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Need someone to help you with Elf on a Shelf
December 9th, 2016 under Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

If you have young kids, then you probably have at least one Elf on a Shelf in your house. Every night you have to move that little expensive bean bag or your kid will come to you crying hysterically that Santa is mad at them for something they didn’t do. Therefore, you make sure to move it.
But some times you are too tired from working so hard so that you can pay for the asinine thing that you forget to move it.
You secretly wish that there was service that you could hire to relocate it for you. Well, there is! That’s right Shelf Shifters advertised their service on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and it is the best thing to happen to Christmas since Jesus was born.
Now you and your kids can wake happy every day. That is unless they catch someone touching that stupid thing. Which I love to do, just to mess with kids!


Why did Jimmy Kimmel lick Ryan Seacrest?
December 7th, 2016 under Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Seacrest. [ Comments: none ]

Ryan Seacrest was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and the ABC late night and future Oscar host, Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know if he had interesting tidbits for him.
The man who used to host everything told him how to find out what your breath smells like. That is when Seacrest instructed Kimmel to lick his wrist, wait 10 seconds and smell it. Jimmy being Jimmy asked Ryan if he could lick his wrist instead. Reluctantly he allowed his friend to rub his tongue on his wrist, which he said was warm and wet, and smelled. How did it smell? Let’s just say he got some breath mints during the commercial break. Something I hope he remembers to bring with him on February 26th, you know Hollywood’s biggest night.


Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the Oscars
December 5th, 2016 under Jimmy Kimmel, Oscars. [ Comments: none ]

Last year, there were rumors that NBC’s Jimmy Fallon was going to host the Oscars on ABC and this year AMPAS and ABC asked the other Jimmy, who has a show on their network, to host Hollywood’s biggest night. He said yes.
Although it could be a prank being played on the prankster because hours after his Tweet, there still has been no press release from The Academy confirming their decision. Things that make you go hmmmm?
As much as I like Jimmy Kimmel and I think he will do a great job (if they nominate movies that people have seen), I still think the honor should’ve gone to Central Intelligence and Jumanji’s Kevin Hart and The Rock to do the deed.


Kids react to President elect Donald Trump
November 12th, 2016 under Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

We know how people who are old enough to vote feel about Donald Trump, but what about those who are not? Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a camera out on to Hollywood Blvd and asked kids how they feel about the President elect. Let’s just say one baby cried, another wouldn’t want him to be her babysitter and a third thought he would kill his mom. I think that is pretty accurate, don’t you?


Jimmy Kimmel perfectly symbolizes the end of the election!
November 10th, 2016 under Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

The Presidential election is finally over and we can all admit it was trash. And that is exactly what Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo did on the ABC late night talk show yesterday with all the symbolic items from the last two years like that stupid Make America Great Again red baseball cap, the wig that goes under it and a red pants suit like the one she would wear.
Not only did they throw it our, they poured some of the Trump Vodka on top of it and set it all on fire. Do you #FeelTheBern?
If only we could do that to the election and start over. Since we can’t we will just imagine that we are there with them setting it all on fire.


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