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Which one of Freddie Prinze Jr’s co-stars stalked him?
June 17th, 2016 under Conan O'Brien, Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar. [ Comments: 1 ]

When we think of Freddie Prinze Jr, we think of him as an actor. Turns out he is also a really good chef and he just released a cookbook called Back to the Kitchen.
Since the book just came out, he is doing press for it and yesterday he stopped by to talk to Conan O’Brien. The TBS late night host wanted know how the recipe for Stalker Pasta got its name. Prinze Jr told him, “I am going to leave the actor’s name out of it, to protect them. But I made a dish on a movie, a long time ago, and the sauce was so good, I am blaming the sauce, was so good, that this person really had a crush on me. And literally when I moved, they would move. And I moved again and they moved again.” Then he added, “When my wife (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and I started dating there would be a car on my street. And when we would have a good night smooch…lights, boom!…And we would both freak out. Then the car would zip down and park in the driveway. Where they moved. Like I wouldn’t know who that was?”
So is it an actor or actress who stalked him, he wouldn’t say. So who do we think it is? Let’s see, he started dating his wife in 2000, so it had to be someone he worked with before that. Could it Parker Posey or Rachel Leigh Cook, who he worked with again in She’s All That, from The House of Yes? Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ryan Phillippe or Johnny Galecki from I Know you were stalking me, I mean, I Know What You Did Last Summer? Brandy or Jennifer Esposito from the sequel? Matthew Lillard or Saffron Burrows from Wing Commander? Anna Paquin, Dule Hill or Gabrielle Union from She’s All That? Or none of the above? We don’t know!
What we do know is that he included it because, “I think everyone deserves their own stalker, so that’s why I put the recipe in the book. So enjoy!” And now I am off to buy that book and the needed ingredients because I really need stalker. Heck, I will even take any guy, who is interested in me just for that night, I cooked him Stalker Pasta!


Has Sarah Michelle Gellar hit hard times?
April 29th, 2016 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hard times. [ Comments: none ]

Sarah Michelle Gellar is waiting to hear if her pilot for Cruel Intentions is going to get picked up, and it appears she’s working on a backup plan just in case it doesn’t. She is going from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Sarah the Sidewalk Slayer. Instead of using a stake, she is now mastering a jackhammer. It seems like she is a natural.
So has she hit hard times and that is why she is going for the hard hat job? Nah, she is just having some fun!


Sarah Michelle Gellar’s sexy bathtub Selfie!
April 7th, 2016 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar. [ Comments: 1 ]

Sarah Michelle Gellar is busy filming the Cruel Intentions pilot and looks she is in full Kathryn Merteuil mood. Today, she shared a photo of herself wearing a very low cut sexy black dress holding a drink in a bathtub and a lot of people will have cruel intentions after looking at it.
If this is what we can expect from the show, NBC better pick it up!


What cruel intentions does Sarah Michelle Gellar have with this dress?
March 19th, 2016 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar. [ Comments: none ]

It has been 17 years since Cruel Intentions hit the big screen and now Sarah Michelle Gellar is trying to bring Kathryn Merteuil to the small screen. The actress is shooting the pilot as you read this, and yesterday she gave us the first glimpse of how her character looks in 2016. She looks much hotter than she did then, and she was smoldering back in 1999.


Sarah Michelle Gellar goes back to her roots!
March 5th, 2016 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar. [ Comments: none ]

When Sarah Michelle Gellar was a little girl she was a brunette, then when she was a teenager she transformed into a blonde and pretty much stayed that way. Well, that has all changed because yesterday she went back to her darker roots.
While she looks good either way, I think she looks better with brown hair. Do you like her better as Buffy or Kathryn Merteuil?


Sarah Michelle Gellar’s daughter is her mini-me!
July 21st, 2015 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar. [ Comments: none ]

A video posted by Sarah Michelle (@sarahmgellar) on

Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a video of her daughter doing her take on the Princess Rap Battle and Charlotte looks exactly like her mom at that age. Seriously, isn’t uncanny how much they look alike when they were around 6 years old? It’s like Freddie Prinze Jr had nothing to do with the making of her. It’s like Charlotte is just a clone of her mom and not her daughter. How long until she is starring in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot because you know it is going to happen.
Watch the video above of Charlotte today and her mom below in 1983, and don’t tell me that they couldn’t be twins.


The Cruel Intentions girls kiss and tell about their night together!
May 29th, 2015 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Kathryn, Annette and Cecile weren’t the closest of friends in high school, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair are the complete opposite. What brought the three of them together after 15 years? They all went to see the Cruel Intentions musical together and they loved it.
See all they needed to make things work between them was to get rid of Sebastian. Gellar and Blair definitely don’t need him as you can see!


Has Sarah Michelle Gellar hit hard times?
April 27th, 2015 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar. [ Comments: none ]

Most actors start out working as a bartender until they make it, but Sarah Michelle Gellar was already an established actress by the time she was old enough to bartend.
Last week, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was seen slaying drinks behind the bar, so is she going through some tough times in her career? Nope, she was just having some fun during a lunch meeting. Plus, she is joining her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr, in the hit cartoon Star Wars Rebels, so her acting career is safe.


Sarah Michelle Gellar deeps throats a snake!
April 6th, 2015 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar. [ Comments: none ]

Ladies love to wear Boas, but Sarah Michelle Gellar likes to wear a Boa Constrictor.
Buffy went to a kid’s party the other day and they had snakes there. When Mrs Prinze Jr saw one, she decided to wear it as a scarf instead of running away from it like you and I would. At least I know I would. I am so scared of snakes, I can’t even wear them as a belt, purse or shoes.


Sarah Michelle Gellar is such a Princess!
March 11th, 2015 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar. [ Comments: none ]

If you thought that Sarah Michelle Gellar was a bitch in Cruel Intentions, she was a sweetheart in that movie as compared to the B she is as Cinderella as she battles it out with Belle in a Princess Rap Battle! Buffy is simply irresistible in this viral video, so sit back and watch it. If you don’t, she might hold a grudge against you. After watching this, I don’t you will want that.


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