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This is like the most awesome like video for fans of like ’80s teen movies!
February 19th, 2015 under 80s. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then you are like totally in love with like ’80s teen movies. Like, really? Well, like some guy named Robert Jones made like a mashup of some of the best coming of age movies from the ’80s and put them all like to Simple Minds’ song Don’t You Forget You Me. So like relieve your childhood with these like clips from the totally righteous movies like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Real Genius and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to like name a few.
If this is not like the most bitchin’ video you see today, then you are like totally not a real fan of the ’80s. And you make me like wanna say, “Gag me with spoon!”
The only negative thing I can say about this tubular video, is like where is Rob Lowe??? He was like a total hunk in the ’80s.
BTW how of the movies can you like name from this video that was like to the max? Want to see if you like got them all, then click here!


Danica McKellar’s body is a wonder for her years!!!
January 5th, 2015 under 80s. [ Comments: none ]

Danica McKellar turned 40 on Saturday. That’s right Winnie Cooper is the big 4-0. She celebrated the big day on her honeymoon and shared a photo of herself in a bikini celebrating both occasions. You know what, even though she is a mom starting her fourth decade of life, she looks like someone half her age! Seriously, can you believe that is the body of a MILF who just turned forty?


Another thing that didn’t happen from Back to the Future 2!
January 4th, 2015 under 80s. [ Comments: none ]

The big talk when the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2015, is where are the Hooverboards they promised us in Back to the Future 2? But that was not the only thing that didn’t happen from the ’80s movie that takes place 9 months from now. Lea Thompson shared a photo of Elizabeth Shue and her from the movie and said, “What we don’t look like in 2015.” That is so true! Both actresses look almost the same as they did when they made the film 1989. Something you can see when you watch Lorraine McFly on Switched at Birth and Jennifer Parker McFly on CSI every week.
Granted, if you think about it Thompson’s character is almost 25 years older than the actress, so let’s see how she looks in a quarter of a century. When it comes to Shue, she is a little older than the character she played, so she looks better than the makeup artists thought she would look. Either way, they still look fabulous!


Simply Red’s Mike Hucknall’s fire crotch was really on fire!
November 10th, 2014 under 80s. [ Comments: none ]

Back when everyone knew who Simply Red was, there were a lot, and a I do mean A LOT, of women who got to know the band’s singer. In fact, according to the rumors, Mike Hucknall bedded around 1,000 women. That’s right, one thousand women.
Now that band is reuniting for a tour, The Telegraph wanted to know if there was any truth to the rumor, so they straight out asked him. The singer told them, “It probably is. I’ve not denied that but I never claimed it. I never bragged about it. I don’t keep count. I’ve no idea, but I would think over a 25-year period that’s probably reasonable to say. But do I want to say it?” Then he added, “No. It’s not what makes me tick. I don’t put chips on the bedpost.” He concluded his answer with, “It’s like kids in a candy store. You can’t believe it. There’s girls chasing you all the time – it’s incredible. When you’re 24 you don’t give a toss. You’re invincible. You can do anything. Your mind is set in a way that the world is just ready and you’re just going to take it all. You’re just going to have a grand time.” With that many women notched in his bed, or not chipped into his bedpost, I think we can all agree he had more than a grand time back then.
He also told the newspaper what changed his ways, and why the band broke up for a few years. It’s an interesting read to learn more about the man who had one of the most soulful voices in the ’80s, so I suggest checking out the article.


It’s True, Spandau Ballet are working on an album!
August 3rd, 2014 under 80s. [ Comments: none ]

It has been 25 years since Spandau Ballet released an album of new music and now the band is finally working on a new one after a quarter of a century according to NME. The musicians broke the news on their Twitter account that they are working with the legendary producer, Trevor Horn, on it but have not yet said when the CD will be coming out. Hopefully they will create some more huge hits that will last the span of time like True and Gold.


