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Danny Bonaduce responds to David Cassidy’s arrest!
August 22nd, 2013 under 70s. [ Comments: 1 ]

There was a time in Danny Bonaduce‘s life where he was more known for his troubles than anything else. Well those days are long ago and far away and now it’s his former co-stars that are more known for their wild lifestyles.
Danny Partridge’s big brother Keith aka David Cassidy was arrested yesterday on suspicion of DWI, so the red head Tweeted about it. What the Seattle radio DJ said has me singing I Think I Love You to him because those are the best Tweets of the day. If that doesn’t make you C’mon Get Happy, I don’t know what will.
BTW I hope that Bonaduce remains sober because I like him better this way! Don’t you agree?


A mini Brady Bunch reunion show!
May 20th, 2013 under 70s. [ Comments: none ]

Forty years ago the cast of the Brady Bunch shot an episode at King’s Island in Ohio and yesterday Barry Williams, Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen put on a mini reunion show there. It was like an adult version of The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, as in it came with cursing and they gave details you never would’ve heard on the show back in the day!
The trio shared behind the scenes stories from the show, what they are up to now, updates on the cast members who weren’t there, the oldest Brady kid sang The Real Greg Brady to the tune of that Eminem song and so much more.
So sit back and recapture your youth as you watch this mini-reunion of one of our favorite shows when we were growing. Let’s be real we all watched The Brady Bunch.
Here is the episode where they went to King’s Island, if you want to watch it again!


Danny Bonaduce’s wife shaves off one of his eyebrows!
February 20th, 2013 under 70s. [ Comments: 1 ]

Danny Bonaduce is not having a good few months. First he had a fan attack him and take a bite out of his cheek and now his wife shaved off his left eyebrow. Danny Partridge Tweeted, “I asked @AmyBonaduce to help me trim my facial hair and she ‘accidentally’ shaved off one of my eyebrows.” At first I thought how can she make such an error, and then I remembered that Still Standing had an episode where a sneeze caused Lauren to accidentally shave off her brother’s brow. So I guess it makes sense, if that is what happened…

(starts at 8:21 in)


A witch, a bitch, a jeannie and a vixen!
February 12th, 2013 under 70s. [ Comments: 1 ]

Bewitched’s Erin Murphy hung out with I Dream of Jeannie’s Barbara Eden, WKRP in Cincinnati’s Loni Anderson and Dallas’ Charlene Tilton at the LA Celebrity Show and we got this awesome photo! Don’t the four blondes look absolutely awesome. Just like they did when they filmed the shows we got to know them for!


Bill Murray spent Groundhog’s Day with Bob
February 3rd, 2013 under 70s. [ Comments: 1 ]

While some people will say that their favorite Bill Murray movie is Groundhog Day, the one I like most with him in it is What About Bob? So when the legendary and wonderful Bob Newhart Tweeted this picture of him and Bob Wiley, I just had to share all of that awesomeness with you.
BTW can you believe that Groundhog Day turns 20 on the 12th? How is that movie so old? It felt like it just came out yesterday and day before that and the before that and…


Danny Bonaduce has really changed since he got bitten by that fan!
October 3rd, 2012 under 70s. [ Comments: none ]

On Friday Danny Bonaduce was bitten on the cheek by a fan and today we are seeing what has happened to him since then. Danny Partridge Tweeted a picture and said, “The changes from the bite are beginning to take effect…” Is it wrong for me to think that the change might be an improvement? Joking!
BTW I hope Syfy is following him on Twitter because I think there is a potential for a sequel to Bigfoot somewhere in tale of his latest misadventure.


Fan leaves her teeth marks on Danny Bonaduce
October 1st, 2012 under 70s. [ Comments: none ]

Danny Bonaduce is a radio DJ in Seattle now and part of the job is doing appearances at local events. Well on Friday The Partridge Family star was doing a meat, I mean meet and greet, at Western Washington casino when a fan asked if she could get a kiss. Happy to oblige, he leaned in to get closer and she bit his cheek. He told KING-5 “It’s like having 10 lit, wadded up cigarettes and stuffing them against my cheek and not having them go out.” The he added, “I’ve been shot and I’ve been stabbed … this hurt worse.”
So does he plan on taking a bite out of crime? Nope, he just wants to know why she did it. I hope the next time they meat, I mean meet up, she is wearing a muzzle for his sake.


