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The many faces of Denis Leary
January 11th, 2011 under Rescue Me. [ Comments: none ]

Denis Leary attended the Edwin Booth Lifetime Achievement Award Honoring Kevin Spacey and the comedian made a lot of funny faces for the camera. Even in pictures the Rescue Me star makes me laugh. There is just something about him that is so funny to me!

Rescue Me is smoking again tonight!
June 29th, 2010 under Rescue Me. [ Comments: 1 ]

The hottest firefighters in the world are back putting out fires on FX tonight at 10p and this season of Rescue Me is going to be hotter than any of the building fires they risk their lives going into to save people.
Tonight’s episode picks up a few weeks after Tommy was shot by his uncle who blamed him for killing his wife. He is out of the hospital and he has to deal with all the changes that has happened to him and to all the people around him. One of the big changes for him is that he is no longer drinking, but someone else in his family is making up for him. How long can he remain sober? But being sober is the least of his problems because his firehouse might be shut down due to budget cuts. The guys will do anything to keep the house open including risking their lives, but that won’t come until episode three when one of their lives is left in peril. Will we lose another one of them? You will have to tune into see, but that person’s chat with Tommy in the 4th episode is one of the best written scenes in the show’s history and this show has had some brilliant well-written scenes. Now I am not saying that person lives or dies because remember Tommy sees ghosts…
Now when it comes to the guys, they are the same old crew we have always known and there are no complaints there.
Rescue Me is one of the best shows ever to grace to the airwaves, so if you haven’t seen it yet you better start tonight because this is the second to last season of the show. I seriously don’t know what I am going to do without Denis Leary and his crew when the show goes off the air because I always look forward to new episodes from Rescue Me. The show is just so real and doesn’t apologize for anything it does and unlike other shows, it is forced!

Hey Denis Leary F.U.!
June 3rd, 2010 under Rescue Me. [ Comments: none ]

(very NSFW)

Denis Leary is back in the recording studio and this time the song he recorded will make you want to sing it at work, but you will not be able to. The Rescue Me star reunited with The Enablers to record F.U.! Although the melody may be nice, the words are very naughty and that is just like Denis Leary himself. You know nice to look at on the outside, but on the inside he was one nasty MoFo and that is why I love him so very much! If you love the single as much as I do, then you can download it exclusively on iTunes. I already have!
BTW Denis is back on the road until June 27th with the Rescue Me Comedy Tour 2 and this time he bringing along The Enablers, Lenny Clarke and Adam Ferrara with a portion of proceeds benefiting the Leary Firefighter Foundation. Can’t see him on the road, then you can watch him on FX starting on June 29th when Rescue Me is back for its second to last season.
Finally I haven’t mentioned this before, but I have been freaking loving Denis Leary on Twitter! He just says the funniest sh!t!!! Have I said how much I love yet? I so love him! He says what people think, but don’t have the balls to say.

Craig Ferguson’s great interview with Denis Leary on the Late Late Show
November 6th, 2009 under Craig Ferguson, Rescue Me. [ Comments: 1 ]

In the last few years, I have become a late night junkie by watching three of them every night. And every now and again you sit back and watch one of them and you get to witness an amazing interview that you keeps you interested from beginning to end and just leaves you feeling like you know the host and the guest a whole lot better. Well last night on The Late Late Show Craig Ferguson had on his old drinking buddy (that he doesn’t remember drinking with) Denis Leary and their chat was just one of those awesome interviews. So I posted the nearly 15 minutes interview for you to sit back and enjoy and I hope you liked it as much as I did! I wish more interviews were like this one, but then ones like this wouldn’t stand out as much!
So watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight on CBS at 12:35a when interviews Ewan McGregor!

UPDATE: On tonight’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson he announced that Magic Week will be back at the end of the month! Isn’t that just magical news!!!

Rescue Me has an end date…:(
August 27th, 2009 under Rescue Me. [ Comments: none ]

(photo © FX)

Rescue Me will go up in smoke in 2011. The hit FX show will begin filming its final 19 episodes in a few weeks according to what Peter Tolan told TV Guide.

While the final episodes will most likely be produced together, the airing of the episodes will be split to make the end of the show coincide with the year of the 9/11 anniversary. “I think they’re stretching the airing of it out until the 10th anniversary,” Tolan said. “So if you put 10 episodes on next year and nine the following year, you’ll land there.”

I am so sad over this news because this show has never depreciated with age and I was hoping it go one forever. But like all good things, it must come to an end and hopefully it will go out as good as came in. And maybe even better, it would be nice if the Emmys finally recognizes the shows achievements before it says goodbye.

Rescue Me is heating up TV again tonight!
April 7th, 2009 under Rescue Me. [ Comments: 1 ]

After what seems like forever Rescue Me is finally back on FX tonight with 22 new episodes. Rescue Me was delayed for about a year because of the evil writer’s strike, but the show comes back full force tonight and starts off where it left off!!! Tommy is waiting to find out if he will be declared crazy at his Section 8 hearing. His ex-wife Janet is dating Michael J Fox, who plays a paralyzed man. His oldest daughter, Colleen is dating one of the men in his firehouse. His cousin forces him to become a sponsor to someone at his AA meetings. His ex and other cousin’s widow is still infatuated with him and is trying to get help for it in an unconventional way. And while all of that is going on he and the fellow firefighters in the house are still fighting fires. Oh and the other guys are still drinking, partying and getting laid…and to make things easier for them they are opening up a bar together.
Ahhhh….Rescue Me just keeps better and better! So whether you watched this show from day 1 or you are a probie, make sure to check it out tonight on FX at 10p! I promised you will be as hooked as I am on this show!!!

