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Ed Asner gives a f*ck!
March 16th, 2017 under Old Hollywood. [ Comments: none ]

Steven Weber got to together with Ed Asner and the Wings star shared this photo from their meeting. It is so Lou Grant, I love it! Too bad we couldn’t see him do that on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but at least we get to see him do it now. And more importantly it is nice to see that the 87 year old still has a wicked sense of humor!


Carl Reiner tells a George Burns joke that will forever ruin sex for you!
March 15th, 2017 under Conan O'Brien, Old Hollywood. [ Comments: none ]

Carl Reiner was on Conan the other night and he told him a story about his friend George Burns to Conan O’Brien.
Back in the late ’70s when the two men were working on the movie Oh Gd together, Reiner asked the legend a question about sex. You see at the time, Burns was a ladies man even though he was 80 years young. Because of that Reiner, who was 55 at that time, wanted to know what sex would be like when he gets to be his age. Burns told his friend, “Carl, You ever try to put an oyster in a slot machine?” With that I will end this post because that image is forever engraved into your mind. I know I cannot stop seeing it, and I am not talking about the oyster and the slot machine.


Welcome to Hollyweed!
January 1st, 2017 under Old Hollywood, Pranks. [ Comments: none ]

Not sure if you have heard, but some pranksters took part of the Os from the iconic Hollywood Sign and changed their direction so that it now reads Hollyweed instead. Only problem is that Recreational Pot won’t be available in California until a year from now, so the new name is a little premature. Still funny though! Even funnier if you are smoking what the signs says!
Oh and thanks to Patricia Heaton for taking the best photo of the legendary landmark’s makeover.


Don Rickles found a new way to roast chestnuts!
December 20th, 2016 under Ads, Old Hollywood. [ Comments: none ]

Before there were the Roasts on Comedy Central, there was Don Rickles. Even though Best Buy is all about new technology, they asked 90-year-old Don Rickles to star in their Christmas ad doing what he does best, Roasting. But he didn’t Roast just any one. He roasted chestnuts. It is not like how I remember it being done when I was a kid in NYC, but it is just enjoyable. I know I haven’t smiled that much since my mom would buy me a bag of roasted chestnuts after we experienced the holiday in Manhattan! I can still smell it!


Is this worst celebrity interview ever?
December 19th, 2016 under Old Hollywood. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen many horrible interviews between celebrities and newspeople, but this one that The Hollywood Reporter did with Jerry Lewis might be the worst one ever.
The reporter actually didn’t do anything wrong nor asked anything horrible, but the legendary actor was grumpy throughout the whole 7 minute interview. If you don’t want to do the interview, then say no. It is better than this!
Well, not for me, who gets a post out of it.


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