Did Kevin Arnold & Winnie Cooper have sex in The Wonder Years’ finale?
July 15th, 2014 under 80s. [ Comments: none ]

For years we have wondered if Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper finally had sex in the series finale and Fred Savage and Danica McKellar finally answered that question as part of the special features included in The Wonder Years’ DVD that comes out in the fall. Sort of.
You see, Josh Saviano and Savage say it is left up for us, the audience, to decide, but McKellar reveals the truth. She explains, “In the first draft of the script it said, ‘Kevin and Winnie make love’.” Then she added, “And in the revision’ after your mother (Savage) got involved, it was taken out.”
So the answer is just like our teenage years, when our parents found out that we were going to have a sex, they made sure to put a stop to it. Unlike what happened to us, his mom actually got her way. Which is sad because I think it should’ve been left in. The show started with a kiss, why shouldn’t it have ended with the big bang?
So do you think they lost their virginities in that scene or do you still think they remained innocents?


Three legendary singers from the ’80s all in one picture!
April 17th, 2014 under 80s. [ Comments: none ]

Kenny Loggins Facebooked this photo of Steve Perry, Tracy Chapman and him from an event they attended yesterday, and I think it is like totally awesome to see these three together. Loggins said he was the only one of them who sang at the Beverly Hills Bar Association dinner honoring Lee Phillips as Entertainment Industry Lawyer of the Year, but imagine if they harmonized as a trio? Their voices together would literally make sweet sweet music.


This Radio Shack ad is like totally tubular!
February 3rd, 2014 under 80s, Ads. [ Comments: none ]

As we all know, yesterday’s Super Bowl was a total snoozefest. That is for everything except the above Radio Shack ad, that put the Rad in Radio.
After the much buzzed ad aired, Erik Estrada Tweeted, “Thanks to Dee Snyder, Hulk Hogan, MaryLou Retton, Kid N Play, Cliff Clavin, Teen Wolf, Alf, Jason, Chuckie and the entire Radio Shack team!!” And I would like to thank all of the above too for most awesome commercial that aired yesterday.
BTW is it wrong of me that I want the store to stay in the ’80s and not become new and modern after that commercial?


An ’80s girl wet dream!
January 6th, 2014 under 80s, Ralph Macchio. [ Comments: none ]

Christopher Atkins shared this photo of him with two Outsiders and Renegade from the Hollywood Collectors Show this weekend and several Gen Xers got all excited. That is because the Blue Lagoon star, Ralph Macchio, C Thomas Howell and Lorenzo Lamas all look as sexy now as they did in those ’80s teen mags like BOP and Dynamite. Can believe besides the Soul Man that all of those guys are over 50 because they sure as heck don’t look their age?
Atkins suggested in his Tweet that they do a movie together, and I agree with him. Who wouldn’t like to see this Fab 4 on the big screen in one movie together? I’d pay for it!


Corey Hart modernizes Sunglasses at Night!!!
November 6th, 2013 under 80s. [ Comments: 1 ]

Believe it or not Corey Hart’s Sunglasses at Night is 30 years old, yes the big 3-0. So 3 decades later the Canadian singer has updated his huge debut hit for the new century with the song Night Visions (Sunglasses) featuring Papercha$er. He mashes up his first big song with his latest one and what we get is a tune that will have us dancing like we will never surrender! I seriously can’t stop listening to it and bobbing my head to beat. I sincerely love that his voice is just as sexy as it has always been and so is he.
Can I tell you guys a little secret? He has been on my To-Do list since I heard his song Komarade Kiev. The way he sings ooh on the track makes me want to have sex with him just to hear how he sounds in bed. Don’t tell anyone or I will have to wear sunglasses 24 hours a day!
BTW if you are as huge of a fan of his as I am, then you probably would like to know he is doing a huge concert on his 52nd birthday in Montreal on May 31, 2014. Let me know if you are going because maybe you will see me there!


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