A Little House on the Prairie reunion!!!
June 25th, 2012 under 70s. [ Comments: 2 ]

Several members of the Little House on the Prairie cast got together for the funeral of a dear friend from Walnut Grove this weekend. Alison Arngrim (Nellie Oleson), Pamela Roylance (Sarah Carter), Karen Grassle (Caroline Ingalls), Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) and Lindsay Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls) all got together to say goodbye to Ruth Foster who played Melinda Foster on the family show. Even though they were reunited for a sad event, how freaking cool is it to see them all together like that and in modern day clothes to boot. Seriously what was in the water on their set back in the day because they all look fantastic now.
Even though they blew up Walnut Grove in the finale and sadly Michael Landon is no longer with us, there has to be a way to do one more reunion show with the surviving cast members? I know I want to see Half Pint and Nellie Oleson go at one more time.
On that note Alison Arngrim has a lot going in the next few months all over the world, so check out Alison‘s site to see if she is coming to a city near you.


Abe Vigoda is still alive!
May 17th, 2012 under 70s. [ Comments: none ]

Abe Vigoda, 91 came out to roast Betty White, 90 yesterday and we got to see that he is still alive and kicking. Anytime I see Fish out and about, I have to make sure to post the pictures just to let y’all know that Abe Vigoda Status page is still accurate. Long live the Barney Miller star!


Melissa Gilbert has a huge issue with Julie Chen
December 7th, 2011 under 70s. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 2:07 in)

Yesterday Melissa Gilbert was on her little sister’s show and she agreed to take part in a stupid game. Well the last question of the dumb game was something about Julie Chen hitting Sara Gilbert with a pie and she wanted to do the same to her sister. Well as you can see in the video it was the meanest pie to the face ever to happen on TV and The Little House on the Prairie star was not so happy about it. She was so pissed off about it, that she took to Twitter.
Here is what she said:

@TheTalk_CBS @JulieChen here’s a lesson in how to pie someone who is a guest on ur show in the face: you hit the person with the pie lightly and then immediately pull back. Don’t squeeze the pie tin into their face or mash it in so hard your guest can’t see. So she needs help getting off the stage. I hear it looked Linda funny but it felt awful. Other than that, I thought things went ok. But 2far Julie way 2 far. FYI, I left my chiffon blouse their for y’all to dry clean for me. I knew it was coming too but I didn’t expect THAT!

She then went on to respond to other people about it:
@Arngrim dude! She didn’t just hit me with it, she bent the tin around my ears. I couldn’t see after. I agreed to it but not to that crap!
@Darlington57 @thetalk_cbs watch her wrap the tin around my freakin’ ears. She was needlessly rough!! Rude rude rude.
@MuckTheDuck @thetalk_cbs @juliechen I think pies in the face are funny but not when they are brutally smashed in. Toooo far!!
@coreyann my nostrils smell like rotting dairy already. #canyoysaynettipot?
@Darlington57 it sucked Bon. Not a Chen fan today.

Well she isn’t the only one who isn’t a Chenbot fan. Seriously who is?
Watch the video and you can see why Melissa is so pissed, I mean it really was rough. I guess that is why it is rumored that Chen doesn’t really have any friends. It looks like she doesn’t know how to play nice, only rough.
Also when you watch the video, you can see how aggravated she is by it. She is trying to hold it in, but you know she is ready to blow.
Now when it comes to Sara, I feel for her because I am sure she got an earful from her big sis. But what can she do when the person who smashed the pie into her sister’s face is also f*cking the boss. Sara might be the boss of the show, but Chen’s husband is the boss of her.
According to Melissa, Chen had her assistant send a Mea Culp but it wasn’t good enough because she said, “Cake arrived smashed up against the box and split into two layers. The note contained no words of apology.” I say a real way to rectify this situation is to have Melissa go back on the show and do the same to Chen to see if she would like it. I know I would!!!


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