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A mini Queer As Folk reunion!
March 1st, 2014 under Queer As Folk. [ Comments: none ]

Scott Lowell aka Ted Tweeted this photo of himself with Brian, Emmett and Ben aka Gale Harold, Peter Paige and Robert Gant having a boys night out yesterday and this girl is all giddy seeing them together.
Even though Queer As Folk ended in 2005, these four guys look as close as ever. Who knows maybe they were talking about doing a reunion episode? So much has happened for Gay Rights in the last 9 years, I think we need to see what they have been up to. And who they have been up to? Right?
BTW I have to add how much I love Gale’s longer curly hair. It really suits him, but then again what doesn’t? Actually, you know what, all of them look great! So great, they look just like they did on the series finale of the show that ended way too soon. Yeah, I am still bitter that Showtime cancelled the show and I don’t think I will ever get over it. Will you?


Is Gale Harold working as a waiter now?
July 31st, 2013 under Queer As Folk. [ Comments: 1 ]

So there is a new video out and it is showing Gale Harold working as a waiter. So is the Queer As Folk hottie now serving people food for living? Nope he was just showing off his comedic side in the very funny bit Cafe Attitude on Funny Or Die.
Back when he was on The Secret Circle, I attended a press event with him and I couldn’t get over how naturally funny he was. So I asked him why he hasn’t done a comedy yet and he asked me if I had a script for him. I didn’t, but I am glad whoever wrote this bit did. I am happy that people can finally see this side of his sense of humor, like I did that day.
I want more comedy from him because who doesn’t love hearing him say in a NY accent (that turned me so on), “That’s funny, that’s what I said to my girlfriend last night in bed” when the Vegan said, “I won’t eat anything with a face!” It is our way of us hearing him talk dirty, something we don’t normally hear come out of his mouth. Let’s be real ladies, how many of us would take him any way we can in bed even if he didn’t do that thing he says he doesn’t do.
Now when it comes to where I would rather eat, Cafe Attitude or Cafe Graditude; the first one of course. Not because he would be waiting on every one of my needs, but that is so much more my style. Where would you prefer to eat?


A Queer As Folk reunion!
October 16th, 2012 under Queer As Folk. [ Comments: none ]

Scott Lowell, Peter Paige and Robert Grant came out for a Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing event and Ted, Emmett and Ben look as close as they did when we got to know them on Queer as Folk. Can you believe that show ended in 2005 because they haven’t aged a day in 7 years!
I still miss that show, it was so groundbreaking and fun to watch.


Sharon Gless gets better with age
June 19th, 2012 under Queer As Folk. [ Comments: none ]

Sharon Gless is 69 years young and I think the Queer as Folk mom gets younger looking ever year. Now I have to admit that I haven’t watched Burn Notice in a few years, so I can’t get over how fantastic she looks. I know she has been losing weight for a while, but wow just wow. Keep it up Cagney because you look just as great as when you worked with Lacey!


A Queer as Folk mini-reunion
October 4th, 2010 under Queer As Folk. [ Comments: 1 ]

Queer as Folk’s Gale Harold, Peter Paige and Michelle Clunie all came out for the 9th Annual GLEH Garden Party and they looked great. Sadly no one photographed Brian Kinney, Emmett Honeycutt and Melanie Marcus together…:-( I would have loved to have seen that.
BTW am I the only one who can’t stop looking at Gale’s crotch? Nice bulge down there, maybe he is more like Brian than we thought…


Where out of work actors go to be rescued!!!
July 11th, 2010 under Queer As Folk. [ Comments: none ]

Hal Sparks Tweeted this picture and said, “Allie got rescued today… and so did I ;)” Although I made fun of the Queer As Folk star because that picture made it so easy, he actually did a good thing. Sparks, his friend Richard Hunter and Operation Kindness rescued that homeless dog from a freeway in North Texas. According to DFW she has been a stray there for years, that was until she was rescued by them and now she is living in Operation Kindness’ no-kill shelter with Michael Novotny. If anyone knows someone that wants to adopt the pair, they can contact Operation Kindness. I wonder if Brian Kinney, Ben Bruckner and his mom Debbie gets dibs!


BTWF roles: Sharon Gless on The Bob Newhart Show
August 5th, 2009 under Before They Were Famous, Queer As Folk. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 15:48 in)

Before Sharon Gless was the mother of Michaels on Queer As Folk and Burn Notice, she was just a woman going on a date on The Bob Newhart Show. Wow how amazing does the 30 year old actress look with long hair in that 1975 episode?


Gale Harold looking good!
June 13th, 2009 under Desperate Housewives, Queer As Folk. [ Comments: 35 ]

Really the only reason for this post is to say how amazing Gale Harold looks! It is so rare to see him walk any red carpets, so it is nice to see him on one and looking so fine! It looks like he is competely better from that horrible motorcycle accident, thankfully!
Hopefully Marc Cherry will bring him back to Desperate Housewives now that there are rumors that Kyle MacLachlan wants off the show to spend more time with his family and the show will need another man! Don't you think Gale Harold should be that man, and heck I would like to see him with Bree over Susan, wouldn't you?

BTWF ads: Gale Harold for Pontiac Aztek
May 1st, 2009 under Before They Were Famous, Desperate Housewives, Queer As Folk. [ Comments: 1 ]

Before Gale Harold was Brian Kinney, the man every one desired on Queer As Folk, he was a selling cars for Pontiac Aztek. How great did he look at 30 doing all those adventurous things in those commercials from 2000!!! BTW don’t forget you can see Gale looking as sexy as ever starting this Sunday when he returns to ABC’s Desperate Housewives at 9p!!!


BTWF roles: Scott Grimes and Hal Sparks in Frog
March 26th, 2009 under Before They Were Famous, Queer As Folk. [ Comments: none ]

Before Scott Grimes was a doctor on ER and Hal Sparks was a comic book guy on Queer as Folk, they were both BFFs in Frog! Hal was so cute at 17 in his first role and Scott Grimes was just so precious at 15 in this 1987 movie! I have not seen that movie but it is so on my must rent list!!!


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