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Hayden Panettiere just made Nashville more interesting!
May 28th, 2014 under Heroes. [ Comments: none ]

Hayden Panettiere and on again, off again fiance’ Wladimir Klitschko are expecting their first child together according to Us Weekly. No word how far along she is, or if Nashville will write her pregnancy into the show. Which I assume they will and that will make the nighttime soap opera so much more interesting. Because it will be like who’s the daddy?, is it her looks to be ex-boyfriend, Avery or Jeff Fordham, the man she had revenge sex with. I know I want to tune in, don’t you?
BTW I chose this picture to accompany the story because I just imagined it was the Juliette Barnes telling us how big she is going to get carrying her much much much taller boyfriend’s baby.


BTWF roles: Hayden Panettiere on Unhappily Ever After
May 14th, 2014 under Before They Were Famous, Heroes. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 10:33 in)

Before Hayden Panettiere could buy whatever she wanted on Nashville, she was just a little girl buying an ice cream cone on Unhappily Ever After. How absolutely awwwdorable was the 7 year old in that 1997 episode?


Yatta, Heroes is coming back to NBC in 2015!
February 23rd, 2014 under Heroes. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Hiro has moved to Hawaii (Five-0) and the Cheerleader is now residing in Nashville, NBC is still bringing back the fan favorite, Heroes, for a 13 episode miniseries in 2015. Tim Kring, who fathered the show, is back for Heroes Reborn and the digital series that will lead up to its birth.
At this point that is all we know because they plan on keeping as much of it a secret as possible, including which members of the original series will be back for the rebooted one.
As a huge fan of Heroes, I can’t wait until 2015. I just hope the miniseries is as good as the show’s first season.


When did Hayden Panettiere get those?
November 1st, 2013 under Heroes. [ Comments: 2 ]

Hayden Panettiere Tweeted this picture of her Halloween costume and all I could notice was that her cleavage overflowing from her top. When did the Nashville star get those pumpkins because I don’t remember them being that voluptuous.


Do Blake Shelton and Greg Grunberg have something to tell us?
October 29th, 2013 under Do they have something to tell us?, Heroes, The Voice. [ Comments: none ]

Greg Grunberg Tweeted this photo of him in a sweet embrace with Blake Shelton and I have to wonder if they have something to tell us? Probably not because both of them are happily married, well depends who you read. Anyways, I am sure it is just that Blake is Greg’s voice and Greg is Blake’s hero!
No matter what is happening in the photo, it was too cute not to share!


Hayden Panettiere is looking a little plastic these days!
September 18th, 2013 under Heroes. [ Comments: none ]

Hayden Panettiere Tweeted a picture of herself with a head full of plastic, so what’s up with the new look? All she said it was for a wig fitting, but didn’t say if it was for Nashville (that’s back on ABC next Wednesday) or something else.
You know seeing how pretty she looks like that, maybe she should consider getting a Mia Farrow like pixie haircut. What do you think?


BTWF roles: David Anders on So Little Time
August 1st, 2013 under Before They Were Famous, Heroes. [ Comments: none ]

Before David Anders was trying to figure out how he was going to get out of his coffin on Heroes, he was trying to get out of high school on So Little Time. How cute was the 20 year old in that 2001 episode?


Big A$$ Spider looks like an instant classic!!!
February 6th, 2013 under Heroes. [ Comments: none ]

So Greg Grunberg Tweeted the above trailer for his upcoming movie Big A$$ Spider and said, “2 WORDS. Holy Sh!t!!” Holy Sh!t is right! The disaster/bug flick has spun a web around me and I can’t wait to see this movie whenever it is released. Seriously doesn’t it look like so freaking awful that is going to be the best movie of the year! It’s the type of movie you will see over and over again and come up with a new drinking game every time, and get completely wasted every time you see it.


BTWF roles: Milo Ventimiglia on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
January 21st, 2013 under Before They Were Famous, Heroes. [ Comments: none ]

Before Milo Ventimigilia was hooking up with Rory on Gilmore Girls, he was hooking up with some girl at a party on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. How cute was the 18 year old in that 1995 episode.


Milo Ventimiglia is Chosen!
January 21st, 2013 under Heroes. [ Comments: none ]

On Crackle’s Chosen Ian Mitchell (Milo Ventimiglia) is your average divorced dad of a young girl who works as a lawyer, but one day his life will go from normal to anything but with a simple the knock on the door. When he opens the door, there is a box on his doormat. He lifts it up and opens it. In it is a picture of a man and gun inside telling him he has 72 hours to kill that man or they will kill someone he loves. He calls the cops, but they are in on the game. Now he is all by himself about to do the unthinkable, but will he be able to do it?
This is a game that unsuspecting people have been playing for a long time and in the 6 webisodes that are now available on Crackle you will watch as the newest member tries to beat the unbeatable game. He will encounter other players who tell him there is no way out, but he is convinced that there is one. Is there one? You will have to watch this thrilling webseries to find out. And the best part is since it is Crackle, you can watch it all in a three-hour marathon!

I was recently on a conference call with Milo Ventimiglia and he talked about the webseries Chosen.

Why he did it:
for me it was a guy who – whose a total normal functioning member of society. And what the situation he gets thrown in where it’s life or death for not only him but for those that he loves, you know. I think that is what attracted me to the character, to Ian Mitchell.
You know, and then it’s just an added bonus when you’ve got cool, talented inspirational people that you’re working with like Ben Ketai and Crackle and, you know, the rest of the assembled production team.
You know, so for me it was a treat every day to walk on the set, like wow, I’m so blown away with the company that I’m in, the people that I get to be around and get to work with and, you know, play with and make some hopefully some good cinema with.

How is he like Ian Mitchell:
You know what? I think I have to relate to every character that I play in some way or another. I mean, even the kind of sick horrible ones. But, you know, I think a guy who just goes through an everyday struggle, I mean, you know, we all have things we have to deal with in life and when a curve ball is kind of thrown at us it’s like, whoa, what do you do? How do you react? How do you respond?
You know, would I do the same thing? You know, for me I always say, you know, have to protect the ones you love. You’ve got to look out for the people you care about and it’s kind of a terrifying idea of thought like, Ian’s daughter gets kidnapped, you know, something like that were to happen in real life and what it would – or what it would or could drive you to do, you know, especially when it’s out of your control.

Is doing a webseries different than doing one on television?:
You know, I don’t think so. I mean, and if by tactics you mean the way it’s shot, the way it’s released, the way it’s promoted, the way the stories unfold — no. You know, we looked at it just the same.
We had six episodes, we had an arc. We had characters that are popping in and out, you know. And too, it’s one of those things that look, with success with probably continue – will most likely continue and will hopefully continue.

What would he do if he got the box?:
Please don’t ask me that question – that’s – that’s the worst thing. I hope to never, ever, ever get anything like that on my doorstep. I think I’d – I don’t know. I don’t know, you know. You can’t talk about it with anybody. You can’t do anything but kind of wait, you know. And, you know, I’m a pretty moral person and I mean, shit, I’m a vegetarian, show, you know, how would they expect me to kill anybody, so.


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