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Jason Biggs as you’ve never wanted to see him
October 16th, 2015 under American Pie. [ Comments: 1 ]

Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen have no problem sharing everything and anything in their Selfies and their latest one might be their most revealing one yet.
While Mollen was trying to show off her sweater in the bathroom mirror, her husband can be seen sitting naked on the toilet taking a dump.
I don’t know about you, but I totally didn’t need to see that. But since I did, you know my theory, why should I suffer alone.


Jason Biggs’ son is not too young to learn about Apple Pies!
September 3rd, 2015 under American Pie. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Biggs‘ son is almost a year and a half old and it looks like he is following in his father’s footsteps. Or more like his father’s well, you know!
The American Pie star’s took his son to the library and out of all of the books there for him to read, Sid picked out Apple Pie That Papa Baked. If the toddler only knew? He will know soon enough.


Is this a metaphor for where Jason Biggs’ career is at?
August 31st, 2015 under American Pie. [ Comments: none ]

It might just be me, but I can’t remember the last time I saw Jason Biggs star in anything. Well over the weekend, he shared a photo of himself with his son, Sid, and the American Piester was buried up to his neck in sand. So it got me wondering, is that his way of showing us where his career is at? If so, someone give a job ASAP. It’s time for another American Pie movie, right?


What is Jason Bigg’s mother-in-law doing to him?
May 11th, 2015 under American Pie. [ Comments: 5 ]

Jenny Mollen shared a picture of her mother doing something by her husband Jason Biggs’ crotch and I am utterly speechless. What else can you say after you see that photo? Tell me.


A view of Jason Biggs we didn’t need to see!
March 17th, 2015 under American Pie. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Biggs is on The View today and he dressed up for the women co-hosts. Or should I say dressed down because that is where his pants are. Thankfully, he was able to cover up his American Pie with signage from the show, so we didn’t get too much of a view. Also luckily, for us it wasn’t see-thru like the plate he used in American Reunion when we got to see his crust and smushed apples. That would have me starting my St Patrick’s Day celebrating a few hours earlier than I was expecting to start it.


BTWF ads: Seann William Scott for Sunny Delight
November 11th, 2014 under American Pie, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

via The Back Row
Before Seann William Scott was starring in American Pie, he was being served some humble pie by Sunny Delight. How cute was the 19 year old in that 1996 commercial?


Jason Biggs looks littles in a Speedo
September 29th, 2014 under American Pie. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Biggs’ wife, Jenny Mollen, Instagrammed this photo of her husband in a Speedo and it can’t be unseen.
We know from American Reunion that he isn’t that small down there, but in this tiny bathing suit he looks that way. Don’t you agree?


See Jason Biggs ride a girl’s bike. See Jason Biggs crash!
September 16th, 2014 under American Pie. [ Comments: none ]

So now we know that Jason Biggs can f*ck an apple pie, but he can’t ride a girlie bike. That says a lot about him. What, I don’t know, but a lot.


You don’t need a DNA test to know this is Jason Biggs’ kid!
September 5th, 2014 under American Pie. [ Comments: none ]

Jenny Mollen Instagrammed this photo of her son with a friend, and you can totally tell that Sid is Jason Biggs kid. Not because he looks like his dad, but because look at the expression on his face as he gets some boob action. Kind of like Jim when he got something something from Nadia in American Pie. Too awwwwdorable!


Jason Biggs tried to breast feed his wife
July 15th, 2014 under American Pie, Conan O'Brien. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Biggs was on Conan O’Brien’s show yesterday and the actor talked to the TBS host about his 5 month old son. Well actually he spent more time talking about his wife’s breast milk. Believe it or not, the American Pie star admitted he tried to breastfeed from his wife and she wasn’t having it. So instead he bottle fed himself the stuff. Before he got to say if he liked it or not, Conan and Andy Richter were completely grossed about it for different reasons. Conan because ewww and Andy because he has had it twice before. Their reaction to it all is so funny, you just have to watch it. It’s like someone should pitch a sitcom based on this interview because it would be a funny show to watch.


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