbillies on Reelz at 9p tonight.
The lease was up on the house that Mema, Michael, John and Dee Dee were staying at, so they’ve been staying in a crappy motel for the last month. None of them are happy about it, but what can they do.
Especially since Michael’s manager, David Weintraub, has been away for the last month touring with Ray-J. Now he is back and Ray-J has signed Michael on for his label, it’s time for a meeting. Ray-J might reconsider singing the ginger after he meets Mema. She actually tells him at the meeting that she watched his infamous sex tape with YKW. That’s why we adore because she will tell anyone whatever is on her mind at that moment.
Meanwhile, Weintraub will regret taking a call during their meeting because his parents invite Mema and her family over to their house for Passover. It is as crazy as you’d think it is going to be. Oy!
However, it works out because they find a place to stay. That house is will look familiar to you because we’ve seen it on another reality show. Think you can guess which one? You will just have to tune into find out.
I am so happy Mema is back on Reelz because I’ve missed her mouth so much!


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