Michael J Fox to guest star on Rescue Me?
July 7th, 2008 under Rescue Me. [ Comments: 1 ]

(photo from WireImage)
Michael J Fox is in talks to guest star on his friend Denis Leary's show Rescue Me according to Michael Ausiello. If Fox signs on to do it he will play Tommy's (Leary's) ex's love interest for a few episodes. I hope he signs on to do it because by him signing on it will give me some hope for one of my favorite shows. I mean am I the only one hating these minisodes that FX has made suffer through until the show comes back in 2009?

Denis Leary goes dark
December 11th, 2007 under Rescue Me. [ Comments: 1 ]

I did not recognize Denis Leary with his darker locks. I am not sure I like them because I am so used to him as a blond. Hopefully his hair will be back to its lighter tint when Rescue Me is back on FX, that is if it is not affected by the WGA strike.  

FX rescues Rescue Me for another season!!!
November 1st, 2007 under Rescue Me. [ Comments: none ]

Zap2It says that FX picked up Rescue Me for a 22 episode 5th season!!! Rescue Me is one of my favorite shows, so getting 9 extra episodes for the 5th season has me beyond excited! I can't wait to see what they do with those extra 9 episodes! Hopefully more Gavin family AA meetings and stupid boys will boys contest! And I wonder who they will kill off since they already killed off Gavin's mom, dad, brother, son, cousin and his boss that leaves his only his wife, two daughters, new son, his cousin's widow, sister, Uncle Teddy and his battalion alive. Unlike his family at least the show will have a longer life! 

The Emmy noms are…
July 19th, 2007 under Desperate Housewives, Emmys, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Lisa Edelstein/Hugh Laurie/House, Rescue Me, Ugly Betty. [ Comments: 1 ]

Drama Series:
“Boston Legal,” “Grey's Anatomy,” “Heroes,” “House,” “The Sopranos”

Comedy Series:
“Entourage,” “The Office,” “30 Rock,” “Two and a Half Men,” “Ugly Betty”

“Broken Trail” – AMC; “Prime Suspect: The Final Act” (Masterpiece Theatre) – PBS; “The Starter Wife” – USA

Made-for-TV Movie:
“Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” – HBO; “Inside The Twin Towers” – Discovery Channel; “Longford” – HBO; “The Ron Clark Story” – TNT; “Why I Wore Lipstick To My Mastectomy” – Lifetime

Variety, Music or Comedy Series:
“Late Night With Conan O'Brien” – NBC
“Late Show With David Letterman” – CBS
“Real Time With Bill Maher” – HBO
“The Colbert Report” – Comedy Central
“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” – Comedy Central

Variety, Music or Comedy Special:
“A Tribute To James Taylor (Great Performances)” – PBS
“Lewis Black: Red, White & Screwed” – HBO
“The Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner” – Comedy Central
“The Kennedy Center Honors: A National Celebration Of The Performing Arts” – CBS
“Tony Bennett: An American Classic” – NBC
“Wanda Sykes: Sick And Tired” – HBO

Actor, Drama Series:
Kiefer Sutherland, “24” – Fox
James Spader, “Boston Legal” – ABC
Hugh Laurie, “House” – Fox
Denis Leary, “Rescue Me” – FX
James Gandolfini, “The Sopranos” – HBO

Actress, Drama Series:
Sally Field, “Brothers & Sisters” – ABC
Mariska Hargitay, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” – NBC
Patricia Arquette, “Medium” – NBC
Kyra Sedgwick, “The Closer” – Slippin' – TNT
Minnie Driver, “The Riches” – FX
Edie Falco, “The Sopranos” – HBO

Supporting Actor, Drama Series:
William Shatner, “Boston Legal” – ABC
T.R Knight, “Grey's Anatomy” – ABC
Masi Oka, “Heroes” – NBC
Terry O'Quinn, “Lost” – ABC
Michael Emerson, “Lost” – ABC
Michael Imperioli, “The Sopranos” – HBO

Supporting Actress, Drama Series:
Rachel Griffiths, “Brothers & Sisters” – ABC
Sandra Oh, “Grey's Anatomy” – ABC
Chandra Wilson, “Grey's Anatomy” – ABC
Katherine Heigl, “Grey's Anatomy” – ABC
Aida Turturro, “The Sopranos” – HBO
Lorraine Bracco, “The Sopranos” – HBO

Actor, Comedy Series:
Alec Baldwin, “30 Rock” – NBC
Ricky Gervais, “Extras” – HBO
Tony Shalhoub, “Monk” – USA
Steve Carell, “The Office” – NBC
Charlie Sheen, “Two And A Half Men” – CBS

Actress, Comedy Series:
Tina Fey, “30 Rock” – NBC
Felicity Huffman, “Desperate Housewives” – ABC
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “The New Adventures Of Old Christine” – CBS
America Ferrera, “Ugly Betty” – ABC
Mary-Louise Parker, “Weeds” – Showtime

Supporting Actor, Comedy Series:
Kevin Dillon, “Entourage” – HBO
Jeremy Piven, “Entourage” – HBO
Neil Patrick Harris, “How I Met Your Mother” – CBS
Rainn Wilson, “The Office” – NBC
Jon Cryer, “Two And A Half Men” – CBS

For the first year in a really really really really really really long time, I don't hate them! They would have been better without all the HBO shows and 30 Rock!!! 

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