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Kim Kardashian really needs to wax?
January 20th, 2015 under The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Kim Kardashian shared a photo of herself in a furkini, and she looks just like a Cavewoman. Like if they were going to make a sequel to the 1981 movie Caveman, she could totally star in it. The best part for her, is that she can play one of the grunters so she wouldn’t even have to talk in the film.
If you’ve never seen Caveman, you have to watch ASAP. It is one of the greatest stories ever told! In fact you can watch it here, if you click here!


This is the best that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have looked!
January 19th, 2015 under Kanye West, The Kardashians. [ Comments: 3 ]

Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West went skiing and the couple, who have last longer than 77 days, bundled up for the cold. Since we can’t see their faces, I say it is the best I have ever seen them look.


Kim Kardashian wants you to know her face hasn’t aged
January 3rd, 2015 under The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Kim Kardashian shared this side by side photo of herself, one side from when she was just 7 years old and the other one from now. Proving she hasn’t aged a day in 27 years. I don’t know if I should be impressed or saddened. I am leaning towards being saddened because ageing a little bit is a good thing.


Kim Kardashian has specially made seats to keep her seat!
December 31st, 2014 under The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

We all know that Kim Kardashian’s biggest asset, is her a$$et. So that means she will do anything and everything to protect it. According to OK! she has gone even as far as having specially made toilet seats, car seats and whatever else type of seats out there for her bum. The source also told the magazine that she requests the custom made powder room seats to be available for her when she travels.
Another source revealed that she got derriere in such good shape with exercise, laser treatments and fat that was lipoed from tummy and thighs injected into her butt.
So if you are going to go through all of that effort to make your biggest asset the biggest a$$et, I guess you will waste lots and lots of money to make sure that it stays that way. And to think there are children starving all over the world, and her money could help feed some of them. But I guess it is more important to make sure she has a tucas that weighs as much as one of them. Sorry, it’s the end of the year and I guess I am in a more charitable mood; so it pisses me off when people blow it on such stupid stuff when they can actually do good with all of that green. OK, getting off my soap box now!


So that is why Kim Kardashian rarely smiles?
December 29th, 2014 under The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then you thought that Kim Kardashian never smiles because of all the Botox she is rumored to have injected into her face. We are wrong. Today, she revealed why she barely smiles and it is because she fears of getting wrinkles from them. That is so sad to me. I’d rather smile and get wrinkles than never to smile and be wrinklefree. What about you?


Do Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian have something to tell us?
December 29th, 2014 under Do they have something to tell us?, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Scott Disick Instagrammed this photo of himself holding hands with his baby mama’s sister, and I have to wonder if they have something to tell us? According to his caption, it sounds like they do because he said, “I’m in love with the koko.”
But I think it is an innocent form of love, especially since he just had his third child with Kourtney less than a month ago.
But for a moment those krazy Kardashians got to play a little prank on us. You know, just like when Kim Kardashian had a huge wedding when she married Kris Humphries and then filed for divorce from him just 72 days later.


Kim Kardashian looks different without makeup
December 20th, 2014 under The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Kim Kardashian shared a picture of herself looking for something to wear, but all I could notice is how different she looks without her face on. To me she looks at least 10 years older than she is and more importantly like a completely different person. If she didn’t say it was her, I would’ve thought it was Kourtney.


Kourtney Kardashian tries to one up Kim
December 2nd, 2014 under The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Just weeks after Kim Kardashian took it all off for Paper Magazine, her sister wore just a tad bit more fabric in DuJuor. Unlike her little sis, Kourtney Kardashian is very pregnant in these photos and they are a little more artsy.
Now that Kim and Kourtney have shown a lot of skin for some magazines, how long until Khloe does her own photo spread spread eagle?


Is this the moment when North West realized who her parents are?
December 1st, 2014 under The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Khloe Kardashian Instagrammed a photo of North West with her head down and her hands over her face. So is that the exact moment when she realized that her parents are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Nope, the toddler was just playing Hide and Seek with her aunt, but I like my explanation of the photo better. Don’t you agree?


Watch Kim Kardashian get fisted in the butt!
November 21st, 2014 under Jimmy Kimmel, The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Jimmy Kimmel Live came up with an invention that will make plowing snow fun for the man in your life. They took her infamous naked butt photo, blew up and put it on a snow blower. They placed the blower through her a$$hole and let the snow spew out.
Only problem was when they were doing the demonstration, the snow got stuck. So one of the workers had to stick his hand in to unjam it. And I am sure that isn’t the first time Kim’s butt has had a hand in it? And I am sure that it also isn’t the first time her a$$ has white stuff coming out of it? Ba da dump!


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