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Dancing naked in the streets!
July 14th, 2014 under VH1/MTV/CMT. [ Comments: none ]

This Thursday on VH1 they are debuting a new show called Dating Naked. To promote it, they had several people of all different colors, ages and sizes dancing naked with a partner at a Los Angeles outdoor mall. Which makes sense because if the date goes really well, you are going to find yourself dancing naked. Although, chances are you won’t be doing it in public nor will you be standing up. If you know what I mean.
Kudos to VH1 for this out of the box promotional idea because it definitely is making people aware of the show that debuts on the 17th. I know, I didn’t know when it was coming on until this stunt. Which is good because I will watch anything with the word naked in the title. Are you going to watch?


R Kelly sings his revenge on Benedict Cumberbatch!
December 12th, 2013 under Benedict Cumberbatch, VH1/MTV/CMT. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 5:00in)

Last week Benedict Cumberbatch was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live along with R Kelly, so the ABC late night show had Sherlock Holmes read the lyric’s to R Kelly’s Genius. Well this morning the singer was on Big Morning Buzz Live With Carrie Keagan and host of the VH1 show had him read one of Cumberbatch’s lines from Star Trek: Into the Darkness in his own special way. That line was “John Harrison was a…smokescreen to conceal my true identity. My name is Khan.”
So now that you have seen both, who do you think did a better job at doing the other one? I say hands down it was Khhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn!


What did Billy Crystal do to deserve this?
October 9th, 2013 under Jay Leno, VH1/MTV/CMT. [ Comments: none ]

Billy Crystal was on The Tonight Show yesterday and so were Snooki and JWoww. Well the two Jersey Shorers were talking about how rough the sex between JWoww and Roger is, which I so didn’t need to know. Well anyways Jay Leno said that the City Slicker has been married for a while and maybe he can offer the young ladies some advice. His expression to it all, makes you wonder what he did to suffer through that. Poor guy wasn’t that bad of an Oscar host and Parental Guidance was funny as all heck. So there was no reason to make him go through that.
BTW am I the only one who wants to see JWoww’s sex tape with Roger to see why it takes her a few days to recover?


Snooki shows off her bikini bod
May 27th, 2013 under VH1/MTV/CMT. [ Comments: none ]

Back when Snooki was doing Jersey Shore, she never would show off her belly. Well now that she is a mom, she loves to show off her post-pregnancy figure. Who knew motherhood would be the thing that would get her into shape she is in now?


Snooki gets her ’80s work out on
April 24th, 2013 under VH1/MTV/CMT. [ Comments: none ]

Snooki posted these pictures of herself and said, “Super hero bratz doll ready to frolic 💃💃”. But when I saw those photos, all I could think is that her hair is now bigger than her. Seriously she is more hair and platforms than she is a person. What happened to the girl we knew on Jersey Shore?


Snooki wants Anderson Cooper to drink her breast milk
March 20th, 2013 under Anderson Cooper, VH1/MTV/CMT. [ Comments: none ]

Snooki was a guest on Anderson Cooper’s show yesterday and she brought out some of her breast milk in a glass for him to try. The host of Anderson Live will travel the world and risk his life to get the story, but he draws the line when it comes to drinking anything that comes out of a woman.


Snooki looks like she’s going to breastfeed from JWOWW
February 20th, 2013 under VH1/MTV/CMT. [ Comments: none ]

Snooki Tweeted this picture of JWOWW and her and all I could think is that she is trying to breastfeed from her BFF. There is a time and a place for the duck face and then there is a time and place where it isn’t. The isn’t is when your mouth is level with your friend’s boob like in this picture.
But then again it could just be Snooki missing her son Lorenzo so this is her way of substituting for that.


More of Snooki than you ever wanted to see!
December 13th, 2012 under VH1/MTV/CMT. [ Comments: none ]

The second season trailer Snooki & JWOWW is out and look likes we are going to see her give birth to Lorenzo. I don’t know about you, but I would rather see her do a cartwheel with no underwear again than that. Is nothing private?


Guess what color Snooki dyed her hair?
November 12th, 2012 under VH1/MTV/CMT. [ Comments: none ]

Are you blue that Snooki changed her black locks or will you be tickled pink or maybe she is going to find out if blondes do have more fun? To see her new look then click here!


Tonight’s CMT lineup is so good, it should be arrested by Big Texas Heat!
November 10th, 2012 under VH1/MTV/CMT. [ Comments: none ]

CMT is debuting two new reality shows tonight and each is better than the other!
At 10p we get to know the Chainsaw Gang and you will be surprised how a chainsaw carving into a tree can make some of the most beautiful art you will ever see. Stacy Poitras is the owner and he will impress you how amazing he is. But he isn’t only about working, he is also about having fun. Rio is second in charge and he knows how to party. Then there is poor Steele who is the rookie and the gang have a lot of fun torturing him in the name of training. Finally there is former model Matt who proves that blonde men can be dumb too. You have to watch him hit on women unsuccessfully because it will make you laugh out loud.
During tonight’s season premiere Stacy will carve out Michelangelo in the biggest tree truck you have ever seen and it will be his toughest goal yet. And he will be doing in front of people outside a mall in Thousand Oaks, Ca. No pressure, right? Wrong!
Then at 10:30p we go to Trinity, Tx for Big Texas Heat. As we know everything is bigger in Texas and that is the case for these cops’ waistlines. Chief Steven Jones runs the department and he is having more fun than what should be legally allowed. Even though he is tough during day, he loses that toughness when it comes to his wife. Then there is Donald Givens who goes by Big Sexy, once you see him you know why he has that nickname. Sergeant Randy Wheeler is a tough guy on the streets but he is the practical joker in the bunch. Poor rookie Felix Morales feels the brunt of his co-workers abuse and all he wants to do is be a full blown cop. He is given a chance to do what every one does, but will he be able to handle it.
I wish more police stations were like the ones featured on Big Texas Heat because if they were we might like them more!
So tune in for two great shows that make you want to stay home on a Saturday night.


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